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Our RotoSpa Range

Introducing RotoSpa: Setting the Standard for Hot Tubs

For over two decades, RotoSpa has proudly held the title of the UK's exclusive hot tub manufacturer. Their journey has led to the creation of hot tubs that redefine luxury, sustainability, and versatility in the world of relaxation. With precision craftsmanship, cutting-edge smart technology, and an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, RotoSpa hot tubs stand out as a testament to innovation and quality.

Lowest Running Costs & Carbon Footprint

RotoSpa hot tubs are designed with sustainability in mind. They boast the lowest running costs and carbon footprint among all UK hot tubs, aligning perfectly with eco-conscious values.

Free Shipping and Installation

Across the UK mainland, RotoSpa ensures a hassle-free experience with free shipping and installation.

Lifetime Shell Warranty

With a lifetime shell warranty, RotoSpa hot tubs offer peace of mind and long-lasting enjoyment.

HSG282 Compliant

Designed for commercial durability, RotoSpa hot tubs meet HSG282 compliance standards.

Cold Plunge Tub Functionality (Optional)

Transform your hot tub into a cold plunge tub in a matter of hours, adding versatility to your relaxation options.

WiFi Functionality (Optional

Stay connected and in control with optional WiFi functionality for your hot tub.

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RotoSpa DuoSpa S080 - 2 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub

£3,749.99 £4,749.99

RotoSpa OrbisSpa - 5 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub

£3,994.99 £4,994.99

RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 6 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub

£4,749.99 £5,749.99

RotoSpa DuraSpa S380 - 6 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub

£5,594.99 £6,994.99

RotoSpa DuraSpa S160 - 6 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub

£4,749.99 £5,749.99

RotoSpa DuoSpa S240 - 2 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub

£4,494.99 £5,494.99

Powerful & Adjustable Jets

Experience the ultimate relaxation with extremely powerful and adjustable jets, providing a customisable hydrotherapy experience.

Programmable Sleep Period

Customise your hot tub experience with the programmable sleep period, allowing you to conserve energy without compromising comfort.

Silent Air Control System

Enjoy peace and tranquility with RotoSpa's Silent Air Control System, which keeps your hot tub experience serene.

Patented "ROTO-Therm" Insulation

RotoSpa's patented "ROTO-Therm" insulation is a game-changer, providing exceptional heat retention and energy efficiency.

100% Recyclable

Environmental responsibility is at the core of RotoSpa's ethos. Their hot tubs are 100% recyclable, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Dynamic Thermal Tuning

The innovative Dynamic Thermal Tuning feature ensures that your hot tub maintains the perfect temperature at all times, so you can enjoy a soothing soak whenever you desire.

Unveiling the Precision and Dedication Behind RotoSpa's 'Made in Britain' Success Story

Crafting Excellence: RotoSpa's Unique Hydrotherapy Manufacturing Process

In the heart of the United Kingdom, just outside Birmingham, lies the epicentre of hydrotherapy innovation – RotoSpa. This British family-owned company has earned its spotlight on "Made in Britain" for its unique and exceptional manufacturing process. In this article, we delve into the intricate details of the process that has garnered RotoSpa well-deserved media attention and made it a true pioneer in the industry.

The Birth of RotoSpa

RotoSpa's journey began almost two decades ago when it was founded to cater to a specific need. One of the founders required hydrotherapy to aid in their recovery after a hip replacement surgery. This necessity led to the creation of a business that now produces nearly 2,000 units annually, each designed to provide hydrotherapy that claims to help alleviate various ailments.

The Molding Magic

At the heart of RotoSpa's manufacturing process lies a single, super-strong plastic shell. This shell is no ordinary piece; it's the result of a complex manufacturing process known as rotational molding. Unlike traditional molding techniques, rotational molding relies on a unique process that uses a massive motorized rig to evenly distribute molten plastic into a huge aluminum mold. The result? A monocoque shell where the spa's strength comes from its own walls, similar to a robust eggshell.

From Powder to Solid Shell

The journey from a bag of powder to a complete solid shell is a fascinating one. RotoSpa's innovation shines through as they meticulously transform this powder into a solid structure. The process begins by pouring polyethylene powder into the rotating mold. Once inside, the powder is heated, causing it to melt and stick to the mold's interior, forming a monocoque shell. This ingenious process not only ensures strength but also minimises waste, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Strength in Simplicity

What sets RotoSpa apart is their commitment to simplicity. While high-tech features abound in the market, RotoSpa's focus is on creating a product that encourages families to connect without distractions. The emphasis on simplicity not only enhances the spa experience but also reflects their dedication to quality over gimmicks.

Quality Assurance

Before leaving the factory, each RotoSpa unit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure impeccable quality. The spa is filled with water and left for up to 24 hours to detect any issues, ensuring that customers receive a product they can trust. This meticulous quality control is a testament to RotoSpa's commitment to excellence.

Durable and Resilient

One of the standout qualities of RotoSpa's products is their remarkable durability. The polyethylene material used in the spa shells can be easily repaired and restored to its original look, even in the face of minor damage. RotoSpa products are built to last, making them a wise investment for customers.

Made in Britain with Pride

RotoSpa's manufacturing process embodies the best of British craftsmanship and innovation. Their commitment to creating hydrotherapy solutions in the UK is a source of pride, reflecting the nation's tradition of excellence and precision.

As RotoSpa joins hands with Home Living Luxury, their story of precision and dedication continues to inspire. The manufacturing process at RotoSpa is not just about creating a product; it's about crafting an experience that combines innovation, durability, and relaxation. It's a testament to British ingenuity, and it's something to be celebrated.

From Modest Beginnings to Industry Leadership: Unveiling the RotoSpa Legacy

Soaking in Excellence: The RotoSpa Journey

RotoSpa: A Tale of Innovation, Quality, and British Craftsmanship

In the world of hot tubs and spa pools, one name has emerged as a true pioneer and leader: RotoSpa. Established in 2003, this UK-based spa pool manufacturer has become synonymous with reliability, durability, and portability within the wet leisure industry. But how did this remarkable journey begin?

Founders Who Dared to Dream

RotoSpa's story starts with two individuals who dared to dream differently. Stuart White, driven by the need for recovery options following a hip replacement, identified hot tubs as a potential solution. In 2001, he began researching this therapeutic avenue. Soon after, in 2002, Matthew Zacaroli joined forces with Stuart to explore the opportunity of manufacturing hot tubs right in the UK. Little did they know that their vision would shape the future of spa pools.

From Down Under to the UK

In 2003, RotoSpa UK was born, marking the beginning of their journey. The company's first spa tool, the Duospa, came to life. Karl Rowntree joined RotoSpa in 2004, adding his expertise to the team. The company made its industry debut at Spatex in 2006, showcasing its commitment to innovation and excellence.

Innovations That Set the Standard

RotoSpa's commitment to innovation became evident with the introduction of the Quatrospa in 2008. In the following years, they brought the Duraspa and Orbis to the UK market, further expanding their product range.

A Testament to British Craftsmanship

Throughout the years, RotoSpa's philosophy has remained unchanged: a dedication to partnership with their customers, responsiveness to their needs, and a commitment to compliance with HSE and industry regulations. RotoSpa proudly carries the "Buy smart Buy British!" banner.

A Journey of Growth and Excellence

From Stuart White's initial search for recovery options to becoming an industry leader in hot tub manufacturing, RotoSpa's journey has been one of growth, excellence, and innovation. With each passing year, they've continued to evolve, staying at the forefront of the spa pool industry. Their commitment to clean energy molding and reducing their carbon footprint exemplifies their dedication to sustainability.

Looking Ahead

As RotoSpa looks to the future, their journey remains ongoing. With plans for new designs and expanded production, they're poised to continue setting the standard in the world of spa pools. The construction of purpose-built facilities and the launch of Orbis 2 showcase their unwavering commitment to quality and progress.

RotoSpa's remarkable history is a testament to British craftsmanship, innovation, and a vision that has transformed the way we experience relaxation and hydrotherapy. They stand as a beacon of excellence, proudly making a mark on the world, one spa pool at a time.