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Tiny 2 Person Glamping Cabin - Home Living Luxury

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Tiny 2 Person Glamping Cabin - Home Living Luxury

You can customise our bespoke pods to suit your exact requirements. Whether it's a glamping pod, a home office, or any other manner of design, get in contact with us to discover how we can tailor this pod precisely to your needs.

Discover serenity in our Tiny 2-Person Glamping Cabin, an intimate sanctuary crafted for cosy getaways. This rustic-style cabin offers a central room for sleeping and storage, ideal for glamping sites with communal facilities. For bespoke projects, extensions are available to create additional space for couples seeking a more indulgent escape.

Measuring 9.2 square meters, this charming cabin provides an inviting haven for two individuals. Constructed from timber, it boasts six sides and three operable double-glazed windows, complemented by doors featuring original hexagonal windows. Custom-paint options allow seamless integration with your garden or campsite surroundings.

Embrace natural light with optional skylights adorning the roof panels, perfect for illuminating the cabin by day and stargazing by night. Built to withstand the elements, the cabin features walls crafted from rounded spruce boards, a roof composed of six elements with bitumen shingles, and a floor assembled from separate components. These premium materials ensure durability and ease of use, enhancing your outdoor experience with comfort and tranquillity.


Note: The video above depicts our Tiny 2 Person Glamping Cabin, but with the addition of two beautiful offshoots. 

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Key Features   

  1. Premium Grade Spruce Wood Walls and Roof: The walls and roof of our cabins are meticulously crafted from premium grade Norwegian spruce wood. This exquisite wood not only lends natural beauty to the interior but also ensures that your glamping cabin remains sturdy and long-lasting, without any bowing or bending.
  2. Well-Appointed Interior: Step into luxury with a well-appointed interior that can be tailored to your preferences. Discover a comfortable sleeping room and an inviting sitting room, where the configuration is entirely up to you. This versatile space is designed for relaxation and convenience, ensuring a truly personalised glamping experience.
  3. Three Double-Glazed Opening Windows:> Enjoy ample natural light and ventilation with three operable double-glazed glass windows. These windows not only enhance the aesthetics of the pod but also provide functionality by allowing for adjustable airflow.
  4. High Quality Insulation for Year Round Usage: Each cabin comes standard with an insulated floor and roof, both featuring premium 50mm stonewool insulation. This high-quality insulation not only provides effective temperature regulation but also ensures a cosy and comfortable environment within the cabin. To further enhance heat retention and moisture protection, both the insulated floor and roof are equipped with a vapor-proof barrier foil. These features massively extend the life of your glamping cabin and also allow the cabin to be used during winter and the colder months. Our cabins heat up exceptionally fast..
  5. Beautiful Tongue and Groove Flooring: Our glamping cabins feature tongue and groove flooring made from premium grade Norwegian spruce wood, ensuring exceptional durability and a seamless, elegant appearance. The interlocking design of this flooring enhances stability, minimises gaps for improved moisture resistance, and simplifies the installation process. Crafted with precision, the tongue and groove flooring not only elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of your cabin but also contributes to its long-lasting durability.
  6. Exterior Painting: The glamping cabin is professionally spray-painted in your chosen colour, providing a high-quality preservative finish that enhances durability and aesthetics. See the painting dossier below for colour swatches.
  7. Inclusive Curtains: Enjoy privacy and shade with inclusive curtains that can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences. Comes in blue and brown options.
  8. Premium Grade Roof Shingles: Our roofing solution is as exceptional as the cabin itself. The roof is expertly crafted with a 6-layer bitumen tile system, starting with a durable fiberglass base coated with a polymer-reinforced bitumen mix. This high-quality bitumen and aggregate blend ensures the utmost in strength and resistance. To protect against UV exposure and various weather conditions, the top layer is surfaced with mineral granules. These granules are meticulously treated at high temperatures using a thermal method, guaranteeing long-lasting colour durability. To ensure ease of installation, the bottom of the tiles is coated with an adhesive polymer-reinforced bitumen layer, safeguarded by a removable silicon membrane. Our roofing solution is not just about functionality; it's a testament to quality and longevity.
  9. Lockable Door with Double Glazing Glass and Premium Quality Door Fittings: As you step into the cabin, you are greeted by a secure and stylish entry that takes your safety, and makes it a priority. The lockable door is a vital feature designed to prevent unauthorised access to the cabin when it's not in use. The cabin places safety as a top priority. Every aspect, even down to the door fittings, has been carefully considered to accentuate luxury and quality throughout your entire experience. 
  10. Premium Double Glazing Windows: Customise the airflow within the cabin to your liking with our opening windows, which are all made from premium double glazing glass (not all of the windows are opening). Our doors also feature an adorable double glazing hexagon shaped window.
  11. Delivery Included: Enjoy added convenience with delivery included in the price of your Glamping Pod. With this feature, you can rest assured that your pod will be delivered directly to your desired location, ready to enjoy without any additional hassle or cost.


Glamping Cabin Accessories

To learn more about the accessories included, as well as our optional extras, simply take a look at the document below. Ready to discuss your preferences or have questions? Get in touch with us, and let's turn your glamping cabin into your own personalised haven.


Roof Panel With Opening Windows: >An optional addition that floods your space with abundant natural light while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your cabin. Crafted from clean tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm, these windows offer exceptional insulation, effectively retaining heat during the colder months. Moreover, their excellent thermal properties contribute to the warming of the cabin in the summer, potentially reducing heating costs.         


    What Else?

    Included in the price of our Glamping Barrel, you'll find a comprehensive package designed to provide you with comfort and convenience:

    1. 4 High Corner Shelves: Four elevated corner shelves for additional storage or displaying decorative items (do NOT put candles on these shelves).
    2. <