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Warranty Policy

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Manufacturer's Warranty

At Home Living Luxury, we are committed to offering you the finest selection of luxury outdoor goods. We meticulously curate our ranges to include only the most reputable brands and manufacturers that share our dedication to Quality, Performance, Safety, and Longevity. Rest assured that when you shop with us, you're investing in the highest quality products available on the market.

Each product we offer comes with a manufacturer's warranty that reflects the brand's commitment to excellence. Specific warranty details can be found on individual product pages

To ensure a smooth process, we recommend notifying Home Living Luxury promptly if you need to utilise your warranty. This proactive approach helps expedite replacements and ensures your continued satisfaction as our valued customer.

Extended Warranty Policy

At Home Living Luxury, we are pleased to offer you an extended warranty program for selected products valued above £1000 (Pre-sale Price). Our extended warranty provides additional coverage against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship beyond the original manufacturer's warranty. The extended warranty is available in one or two-year options, allowing you to tailor the protection to your needs. 

In order to be eligible for our Extended Warranty, you must apply for Extended Warranty during the period of the manufacturer’s warranty. If the manufacturer’s warranty has fully expired, you will not be eligible to apply for our Extended Warranty. 

Please review the following terms and conditions for a comprehensive understanding of our extended warranty program:

Coverage Period:

The Extended Warranty Period begins the day after the expiration of the original manufacturer's warranty.

You can choose between a one-year or two-year extended warranty option.

This coverage is in addition to your statutory rights.


Only the original owner of the product is covered by the extended warranty.

The Extended Warranty does not apply to subsequent owners or transferees.

Covered Components:

The Extended Warranty covers replacement of product parts referred to as "Covered Components."

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, consumables, or damage resulting from improper use, installation, maintenance, or modifications.

Defects and Repairs:

Covered Components are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the Extended Warranty Period.

Home Living Luxury will assess damaged Covered Components through photos or video before initiating replacements.


Normal wear and tear of Covered Components.

Damage caused by failure to follow product instructions, misuse, neglect, abuse, accidents, acts of God, water damage, unauthorised service, or use of unauthorised parts.

Flexible Warranty Coverage for Bulk Orders:

Our extended warranty offers versatile coverage that caters to your needs, whether you're considering individual items within a bulk order or seeking protection for the entire purchase.

Individual Items in Bulk Orders:

You have the option to apply the extended warranty to specific items within a bulk order, as long as each individual item is valued at or above £1,000 (Pre-sale Price).

Whole Order Coverage:

Alternatively, if you prefer comprehensive protection for the entire order, you can choose to apply the extended warranty to the entirety of your purchase, provided that the cumulative value of the selected items exceeds £5,000 (Pre-sale Price OR Purchase Price) and the individual items are valued over £1000 (Pre-sale Price).

This flexibility ensures that you have the freedom to tailor your warranty coverage according to your preferences, whether you opt for individual items within a bulk order or comprehensive protection for the entire purchase.

Applying for Extended Warranty:

Applying for an extended warranty with Home Living Luxury is a straightforward process designed to ensure your peace of mind and protection for your luxury outdoor goods. To apply for the extended warranty, please follow these steps:


1. Purchase Eligible Product: Ensure that the product you wish to extend the warranty for is valued at or above £1,000 (Pre-sale Price).

2. Apply During Manufacturer's Warranty Period: To be eligible for our Extended Warranty, you must submit your application during the manufacturer's warranty period. This ensures a seamless transition from the manufacturer's coverage to our extended warranty.

    Contact our Support Team: Reach out to our dedicated Technical Support team by emailing: or calling: +442034359402

    Please have the following information available:

    1. Your full name and contact details.

    2. Product details, including the product name, model number, and purchase date.

    3. A copy of the product's original sales receipt or invoice as proof of purchase.

      Verification and Quotation: Our Technical Support team will review your application and documentation. If eligible, we will provide you with a quotation outlining the cost of the extended warranty based on the selected coverage period and product value.

      Confirmation and Payment: Upon acceptance of the quotation, we will guide you through the payment process to finalise the extended warranty coverage.

      Quotation Discretion:

      At Home Living Luxury, we are committed to providing exceptional service and coverage to all our customers. However, in some instances, we may reserve the right not to provide extended warranty quotations to certain individuals at our discretion.

      This discretion may be exercised in cases where factors such as previous warranty claims, patterns of misuse, or violation of our terms and conditions are identified. While such instances are rare, we believe in maintaining a fair and balanced approach to ensure the integrity of our extended warranty program.

      Please be assured that such decisions are made with careful consideration, and our priority remains in offering a high-quality and reliable extended warranty experience for all eligible customers.

      Should you have any inquiries regarding our quotation process or any concerns about eligibility, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are here to address your questions and ensure that your experience with Home Living Luxury is a positive one.


      Claims Process: 

      Please note that Extended Warranty claims can only be registered if you have an Extended Warranty which is in date. Claims made after this period will not be eligible for cover.


      Documentation Requirements:

      In the event of filing a warranty claim under our extended warranty program, certain documentation will be necessary to facilitate the process and ensure a smooth resolution. We kindly request that you provide the following documentation when submitting a claim:


      1. Proof of Purchase: A copy of the original sales receipt or invoice indicating the date of purchase, product details, and purchase price.

      2. Product Serial Number(s): Provide the serial numbers of the product and any relevant components, as specified in the manufacturer's documentation.

      3. Description and Visual Evidence: A clear and detailed description of the issue or defect you are experiencing with the Covered Component, accompanied by photographs or videos that clearly depict the problem.


        These documents will enable our Technical Support team to accurately assess the situation and proceed with the necessary steps to address the claim promptly and effectively.


        Remedy Options:

        Should you encounter a covered defect during the Extended Warranty Period, our aim is to provide you with a suitable remedy to restore your product to its optimal condition. Depending on the nature of the issue and the extent of the defect, the following remedy options may be available:


        1. Repair: If feasible, our Technical Support team may guide you through a repair process to rectify the issue. This could involve providing you with detailed instructions or arranging for a qualified technician to address the problem.

        2. Replacement: In cases where repair is not practical or cost-effective, we may offer a replacement Covered Component of equivalent quality and functionality.

        3. Refund: If neither repair nor replacement is viable, and the issue substantially affects the product's performance or safety, a refund for the purchase price of the extended warranty may be considered.


          The final determination of the appropriate remedy will be made by our Technical Support team based on the specific circumstances of the claim. Rest assured, our priority is to ensure your continued satisfaction and enjoyment of your luxury outdoor goods.


          We are committed to providing transparent and effective solutions to uphold the quality and value of your purchase. Our dedicated support team is here to guide you through the claims process and assist you in choosing the best remedy for your situation.


          Initiating a Claim:

          To initiate a claim for a damaged Covered Component under the Extended Warranty, please follow these steps:


          Contact our Technical Support team via email or via phone. Our team will assist you in diagnosing the issue and exploring potential solutions.


          If a Covered Component replacement is required, our Technical Support team will guide you through the process, providing instructions for receiving the replacement.


          Once you receive the replacement Covered Component, our Technical Support team will offer guidance on proper installation and replacement procedures.


          Contact Details: 

          Home Living Luxury trading as TK Inc Limited.




          Phone: +442034359402 


          Mailing Address: 

          207 Regent Street

          3rd Floor


          Greater London

          W1B 3HH

          United Kingdom


          For further inquiries about our extended warranty program, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.