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RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 6 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub

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RotoSpa QuatroSpa - 6 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub

Introducing RotoSpa: Arguably The Best Hot Tubs on the Market...

RotoSpa, the UK's exclusive hot tub manufacturer for over two decades, brings you the next level of hot tub luxury, sustainability, and versatility. Crafted with precision, the latest smart technology and an unwavering commitment to the environment, RotoSpa hot tubs redefine the possibilities of what hot tubs can truly offer.


  1. Lowest running costs & carbon footprint of all UK hot tubs

  2. Extremely powerful & adjustable jets

  3. Spacious seating

  4. Dynamic Thermal Tuning

  5. Programmable Sleep Period

  6. Silent Air Control System 

  7. One of a kind patented "ROTO-Therm" insulation 

  8. 100% Recyclable 

  9. Lifetime shell warranty

  10. Free shipping and installation across UK mainland

  11. Cold plunge tub functionality (optional)

  12. WiFi functionality (optional)

  13. HSG282 Compliant: Commercial Durability

  14. Much more...



    As a result, RotoSpa hot tubs are arguably the most intelligent, efficient, safest, sustainable, diverse and health-giving hot tubs on the market. From a hot tub, to a cold plunge tub in a matter of hours, all backed by a lifetime warranty and made right here in the UK, are some of the exact reasons why we, along with our discerning customers hold them in such high regard.

    We invite you to explore our different tabs where we dive into the granular, intricate details of what makes RotoSpa so unique. All available here at Home Living Luxury, backed by our lowest price guarantee.


    Over £1,100 Free Extras

    Let's break down what is included with your new RotoSpa QuatroSpa absolutely free of charge...

    ...Only available when you order here with us, at Home Living Luxury.


    Item Value
    Bespoke Delivery & Installation Package
    Thermal Cover £350.00
    Spa Steps £150.00
    Protective Spa Bag / Transport Case £130.00
    Chemical Starter Kit £60.00
    20Amp Conversion Cable £50.00
    Total £1,135
    Lifetime Shell Warranty Priceless
    24 Hour After Care Support (Available 24/7) Priceless



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    Delivery & Installation Timeline

    After your purchase, our delivery and installation timeline will vary depending on your location, typically ranging from 5-15 working days. Once your order is confirmed, a member of our dedicated team will promptly contact you to coordinate a suitable delivery and installation date.


    Installation Duration

    The complete delivery and installation process, which includes spa placement, filling, powering up, and a comprehensive overview of the spa's operation, typically takes between 2-3 hours. Our skilled technicians will ensure a seamless setup, allowing you to start enjoying your spa experience without delay.



    RotoSpa QutroSpa Unique Features

    The QuatroSpa offers comfortable, full-depth seating and a spacious foot-well that encourages a relaxed, natural posture. Whether you're planning a family gathering or aiming to be the ultimate host, the QuatroSpa is celebrated for its capacity to unite people. Its reclining therapy seat, featuring a 15-point ultra-blast jet and a well-designed massage system, delivers the utmost in relaxation. The entry step not only provides effortless access but also serves as a convenient child seat. Thanks to its distinctive design, the QuatroSpa is genuinely portable, durable, and cost-effective.

    This unique massager combines 15 small, high-intensity jets positioned directly beside each other to create a multi-faceted, powerhouse massage.


    Customisable Massage for Your Well-being

    Indulge in a variety of 11 different massage effects thanks to the latest adjustable therapeutic, rotating massage jets. These jets are strategically positioned to target different areas of your body, providing a tailored massage experience. Choose from neck and shoulder combinations, lower, middle, and upper back massages, as well as leg and foot therapy.

    11 Revitalising Hydrotherapy Jets

    The QutroSpa is equipped with a total of 11 luxury hydrotherapy jets designed to deliver a variety of massage experiences. These include:


    • 1 x 15 Jet Ultra Master Massage: This unique massager combines 15 small, high-intensity jets positioned directly beside each other to create a multi-faceted, powerhouse massage.
    • 6 x Directional Turbo Hydro Jets: These jets offer a more powerful and targeted massage. They are adjustable, allowing you to direct the flow of water precisely to the areas where you need it most. This is ideal for addressing specific muscle aches or providing a deep tissue massage experience.
    • 2 x Directional Hydro Pulse Jets (2 x 4"): These jets produce a rhythmic pulsating massage. They alternate between high and low-pressure cycles, creating a kneading effect on the muscles. The 4-inch and 3-inch versions give you options for intensity and coverage, allowing you to choose the right level of stimulation.
    • 2 x Adjustable Rotational Hydro Pulse Jets (2 x 4"): These jets not only pulsate but also rotate. This combination of motion provides a dynamic massage experience. You can adjust their rotation to control the direction of the massage. These jets are great for those who want a more varied and customisable hydrotherapy session.


    All 11 jets can be operational at the same time. Alternatively, turn off the jets which are not in use, to increase the power and intensity of the jets which you prefer.


    15-Jet Ultra-Master Massager

    The QuatroSpa boasts a remarkable feature known as the 15-jet ultra-master massager, and it's more than just a collection of individual jets—it's a sophisticated system designed for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. This unique massager combines 15 small, high-intensity jets positioned directly beside each other to create a multi-faceted, powerhouse massage.

    Imagine these 15 jets working in harmony, each contributing its intense stream of water to create a symphony of relaxation and relief. This arrangement ensures that your entire body benefits from the massage, as the jets cover a wide surface area, targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

    The result is a spa experience like no other, where you can enjoy a comprehensive and invigorating massage that relieves muscle tension, reduces stress, and promotes deep relaxation. Whether you're looking for a gentle soak or an intense massage, the 15-point ultra-master massager in the QuatroSpa offers a customisable and revitalising hydrotherapy experience that sets a new standard in hot tub relaxation.


    Intelligent PowerSmart Spa Control System

    The QuatroSpa goes beyond simple control systems. It features an intelligent PowerSmart Spa Control System that optimises energy usage for efficiency and convenience (Explained on the fact sheet below. Continue scrolling).

    • Dynamic Thermal Tuning: This feature continuously adjusts the spa's heating to match your usage patterns, saving energy when you're not using it and ensuring your spa is ready when you are.
    • Programmable Sleep Period: You can set your spa to enter a sleep mode during specific hours to further conserve energy. This ensures that your spa operates efficiently and minimises energy costs.


    Silent' Air Control System for Enhanced Comfort

    The QuatroSpa features an 'Silent' Air Control System that allows you to adjust the air stream in the hydro jets. This innovative feature not only enhances comfort but also increases the intensity of your massage, ensuring a truly invigorating experience.


    Seating: 5 -6 Persons with master seat and bench seating area

    The QuatroSpa's circular design comfortably accommodates 5-6 individuals, providing ample space for relaxation. With a master seat and a bench seating area, this hot tub offers thoughtful and deep seating options for your comfort and enjoyment. You can unwind in the dedicated master seat or choose from various lounge positions. Moreover, the entry step serves a dual purpose by transforming into a convenient child seat, enhancing the spa's versatility and family-friendly appeal.



    Pump: 2.5HP, Hi-Flow 2-speed pump (2 pumps in 1)

    The QuatroSpa boasts a robust 2.5HP Hi-Flow pump, a substantial upgrade from the 1.5HP pump in the OrbisSpa, all while operating seamlessly on the same 13-amp electrical supply. What makes this pump exceptional is its dual-speed functionality, effectively merging the capabilities of two pumps into one.

    This advanced pump offers versatility and efficiency with its two-speed operation. At the lower speed, it delivers a gentle and consistent water flow, ideal for peaceful relaxation. When you crave an invigorating hydrotherapy session, switching to the higher speed unleashes enhanced performance, providing dynamic massages that target muscle tension and promote deep relaxation.

    In essence, the 2.5HP Hi-Flow 2-speed pump in the QuatroSpa combines power and adaptability, letting you customise your spa experience precisely as you desire, whether for tranquillity or therapeutic relief.


    12 Colour Fading Lights: 

    12 Colour Fading Lights: Immerse yourself in a vibrant and tranquil ambience with the 12 colour fading lights feature. These LED lights gradually transition between a spectrum of beautiful colours, creating a visually stunning and calming atmosphere in your spa. Whether you're looking to set the mood for relaxation or a festive gathering, these lights add an extra dimension to your spa experience, enhancing your overall enjoyment.


    Digital Lockable Touch-Pad:

    Our spa's control system is designed for ultimate convenience and security. The digital touch-pad allows you to effortlessly manage all the spa's unique features with user-friendly controls. What sets this touch-pad apart is its lockable feature, providing added security and control, particularly valuable for commercial applications.

    You have the flexibility to set curfew hours during which the hot tub can be locked, preventing unauthorised use. This feature ensures the spa remains in your complete control, making it ideal for both domestic and commercial clients seeking enhanced safety and management of their spa experience.


    Clean and Sanitised Water with Ozone

    Maintaining hygienic water is essential for a safe and enjoyable spa experience. With the QuatroSpa's ozone sanitation system, you can trust that your spa water is free from contaminants. Ozone effectively purifies the water, ensuring a clean and refreshing soak every time. 


    Auto Cleanse Smart Filtration

    Our spa is equipped with an advanced Auto Cleanse Smart Filtration system. This intelligent filtration system is designed to keep your spa water clean and clear with minimal effort on your part. It automatically detects and removes impurities, ensuring that your spa water remains pristine and inviting. With this smart filtration system, you can spend more time relaxing in your spa and less time worrying about maintenance.


    Efficient and Consistent Insulation

    The QuatroSpa's ROTO-THERM Spa Insulation is a hallmark of its efficiency and durability. This insulation is applied throughout the entire cabinet, the spa base, and the rear of the spa shell. It helps maintain a consistent temperature within the spa, ensuring that your relaxation remains uninterrupted while saving on energy costs.


    Stylish Design Meets Robust Build

    The QuatroSpa's one-piece construction ensures strength and durability that will last a lifetime. Its sleek and modern design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, with lower water volume for energy savings of up to 33%. Plus, you'll appreciate the ease of installation and access, without the need for expensive cranes.


    Thermal Full Foam Lockable Hard Cover

    Our spa is equipped with a state-of-the-art thermal full foam lockable hard cover. This cover is designed to provide exceptional insulation, preserving the heat within the spa and maximising energy efficiency. The full foam insulation ensures minimal heat loss, allowing you to enjoy your spa at the desired temperature without worrying about excessive energy consumption.


    Powerful Heating Element

    Our spa features a powerful 2kW Titanium corrosion-resistant heating element. This high-quality heating element ensures efficient and reliable heating of the water, allowing you to enjoy your spa at the perfect temperature. Its corrosion-resistant properties make it durable, extending the lifespan of your spa and reducing maintenance needs.


    RotoSpa's Unique Approach to Jet Placement and Power Efficiency

    RotoSpa takes a quality-focused approach to hot tub design, prioritising strategic jet placement for optimal hydrotherapy. With a deliberate choice of fewer, but more powerful jets, each operates at full capacity, targeting muscle tension and ensuring a genuine relaxation experience. The 1.5HP or 2.5HP Hi-Flow 2-speed pump, carefully selected for each model, contributes to power efficiency.

    This unique design not only distinguishes RotoSpa from other brands that may emphasise quantity over quality but also extends benefits such as cost savings on electricity bills and a longer pump lifespan. Choosing a RotoSpa means opting for an intelligently engineered hot tub that prioritises well-being, offering a combination of quality, efficiency, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

    RotoSpa's emphasis on fewer, more powerful jets goes beyond aesthetics, offering a sports-grade hydrotherapy session. With each jet operating at its full capacity, the design allows for a heightened level of power, targeting muscle tension and providing an intense hydrotherapy experience. This focus on quality engineering ensures that RotoSpas deliver not just relaxation but a therapeutic encounter akin to sports-grade hydrotherapy. The strategic placement of these powerful jets enhances the overall well-being benefits, making RotoSpas stand out for those seeking a hot tub experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


    Invigorating Turbo Air Injection

    For an even more invigorating massage experience, the QuatroSpa offers an optional turbo air injection system. It infuses millions of tiny air bubbles into the water, enveloping your body, legs, and even your feet, providing a refreshing and revitalising sensation.


    QuatroSpa Specifications


    Diameter: 2000mm

    Depth: 740mm

    Dry Weight  160kg
    Filled Weight 1000kg
    Water Capacity 1000 Litres

    5 - 6 Persons 


    • 1 x Master Seat
    • Bench Seating Area


    (more information on the 'Electrical' tab)

    Option 1 (as standard):

    230V 13 Amp 'Plug & Play'

    Option 2 (can be easily upgraded at any time):

    230V 20 Amp Hard Wired to Commando Socket

    Pump 2.5HP - Hi-Flow 2 Speed Therapy Pump (2 Pumps in 1)
    Air Blower Spa System No
    Ozone Sanitation  Yes
    Heating  2kW Titanium Corrosion Resistant  In-Line Heater with Automatic On-Demand Heat
    Filtration Auto Cleanse Smart Filtration
    Colour Fading Lights with Illuminated Controls 12 
    Digital Lockable Touch-pad  Yes
    Intelligent PowerSmart Spa Control System
    • Dynamic Thermal Tuning
    • Programmable Sleep Period

      11 Jets in Total

      • 1 x 15-Jet Ultra Master Massager
      • 6 x Directional Turbo Hydro Jets
      • 2 x 4" Directional Hydro Pulse Jets
      • 2 x 4" Adjustable Rotational Hydro Pulse Jets
          Drinks Tray

          Yes - 4 Cup Holder

          Padded Headrests


          'Silent' Air Control System

          Adjustable Air Stream Hydro Jets (Increases Massage Intensity) 

          Unique ROTO-THERM Spa Insulation
          • Throughout the Entire Cabinet
          • Spa Base
          • Rear of Spa Shell
          Thermal Full Foam Lockable Hard Cover

          Included as Standard





          Hot Tub Shell (Entire Structure, Base and Side Panels) Lifetime
          Electrical Components 2 Years
          Plumbing Components 2 Years
          Labour 1 Year



          Fact Sheets


          Fact Sheet Explained
          Programmable Sleep Timers

          Smart Monitoring: Our intelligent software keeps a close eye on your spa usage to deliver super-efficient energy savings, ensuring you enjoy the lowest daily running costs possible.

          Leading in Energy Efficiency: RotoSpa's industry-leading smart features are designed to keep running costs down. We're ready for heat pump integration with plug 'n' play compatibility, offering substantial energy-saving benefits of up to 75%.

          Dual Sleep Timers: Our unique programmable dual sleep timers are like your spa's energy-saving secret. They provide remarkable running cost savings, ranging between 25-35% per day, making your spa experience both economical and enjoyable.​

           Dynamic Thermal Tuning

          Adjusts Hysteresis Value: Dynamic Thermal Tuning is an intelligent system designed to optimise your spa's energy efficiency by fine-tuning the hysteresis value. In essence, the hysteresis value represents the temperature range within which your spa can fluctuate before its heating or cooling system activates.

          This intelligent system closely monitors external environmental conditions and aligns your spa's temperature control accordingly. When the system senses that your spa is within the specified temperature range, it minimises unnecessary heating or cooling cycles, reducing energy consumption. 

          Eliminates Unnecessary Cycling: By fine-tuning the heating process, Dynamic Thermal Tuning eliminates unnecessary cycling (or "poling") of the filter pump, ensuring that your spa heats up precisely when needed.

          This system initially makes hourly adjustments, progressively extending to daily, weekly, and monthly adaptations, making your hot tub more efficient as time goes on and on. 

          Constantly Learns Thermal Properties: This system is always learning. It continuously evolves, understanding the unique thermal properties of your spa, ensuring it operates optimally. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. 

          Reduces Wear and Tear: Your spa's filter pump and internal electrical components experience less wear and tear, thanks to the efficient operation enabled by Dynamic Thermal Tuning. This means greater longevity for your spa's essential parts.

          Significant Energy Savings: By constantly learning and adapting to the thermal properties of your spa, Dynamic Thermal Tuning ensures maximum efficiency while extending the lifespan of your spa's components and providing substantial energy savings, approximately 15% compared to other spas.



          Optional Extras



          Air Source Heat Pump £1754.99
          Remote WiFi Connectivity £449.99
          Cover Lifter £294.99
          RCD Cable (Needed for 20 Amp Connectivity) £94.99
          Essential Chemicals  Varied


          Hub Tub and Cold Plunge Tub All In One

          Introducing the innovative SV Series Powersmart Heat Pump by SpaNET, seamlessly integrated with your RotoSpa hot tub. This groundbreaking technology allows your hot tub to transform effortlessly from a soothing hot soak to an invigorating cold plunge.


          Temperature Control at Your Fingertips

          With the SV Series Powersmart Heat Pump, you're in control. Choose from three operating modes:


          • Heat-Only Mode: As the colder months approach, keep your hot tub cosy and warm. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits even in winter, all while being energy-efficient. Ensure your hot tub remains cosy and warm, regardless of the weather. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits while being energy-efficient.
          • Cool-Only Mode: Whatever the weather, transform your hot tub into a refreshing cold plunge tub at the click of a button. Chill out and recharge in style while conserving energy. When the mercury rises, transform your hot tub into a refreshing cold plunge tub. Chill out and recharge in style while conserving energy.
          • Automatic Mode: For those who prefer a traditional hot tub experience, the automatic mode ensures a comfortable temperature year-round. It's perfect for unwinding on chilly evenings. For those who prefer a traditional hot tub experience, the automatic mode ensures a comfortable temperature year-round. It's perfect for unwinding anytime you desire.


          Air Source Heat Pump Statistics 
           Facts 2kW Electric Heater 8.8kW Heat Pump
          Heat Up Time From 10°C (Cold Plunge to Hot Tub) 16 hours 24 minutes 3 hours 36 minutes
          Combined Weekly Re-fill Cost (Per-Annum) - Commercial Usage £249.60 £45.24
          Maintain 37 Degrees (Per-Annum) £388.11 £70.86
          Total Cost (Per-Annum) £637.71 £116.10
          Savings (Per-Annum) £521.61


          Temperatures to Suit Your Mood

          Your hot tub can handle a range of temperatures, from the high 30s for a relaxing warm soak to as low as 5 degrees for a revitalising cold plunge. Whether you seek tranquillity in warm water or the invigoration of icy cold, your hot tub has you covered.


            How long does the transition take?

            The transition between cooling and heating modes is swift, typically within a matter of hours. This ensures that you can enjoy your hot tub's temperature flexibility without extended waiting times.



              For more information on how our RotoSpa hot tubs can operate as cold plunge tubs and how our unique air source heat pumps can save you up to 75% on your hot tubs electricity bill, please see the tab called "Air Source Heat Pump: Cold Plunge & 75% Savings".


              The Mind and Body Benefits


              Warm Water Relaxation:
              • Stress Reduction: Soaking in warm water helps to relax tense muscles and alleviate stress, promoting a sense of calm and tranquillity.
              • Improved Sleep: A warm soak before bedtime can improve sleep quality by easing the transition into a more restful state.
              • Muscle Relief: Warm water therapy can relieve muscle soreness, aches, and tension, providing relief for those with physically demanding lifestyles or conditions.
              • Enhanced Circulation: The heat from the warm water promotes better blood circulation, which can have positive effects on overall health.


              Cold Immersion:
              • Invigoration: Cold plunges can wake up your body and mind, providing a burst of energy and alertness.
              • Muscle Recovery: The cold temperature can reduce inflammation and promote muscle recovery after intense physical activities.
              • Mental Alertness: Cold immersion can increase mental alertness and improve focus, making it an excellent choice for starting your day.
              • Stress Relief: The shock of cold water followed by a warm soak can create a unique stress-relieving experience, releasing endorphins and providing a sense of exhilaration.


              Having the option to switch between warm water relaxation and cold immersion allows you to tailor your spa experience to your specific needs, providing a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being.



              For more information on the physical and mental health benefits of hot and cold hydrotherapy, please see the tab called "Hot Tub & Cold Plunge Tub: Health Benefits".


              Remote WiFi Connectivity

              Remote Control WiFi Connectivity Upgrade: Your Hot Tub, Your Schedule

              Our advanced WiFi Connectivity feature empowers you to take full control of your hot tub from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you're stuck in traffic, wrapping up at the office, or simply planning your relaxation in advance, you can seamlessly manage your hot tub using your smartphone or tablet. Picture this: with a few taps on your device, you can start heating the water to your preferred temperature, fine-tune the jet settings for a customised hydrotherapy experience, or even set the mood with the built-in lighting features. With this feature, your hot tub will be at the perfect temperature, allowing you to dive into relaxation without any delay.


              Smart Control Panel: Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

              But that's not all. RotoSpa's WiFi Connectivity also includes a smart control panel that enhances your hot tub ownership experience. This innovative feature monitors your hot tub's performance and sends error codes directly to your smartphone via WiFi. No more guessing what might be wrong if something isn't working as it should.

              Efficient Troubleshooting, Minimal Disruption

              In the very unlikely event of an issue, we have you covered. RotoSpa's experts (with your permission) can gain remote access to the error codes displayed by your hot tub, swiftly diagnosing the problem. This translates to faster, more efficient troubleshooting and fewer disruptions to your spa time. Through our partnership with RotoSpa and their highly skilled technicians, you can expect precise solutions, often sidestepping the need for an in-person service call. With our WiFi Connectivity feature, your hot tub experience becomes not just more convenient but also more dependable, ensuring you make the most of your hot tub.


              24/7 Customer Service: Support Whenever You Need It

              RotoSpa's commitment to providing exceptional customer service goes beyond the purchase of your hot tub. Our partners over at RotoSpa understand that questions and concerns may arise at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 customer service to address your needs promptly. Whether you have inquiries about your hot tub's operation, require technical assistance, or need guidance on maintenance, our dedicated support team is here for you around the clock. Our goal is to ensure that your RotoSpa hot tub experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, and they are just a call or message away whenever you need assistance. Together, we take pride in being there for our customers whenever they require support, underscoring our commitment to your satisfaction and peace of mind.


              RotoSpa 24/7 Support Details


              Telephone: 0121 354 3428



              RotoSpa's Distinctive Features

              1. Exceptional UK Manufacturing: RotoSpa takes pride in being a UK-based manufacturer, which not only supports local industry but also ensures the lowest carbon footprint among spas available in the UK. This commitment to sustainability benefits both the environment and discerning consumers.
              2. Cutting-Edge Insulation: RotoSpa's hot tubs boast their proprietary "RotoTHERM" insulation, covering all internal surfaces of the spa shell. This innovation results in outstanding thermal performance, with RotoSpa hot tubs achieving an impressive rating of up to R12. You can enjoy luxurious warmth without worrying about excessive energy consumption.
              3. Space-Saving Design: RotoSpa's ingenious one-piece, low-profile design offers numerous advantages. It reduces water volume, making heating more efficient and saving you up to 33% on energy costs. Additionally, this design makes installation a breeze and ensures ease of access for maintenance and enjoyment.
              4. Built to Last: RotoSpa hot tub shells are constructed as one-piece units, enhancing their strength and durability. This structural integrity is why RotoSpa confidently backs their hot tubs with a lifetime warranty. You can trust that your investment will stand the test of time.
              5. Unique Spa Serial Number: Each and every RotoSpa hot tub has its own unique serial number. This serial number serves as a digital fingerprint, allowing RotoSpa and its customers to trace the complete lifespan of the hot tub, right from its initial production date. This level of detailed tracking proves invaluable when it comes to repairs, troubleshooting, and routine maintenance. It ensures that any issues can be swiftly and accurately addressed, reducing confusion and downtime of your spa.
              6. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: RotoSpa prioritises eco-friendliness by using a proven shell manufacturing process that avoids harmful fibreglass resins and foams commonly used by other manufacturers. This conscientious approach ensures your hot tub is not only durable but also environmentally responsible.
              7. UV Stability and Easy Maintenance: RotoSpa's cabinets and structure are 100% UV stable, meaning they can withstand prolonged sun exposure without deterioration. Additionally, these components are designed for easy cleaning, ensuring your hot tub remains factory fresh for a lifetime.
              8. 100% Recyclable: RotoSpa takes sustainability to the next level by offering the only 100% recyclable hot tub on the market. When the time comes, you can rest easy knowing that your hot tub can be responsibly recycled.
              9. Portability and Ease of Installation: RotoSpa hot tubs are truly portable and lighter than their competitors, making them incredibly easy to install. You won't need an expensive crane, and in fact, 50% of their range can fit through most UK household doors, providing flexible installation options.
              10. Versatile Installations: RotoSpa's installations are as versatile as the hot tubs themselves. Whether on a balcony or sunk into decking, you can create your ideal oasis wherever you desire.
              11. A Spa for Life: RotoSpa offers a unique proposition—a hot tub for life. It can be effortlessly moved around your garden or taken with you when you move house. Your investment remains valuable, no matter where life takes you.
              12. Servicing and Refurbishment: RotoSpa hot tubs are designed for easy servicing, and refurbishment is also possible at their local factory in Birmingham if needed. This ensures that your spa can be brought back to a like-new condition, extending its lifespan.
              13. HSG282 Compliant (Commercial Durability): For those seeking commercial spas, RotoSpa's full range meets and exceeds guidance 282, providing durability and performance to meet demanding needs.
              14. Flexible Water Heating: RotoSpa understands the importance of flexibility. They offer options for water heating that can be added at a later date, ensuring your hot tub can adapt to changing requirements, especially for commercial purposes. (See our tabs called "Air Source Heat Pumps: Cold Plunge & 75% Savings" and "Commercial Heating Solutions" for more information.)
              15. Trusted and Purposeful Design: RotoSpa has earned a reputation as the UK's most trusted and fit-for-purpose spa designs, providing you with peace of mind and a quality product.
              16. Precision Pre-Manufacturing: To ensure consistency and the exact location of components, RotoSpa conducts in-house pre-manufacturing of plumbing, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient spa system.

              In summary, RotoSpa's commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability shines through in every aspect of their hot tubs. Whether for personal relaxation or commercial use, RotoSpa offers a premium spa experience with features that cater to both convenience and the environment.


              Hot Tub Comparison
              Aspect Acrylic (Low Cost) Single Shot Roto Moulded RotoSpa (Double Moulded)
              Manufacturing Process Vacuum forming with a singe thin acrylic sheet Thin layer of polyethylene with single-piece design Single piece construction with moulded insulation throughout, ensuring superior insulation and energy efficiency.

              Typically wooden, with occasional metal 

              Susceptible to rot, fungi and unpleasant smells

              Reinforced with PU foam, providing added strength over acrylic

              Separate frame design for durability, facilitating easy access and installation.
              Shell Strength Shell often laminated with fibreglass
              Insulation applied selectively, mainly where water is present
              Guaranteed lamination of the second shot of polyethylene, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.
              Plumbing Plumbing elements encapsulated in PU foam Plumbing elements encapsulated within an insulation layer Plumbing elements encapsulated within the insulation layer, minimising the risk of issues and ensuring reliable performance.
              Production Method Manual elements involved in the process

              Single-shot, one-stage production.

              Double-shot, two-stage production that takes 2/3 times longer, but results in a more robust structure.

              Production method is mechanised, which ensures consistency and eliminates human-related inconsistencies in production.


              RotoSpa's Moulding Process: Unrivalled Quality and Durability

              When it comes to crafting hot tubs that stand the test of time, RotoSpa's manufacturing process sets them apart from the competition. Here's what makes their moulding process exceptional:

              • Precision and Patience: Unlike acrylic and other roto-moulded products, RotoSpa hot tubs are a testament to patience and precision. They take 2-3 times longer to produce, ensuring every detail is perfected.
              • Polyethylene Prowess: RotoSpa doesn't cut corners when it comes to materials. They incorporate more than twice as much polyethylene in the construction of their hot tubs compared to other brands. This abundance of quality material contributes to exceptional durability.
              • Thicker Shells, Better Insulation: RotoSpa shells are impressively three times thicker than those of other hot tubs. Despite this thickness, they still manage to introduce foam for comprehensive insulation AND are the lightest in weight of any other hot tubs on the market. This meticulous approach ensures superior heat retention and energy efficiency.
              • Even Wall Thickness: The polymer 'lays up' evenly during RotoSpa's manufacturing process, resulting in consistent and desired wall thickness. This uniformity in construction contributes to the hot tub's exceptional strength and longevity.
              • Lifetime Shell Warranty: RotoSpa stands behind the quality of their hot tubs with unwavering confidence. That's why they back their products with a lifetime shell warranty, a testament to their commitment to excellence and durability.

              RotoSpa's moulding process is a labour of love, where time, premium materials, and precision craftsmanship come together to create hot tubs that are not only incredibly strong but also built to last a lifetime.


              Customisation Options: Your RotoSpa, Your Way

              Choose Your Colour:

              At Home Living Luxury, we understand that personalisation is key when it comes to your hot tub. That's why we offer a customisation feature that allows you to select the colour that suits your style and blends seamlessly with your outdoor space. Our colour palette presents an array of vibrant and classic hues, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect shade. Whether you prefer the calming allure of tranquil blue, the bold statement of vibrant red, or the timeless elegance of classic white, we have the colours to match your vision. With us, you have the creative freedom to craft a hot tub that not only offers exceptional hydrotherapy but also complements your unique lifestyle.


              Enhance Your Hydrotherapy:

              When it comes to hydrotherapy, we believe in tailoring your hot tub to your specific preferences. That's why we offer the option to strategically add extra jets to your hot tub. Whether you desire more Multi-point Air Injector Jets, Adjustable Rotational Pulse Jets, Directional Pulse Jets, Directional Turbo Hydro Jets, or Multi-Point Air Injector Jets, we can accommodate your requests. Our team can create and incorporate additional jets, ensuring that your hot tub delivers the hydrotherapy experience you desire. Through Home Living Luxury, you can fine-tune your spa to provide the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic benefits, making it truly your own.


              Getting Your Custom RotoSpa Hot Tub

              Customising your RotoSpa hot tub is a personalised experience, and we're here to make it seamless for you. Please note that all custom hot tubs will be individually quoted to ensure accuracy and transparency in pricing. To get started on creating your unique RotoSpa hot tub, we invite you to reach out to us at Home Living Luxury. Our team of experts is ready to discuss your specific needs and preferences. By working closely with you, we'll calculate an official RotoSpa custom hot tub quotation that aligns with your vision. Get in touch with us today and let's embark on the journey to crafting your dream hot tub.

              Additionally, it's important to mention that the fabrication time for custom hot tubs may vary and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.  The lead time for custom RotoSpa's can be between 15-30 working days.


              OrbisSpa vs QuatroSpa

              Let's explore the distinctions between RotoSpa's two circular hot tub models: the OrbisSpa, representing the standard specification, and the QuatroSpa, which stands as the premium, top-of-the-range circular model. (All other specifications and features remain consistent across both models.)


              Click here to view the RotoSpa OrbisSpa - 5 Person Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Tub


              Specs  OrbisSpa QuatroSpa
              Diameter 1830mm 2000mm
              Dry Weight 115kg 160kg
              Filled Weight 950kg 1160kg
              Water Capacity 800L 1000L

              4 - 5 Persons 


              • 1 x Master Seat
              • Bench Seating Area

              5 - 6 Persons


              • Master Seat
              • Bench Seating Area

              1.5HP, Hi-Flow 2 Speed Pump (2 Pumps in 1)

              2.5HP Hi-Flow 2 Speed Pump (2 Pumps in 1)


              12 Jets in Total

              • 8 x Directional Turbo Hydro Jets
              • 1 x 5" + 1 x 3" Directional Hydro Pulse Jets
              • 2 x 3" Adjustable Rotational Hydro Pulse Jets

              11 Jets in Total

              • 1 x 15-Jet Ultra Master Massager
              • 6 x Directional Turbo Hydro Jets
              • 2 x 4" Directional Hydro Pulse Jets
              • 2 x 4" Adjustable Rotational Hydro Pulse Jets


                  Closing Remarks

                  At Home Living Luxury, our commitment to offering genuinely exceptional products is exemplified by our partnership with RotoSpa. With over two decades of excellence in hot tub manufacturing, RotoSpa is reshaping the way we experience luxury, sustainability, and versatility in hot tubs. Their dedication to eco-friendliness is evident in their hot tubs' lowest carbon footprint among UK spas, patented thermal insulation, and innovative one-piece design, all ensuring exceptional heat retention and energy efficiency. With a lifetime shell warranty and a strong recycling ethos, RotoSpa hot tubs represent an investment in both relaxation and a sustainable lifestyle.

                  In summary, RotoSpa is redefining the hot tub industry through sustainability, innovation, and quality. Our partnership allows us to provide you with an unmatched relaxation experience while contributing to a greener future. Welcome to the world of RotoSpa, where luxury, sustainability, and versatility come together in your very own garden. Leaving you knowing that you are doing your part by contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for us and the generations to come.



                  Delivery | Installation | Electrical

                  Delivery | Installation | Electrical

                  Thank you for choosing a RotoSpa hot tub from Home Living Luxury. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of delivery, installation along with the electrical aspects of your new hot tub, to ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

                  Delivery & Installation

                  Delivery Across the UK Mainland

                  Your new RotoSpa hot tub can be delivered and installed anywhere across the UK mainland absolutely free of charge. Whether you're in England, Scotland or Wales, you can enjoy the convenience of having your hot tub delivered and installed by RotoSpa's team of expert installers.


                  Delivery & Installation Timeline

                  Our delivery and installation timeline from the date of purchase can range anywhere from 5-30 days, location dependent. Once your order has been placed, a member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your availability and we will get you booked in for a full delivery and installation.

                  How long does this take?

                  Complete delivery and installation including; locating the spa, filling the spa, powering up the spa and a complete run through of the spa, can take between 2-3 hours.

                  Fuss-Free Installation

                  RotoSpa hot tubs are renowned for their user-friendly design, emphasising a fuss-free installation process that enhances convenience and flexibility. Here's an expanded look at why our hot tubs are a breeze to install:

                  1. Portability and Lightweight Design:
                    • RotoSpa hot tubs are ingeniously crafted with portability in mind. They are lightweight, with dry weights ranging from 90kg to 172kg, depending on the model you choose.
                    • This lightweight construction means that you don't need heavy machinery like cranes or specialised equipment for installation. You can easily handle the setup yourself or with minimal assistance.
                  1. No Additional Installation Costs:
                    • Unlike some hot tubs that may require significant additional installation expenses, RotoSpa hot tubs keep things cost-effective.
                    • With our hot tubs, you won't incur extra installation costs related to heavy lifting equipment, specialised labour, or complex installation procedures. This affordability is a key advantage.
                  1. Relocatable Convenience:
                    • The portability of RotoSpa hot tubs isn't just about the ease of installation; it also provides you with the freedom to relocate your hot tub as needed.
                    • Whether you're moving to a new house or simply want to change the location of your hot tub on your property, it's a hassle-free process. You can simply drain the tub, disconnect it from the electrical supply, and move it to its new spot.
                  1. Minimal Site Preparation:
                    • Setting up a RotoSpa hot tub doesn't require complex site preparation. You won't need to pour concrete pads or construct elaborate foundations.
                    • As long as you have a flat and level surface like concrete, paving slabs, tiles, or structurally sound decking, you're good to go. This simplicity saves both time and money during installation.
                  1. Versatile Placement Options:
                    • RotoSpa's portable design allows for versatile placement options. You can choose to install your hot tub on your patio, a concrete bed, or even sink it into decking (with some considerations).
                    • If you opt for a decking installation, you'll need to ensure access to the full perimeter of the spa for future servicing and maintenance.
                    • Sunken spas will require access of 300mm around all corners for future maintenance


                  In summary, RotoSpa hot tubs redefine the installation experience by prioritising portability, affordability, and user-friendliness. With their lightweight design and straightforward setup, you can enjoy the luxury of a hot tub without the hassle and cost commonly associated with traditional installations. Plus, the ability to relocate your hot tub easily ensures that your investment remains flexible and adaptable to your changing preferences or living situation.

                  Choosing the Perfect Location
                  1. Level Surface: When selecting a location for your spa, ensure it's set on a flat and level surface. Suitable surfaces include concrete, paving slabs, tiles, or structurally sound decking.
                  2. Weight Consideration: Keep in mind that when filled with water, RotoSpa hot tubs can weigh up between 600kg and 1222kg (filled weight). Therefore, it's essential to choose a stable surface that can support this weight.
                  3. Avoid Grass or Earth: We recommend against placing the spa directly on grass or earth, as insects and dust can affect the equipment's lifespan. Unenclosed below-ground use is also not advisable.
                  4. Sinking into Decking: If you plan to sink the spa into decking, it must sit on a patio base or concrete bed. Ensure that there's access to the full perimeter of the spa for future servicing and maintenance. Consider creating removable decking or an open crawl space underneath for accessibility.
                  5. Indoor Use: If the spa is sited indoors, take precautions to avoid water splashing or dripping onto the floor. High room humidity may necessitate proper ventilation to minimise moisture damage.

                  Delivery and Setting Up

                  When your spa is delivered, it will arrive as a single unit and cannot be disassembled. In most cases, it can be rolled from the kerbside to its designated location on your property. The spa is well packaged and can be rolled across domestic terrains like grass and pathways without sustaining damage.

                  Ensure clear access to where you want the spa situated for ease of delivery. If you have specific delivery requirements, discuss them with your us well in advance to make necessary arrangements.

                  Handling with Care

                  Your RotoSpa hot tub is crafted from a tough and hard-wearing material designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. However, it's essential to handle the spa with care to protect its surface from scratching and preserve its appearance. Once the spa is in place, you can remove the packaging and set up all its accessories.

                  Lockable Thermal Cover

                  Your new hot tub will come with a lockable thermal cover, please note that it is rigid and designed to insulate the spa and retain water heat. It is not suitable for storing any items on top of it.

                  Included Components:
                  1. Filter Cartridge: Your RotoSpa hot tub comes with a filter cartridge suitable for the specific model you've purchased. This cartridge is essential for maintaining water quality.
                  2. Filter Cartridge Serial Number: On the packaging of the filter cartridge, you'll find a serial number printed on the label. This number is important for identifying replacement cartridges.

                  Fitting the Filter Cartridge

                  Maintaining clean and clear water in your RotoSpa hot tub is essential for an enjoyable and hygienic spa experience. One crucial aspect of spa maintenance is correctly installing the filter cartridge. This section provides clear and concise instructions tailored to different RotoSpa models, ensuring that your filter cartridge is installed properly for optimal filtration and water quality. 

                  Read on to learn how to fit your filter cartridge securely and keep your hot tub water in pristine condition.


                  For Orbis and QuatroSpa Models:

                  1. Screw the filter cartridge into the housing. Hand-tighten it; there's no need to over-tighten.
                  2. Insert the floating weir over the top, ensuring it rests within the housing.
                  3. Keep the weir basket clear of debris by hosing it regularly.


                  Filling Your Spa:

                  When filling your RotoSpa hot tub:


                  1. Ensure the mains plug is safely out of the way.
                  2. Remove the filter cartridge.
                  3. Fill the hot tub through the spa filter housing to ensure all pipe work is filled and to minimize the potential for airlocks.


                  Each RotoSpa model has a specific fill level. Refer to the images provided below for your model to determine the correct fill level.




                  OrbisSpa & QuatroSpa Models: Simply fill the spa and reinsert the filter cartridge. Hand-tighten the cartridge into the housing.

                  Important: Never switch on the power before the spa is filled with water, as running the pump dry can cause severe damage.

                  Owners Manual:

                  For more detailed instructions on operating and maintaining your RotoSpa hot tub, refer to the comprehensive owners manual included with your purchase. The user manual provides in-depth information to ensure you enjoy your hot tub to the fullest while maintaining its longevity.

                  To view this manual online, see our "RotoSpa Owners Manual" tab.


                  Comprehensive Delivery & Installation Experience

                  At Home Living Luxury, we are committed to ensuring that your hot tub experience is seamless and enjoyable from the moment it's delivered to your doorstep. As part of our delivery and installation service, we go the extra mile to make sure you're well-informed and confident in operating your spa. Here's how we walk you through the entire process:

                  1. Delivery and Placement:
                    • Our team of professionals will deliver your RotoSpa hot tub to your desired location.
                    • We will carefully place the hot tub in the chosen spot, ensuring it's level and stable.
                    • If you've opted for any additional features, such as an air source heat pump, these will also be set up during this stage.
                  1. Setup and Electrical Connection:
                    • Our experienced installers will connect your hot tub to the electrical supply, whether it's the standard 13-amp setup or the upgraded 20-amp configuration.
                    • We will ensure that all electrical connections are safe and secure, and we'll provide a brief overview of the electrical setup.
                  1. Comprehensive Orientation:
                    • Once the hot tub is installed and ready to go, we will conduct a thorough orientation session.
                    • Our experts will walk you through the spa's touchpad, explaining its layout and all its functions in detail.
                    • If you've opted for the air source heat pump, we will also provide comprehensive guidance on how to use this optional extra effectively.
                  1. Hands-On Demonstration:
                    • We believe in learning by doing. During the orientation, we will encourage you to interact with the touchpad and perform various functions under our guidance.
                    • You'll have the opportunity to adjust settings, control water temperature, activate hydrotherapy jets, and explore the features of your hot tub firsthand.
                  1. Q&A and Troubleshooting:
                    • We welcome any questions you may have during the orientation. Our team will be happy to provide answers and address any concerns.
                    • In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues or have difficulties, we'll offer troubleshooting tips and solutions to ensure your hot tub runs smoothly.
                  1. User Manual and Resources:
                    • We will provide you with a user manual that covers all aspects of operating and maintaining your RotoSpa hot tub.
                    • Additionally, we can direct you to online resources, videos, and FAQs for further reference and support.


                  Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to enjoy your hot tub to the fullest. We understand that every detail matters, and we're here to ensure your RotoSpa hot tub experience is nothing short of exceptional. If you ever need additional assistance or have questions in the future, our customer support team is just an email or phone call away.

                  Thorough Orientation and Maintenance Guidance

                  Our delivery and installation process includes a comprehensive orientation session that covers not only the basics of operation but also how to make the most of your hot tub experience and keep it running smoothly.

                  1. Operation and Jet Types:
                    • During the orientation, our experts will guide you through the different types of jets available in your hot tub.
                    • We'll explain how to activate and adjust these jets to create various water massage experiences tailored to your preferences.
                    • You'll have the opportunity to experience the unique sensations provided by each type of jet firsthand.
                  1. Comprehensive Service and Activation:
                    • Our skilled technicians will ensure that your hot tub is fully serviced and operational, a process that typically takes approximately 2 hours.
                    • We'll walk you through the startup process, including how to fill your hot tub, set the water temperature, and activate the jets for your first relaxing soak.
                  1. Proper Maintenance Guidance:
                    • Maintenance is essential for the longevity and enjoyment of your hot tub, and we keep it simple and straightforward.
                    • You'll receive clear guidance on how to maintain your spa, including:
                    • Filter maintenance: How to clean and replace filters as needed.
                    • Cleaning procedures: Tips for keeping the spa surface clean and safe.
                    • Draining and refilling: Instructions for periodic draining and refilling.
                    • Winterisation: Guidance on preparing your hot tub for the colder months.
                  1. Chemical Simplicity:
                    • Our partners over at RotoSpa, believe in keeping things easy for our customers.
                    • We won't overwhelm you with complicated chemical regimens. Instead, we provide straightforward recommendations for water quality maintenance.
                    • We'll explain the basics of water chemistry, including maintaining chlorine and pH levels to ensure safe and clean water.
                  1. Hands-On Learning:
                    • Our orientation includes hands-on learning. We encourage you to actively participate, adjusting settings, cleaning filters, and maintaining the spa under our guidance.
                    • This interactive approach helps you feel confident in managing your hot tub's care.
                  1. Ongoing Support:
                    • Remember, we're here for you even after the installation. Our customer support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.
                    • We're just an email, message  or phone call away, ready to provide ongoing support and assistance as needed.


                  Our goal is to ensure that your RotoSpa hot tub provides years of relaxation and enjoyment with minimal hassle. We believe in simplicity and empowering you with the knowledge and skills to maintain and operate your hot tub confidently.



                  Your safety is our priority, and we want to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience using your hot tub. This guide provides essential electrical safety information to guide you through the installation and use of your hot tub.


                  RotoSpa Hot Tub's Electrical Supply Options: 13 Amp 'Plug & Play' or 20 Amp

                  Our partners over at RotoSpa understand that your hot tub experience should be tailored to your preferences. That's why we offer you the flexibility to choose your hot tub's electrical supply based on your needs. With our standard 13-amp 'plug & play' setup, you can power either the air source heat pump or the hydrotherapy jets, providing versatility in your hot tub sessions.

                  For those seeking an enhanced spa experience with both features running simultaneously, our upgraded 16-amp electrical supply option is available.

                  This guide will walk you through these choices, making it easy to customise your hot tub's power supply and ensure your RotoSpa hot tub meets your unique requirements.

                  Standard 13-Amp 'Plug & Play' (Included as Standard):

                  • All RotoSpa hot tubs come with a 13-amp plug top as standard.
                  • This allows you to power either the air source heat pump or the hydrotherapy jets for flexible hot tub experiences.


                  Upgraded 20-Amp Electrical Supply (For Simultaneous Use):
                  • Upgrade to a 20-amp electrical supply if you want both the air source heat pump and hydrotherapy jets to run together.
                  • A qualified electrician can connect your hot tub to a rotary isolator for safe operation.


                  Transition Made Simple:

                  • Our RCD conversion cable transforms your 13-amp plug top into a 20-amp commando plug.
                  • Easy connection to a 20-amp commando socket with an integrated rotary isolator.
                  • Switch between power options as needed.


                  Flexibility for Your Lifestyle:

                  • Customise your hot tub experience to match your preferences.
                  • Choose 13-amp for everyday use or 20-amp for special occasions.
                  • Enjoy versatility and adaptability with RotoSpa hot tubs.


                  Consult a Qualified Electrician:

                  • For electrical installation, seek guidance from a qualified electrician.
                  • Ensure safe and proper operation of your hot tub.
                  • Your hot tub experience should be tailored to you, and we're here to make that happen, wherever life takes you.


                  Standard 13-Amp 'Plug & Play'  Hot Tub Connection Type (pictured below):

                  All RotoSpa hot tubs come standard with a versatile 13-amp connection type.

                  The supplied cable features a connection point that allows for seamless switching between a 13-amp plug top and a 16-amp commando plug top, as demonstrated in the image below.

                  Upgraded 20-Amp Hot Tub Connection Type (pictured below):

                  The upgraded 20-amp connection type, as illustrated in the comparison between the images above and below, provides enhanced power options for your hot tub.

                  The hot tub can be easily switched over at any given time.

                  Permanent Connection - Upgraded 20-Amp Hot Tub Commando Socket with Rotary Isolator (pictured below):

                  This image provides a detailed view of the upgraded 20-amp hot tub connection, including the commando socket and rotary isolator.

                  Please note that the installation of this equipment should be carried out by a qualified electrician. 

                  It's important to highlight that our RotoSpa hot tubs are designed for flexibility and interchangeability. You do not need to install this equipment before the hot tub's initial setup. You have the option to make this upgrade at any time in the future. (This equipment is not provided with your purchase.)


                  A 16-Amp Commando Socket with Rotary Isolator can cost between £30 - £50. Your local electrician will provide clear advice on which brand and model to choose from.



                  The images provided in the table above, are for illustration purposes only. 

                  The actual equipment provided with your hot tub may vary slightly in appearance.


                  General Electrical Information

                  In addition to the crucial electrical considerations covered so far, there are a few more key points to keep in mind for a seamless hot tub experience:


                  • Load Management: Your RotoSpa hot tub boasts a two-speed pump and a heater element, carefully designed not to exceed its rated maximum total load. The system priorities safety and efficiency, automatically turning off the heater when the pump operates at its higher speed. In models equipped with a blower unit, the heater also stops when the blower is active. Should you ever wish to make adjustments to these settings, please don't hesitate to reach out to RotoSpa directly.
                  • Water Quality Maintenance: To ensure the longevity of your spa's heater element, optical sensors, and temperature sensors, it's crucial to maintain excellent water quality. Regularly monitor and balance chlorine and pH levels, and keep the filters clean to guarantee optimal water purity.
                  • Efficient Drainage System for Recessed Hot Tubs: For hot tubs that are recessed into the ground, efficient drainage is essential. To simplify the draining process, you can consider purchasing a submersible water pump, readily available at general hardware stores. This specialised pump is designed to efficiently remove water from your hot tub, making it the ideal choice for draining recessed hot tubs. With this practical addition to your hot tub maintenance toolkit, you'll find the process of draining your hot tub to be both straightforward and effective, ensuring the continued enjoyment of your spa experience. These can be picked up for £30 - £50.


                  Qualified Electrical Installation

                  Your safety is paramount when it comes to enjoying your RotoSpa hot tub to the fullest. To guarantee a secure and efficient electrical setup, it's imperative to entrust this task to a qualified electrician who is well-versed in adhering to BS 7671 regulations. This guide outlines the essential knowledge to make your hot tub experience both enjoyable and secure.


                  • Qualified Electrician: All electrical connections for your RotoSpa hot tub must be carried out by a qualified electrician. The installation must conform to BS 7671 regulations to ensure your safety.
                  • Keep Electrical Appliances Away: To prevent the risk of electric shock, never place any electrical appliance within 2 metres of your spa.
                  • Residual Current Device (RCD): Your hot tub must be supplied through a residual current device (RCD) with a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA. This additional safety measure helps protect against electric shock.
                  • Plug n Play Option: The hot tub is classified as 'Plug n Play' and can be connected via a standard 13A 3-pin socket outlet using a genuine RotoSpa conversion cable (provided free of charge).
                  • Socket Outlet Requirements: The supply socket must not be a 'spur unit' due to increased resistance. Ideally, it should be over 2 meters away from the hot spa but within 3 meters. If it's positioned outside the property, it must have a minimum protection rating of IP66. Your electrician will be able to provide concise information regarding this.
                  • Extension Leads: It is electrically unsafe to use an extension lead with a 'Plug n Play' hot tub, as this is outside the design characteristics of the spa.
                  • Permanent Connection: Alternatively, RotoSpas can be permanently connected to fixed wiring with an IP-rated, weather-protected power supply. This can include a means for disconnection according to local wiring regulations, such as a rotary isolation switch - as mentioned above.
                  • Disconnection Means: The means for disconnection from the supply mains should have a contact separation in all poles to provide full disconnection under over-voltage category III conditions.


                  Air Source Heat Pump: Cold Plunge Feature & 75% Electricity Savings

                  Air Source Heat Pump: Cold Plunge Feature & 75% Electricity Savings

                  Read Time:
                  Skimming: 1 Minute | Full Read: 6 Minutes

                  Unlock the full potential of your RotoSpa hot tub experience from the very beginning by considering the perfect pair: an air source heat pump. Have you ever imagined not only soaking in warm, soothing water during those chilly evenings but also enjoying a refreshing cold plunge on hot summer days? The answer lies in this comprehensive guide, where we'll not only explain why you need an air source heat pump but also how it can transform your hot tub into a versatile, year-round retreat.


                  Air Source Heat Pump Statistics 
                   Facts 2kW Electric Heater 8.8kW Heat Pump
                  Heat Up Time From 10°C (Cold Plunge to Hot Tub) 16 hours 24 minutes 3 hours 36 minutes
                  Combined Weekly Re-fill Cost (Per-Annum) - Commercial Usage £249.60 £45.24
                  Maintain 37 Degrees (Per-Annum) £388.11 £70.86
                  Total Cost (Per-Annum) £637.71 £116.10
                  Savings (Per-Annum) £521.61


                  RotoSpa Integrated Heat Pump: A Revolution in Spa Heating Efficiency

                  This heat pump integrates seamlessly with your SV Series spa controller, offering cold plunge therapy, automatic temperature regulation, rapid heat recovery, and cost-effective year-round spa use.

                  SpaNET's commitment to energy efficiency led to a groundbreaking innovation - the integration of air-sourced heat pumps with spa controllers. The SV Series Powersmart heat pumps represent a leap forward in eco-friendly spa heating. Here's a concise overview of their key benefits:

                  1. Cold Plunge Therapy (Dual Application): SV Series heat pumps are ideal for various installations, including spas, swim spas, and plunge pools. Their Dualcore construction allows for both heating and cooling, adapting seamlessly to the season. With three operation modes - automatic, heat only, and cool only - you have full control over your spa's temperature, ensuring year-round comfort and relaxation.
                  2. Energy Efficiency Unleashed: Air-sourced heat pumps are renowned for their energy efficiency. They use minimal energy to run a fan motor and compressor while generating significantly more heat output than consumed electricity. In fact, SV Series Powersmart heat pumps can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% compared to standard electric spa heaters and 55% compared to natural gas heaters. This translates to cost-effective spa or swim spa heating all year round and extended swimming pool seasons.
                  3. Enhanced Power Efficiency: These heat pumps are designed to make the most of your low amperage power supply. While traditional setups may struggle with heating when the spa is in use with a jet pump running, SV Series Powersmart heat pumps excel. They boast larger heating outputs of 5.5/8.8/12.0kW, which not only reduce heating times but also enable longer spa sessions while a jet pump operates.
                  4. Instant Plug-n-Play: Connecting an SV Series heat pump to your spa is a breeze. It plugs directly into your SV Series spa control, eliminating the need for additional power circuits or complex cabling. The system automatically recognises the heat pump on startup and disables the electric element, leading to substantial savings on your electricity bill.
                  5. Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: SV Series heat pumps utilise eco-friendly R410A refrigerant, which doesn't deplete the ozone layer and offers enhanced performance with reduced power usage.
                  6. Seamless Integration: Unlike traditional setups, SV Series Powersmart heat pumps don't require a separate keypad for settings. They seamlessly connect to any model SV Series spa controller. This integration empowers you to conveniently control temperature, settings, and diagnostics via your spa pool's topside keypad.



                  Dualcore Construction (Hot Tub to Cold Plunge Tub)

                  RotoSpa hot tubs equipped with the SV Series Powersmart Heat Pump boast a unique Dualcore construction, providing unmatched versatility in spa temperature control. Here's an in-depth exploration of its capabilities:


                  Cool-Only Mode

                  When the heat of summer arrives, switch to the cool-only mode, and transform your RotoSpa into a refreshing cold plunge tub. This mode not only chills your spa water but also conserves energy. It's the ideal solution for cooling off on scorching days or using your spa as a cold therapy plunge pool.

                  Heat-Only Mode

                  During colder months, the heat-only mode ensures your spa remains comfortably warm, allowing you to enjoy its therapeutic benefits even in winter. It operates efficiently to conserve energy while keeping your spa cosy.

                  Automatic Mode

                  In this mode, your spa functions like a traditional hot tub, maintaining a cosy and relaxing temperature for your comfort. It's perfect for those chilly evenings when you crave a soothing soak.



                  Hot Tub to Cold Plunge Tub: Explained

                  These heating output specifications provide valuable information about the performance and capabilities of our heat pumps in different temperature conditions. Let's break down what each of these specifications means:

                  Heating Capacity - A24°C / W27°C

                  This measurement indicates the amount of heat the heat pump can generate under specific conditions.Think of this as the heat pump's ability to warm up your spa. When the air around it is a pleasant 24°C and your spa water is at 27°C, this specification tells you how much heat it can generate. For instance, if it's rated at 5.6kW, it means it can produce 5.6 kilowatts of heat, effectively warming your spa.


                  • "A24°C" stands for the ambient air temperature at 24 degrees Celsius, which is relatively mild.
                  • "W27°C" represents the spa water temperature at 27 degrees Celsius, indicating the desired spa water temperature.
                  • For example, if you have a heat pump with a heating capacity of 5.6kW, it can generate 5.6 kilowatts of heat when the ambient air is at 24°C and the spa water needs to be raised to 27°C.


                  In summary, this tells you how good the heat pump is at making your hot tub warm. If it's 5.6kW, it can heat up your tub quickly when it's a bit chilly outside.


                  COP - A24°C / W27°C

                  COP stands for "Coefficient of Performance," and it measures the energy efficiency of the heat pump. This is all about efficiency. A higher COP (Coefficient of Performance) value, like 5.5, means your heat pump is really good at turning electricity into heat. So, it's cost-effective because it generates more warmth for every unit of electricity it uses.

                  In this context, it indicates how efficiently the heat pump converts electrical energy into heating energy.


                  • A higher COP value (e.g., 5.5) means the heat pump is more energy-efficient, as it produces more heating energy for a given amount of electrical energy input.


                  In summary, think of this like a savings account. A higher COP, like 5.5, means your heat pump is excellent at saving energy while keeping your hot tub warm and cosy.



                  Cooling Capacity - A32°C / W27°C

                  Similar to heating capacity, this measurement indicates the amount of cooling the heat pump can provide under specific conditions. Imagine a hot summer's day at 32°C. If your spa water is still at 27°C, you might want to cool it down. The cooling capacity (e.g., 4.0kW) tells you how much heat the heat pump can remove to make your spa pleasantly cool.


                  • "A32°C" represents a higher ambient air temperature of 32 degrees Celsius, typically associated with hot weather.
                  • "W27°C" is the desired spa water temperature at 27 degrees Celsius.
                  • For example, if you have a heat pump with a cooling capacity of 4.0kW, it can remove 4.0 kilowatts of heat from the spa water when the ambient air is at 32°C and the spa water needs to be cooled to 27°C.


                  In summary, when it's hot outside, and you want your hot tub to be a cool oasis, this tells you how much cooling power it has. For example, if it's rated at 4.0kW, it can make your hot tub refreshingly cool.


                  EER - A32°C / W27°C

                  EER stands for "Energy Efficiency Ratio," and like COP, it measures the energy efficiency of the heat pump but in cooling mode. Just like COP, but for cooling. A higher EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) value, like 3.5, means the heat pump is efficient at cooling your spa water while using less electricity.


                  • A higher EER value (e.g., 3.5) indicates greater energy efficiency, as the heat pump removes more heat from the spa water for a given amount of electrical energy input.


                  In summary, this is like having an efficient air conditioner for your hot tub. The higher the EER, like 3.5, the more efficiently it cools your tub while using less electricity.


                  Hot Tub to Cold Plunge Tub: Conclusion

                  In summary, these specs are all about how well your heat pump can make your spa feel just right, whether you want it warm and cosy or refreshingly cool. Higher numbers mean it does the job well and saves you money on energy bills.

                  As for your hot tub, it's a real champion at temperatures. It can crank up the heat to the high 30s, perfect for a relaxing soak in warm water. But it's not just about being hot – it's versatile. On the flip side, it can cool down to as low as 5 degrees, which makes it a fantastic cold plunge tub. So, whether you want to unwind in hot water or refresh in icy cold, your hot tub's got you covered!



                  Unparalleled Spa Control

                  SpaNET's SV Series Powersmart Heat Pumps redefine spa temperature control through seamless integration. Here's a concise exploration of their exceptional features:

                  1. Year-Round Comfort: Traditionally, spa controls could only heat water, leaving spas uncomfortably hot during warm months. However, the SV heat pump interface transforms spa temperature control. It not only provides automatic heating but also automatic cooling of the spa water. You can easily set your desired water temperature on the spa side keypad, and the SV heat pump will intelligently heat or cool the water as needed to maintain your chosen temperature level, ranging from 10°C to 41°C.
                  2. Synergistic Design: The heat pump and spa control have been meticulously engineered to work together in perfect harmony. Solid-state diagnostics and real-time heat pump monitoring ensure that the SV series control system caters to every need of the heat pump. This results in long-term reliability and significantly reduces operating costs.
                  3. True Integration: SV Series Powersmart heat pumps represent a groundbreaking leap in spa heating. Unlike traditional systems, these pumps don't require a separate keypad for settings. They are designed with a dedicated interface that seamlessly connects to an SV Series spa controller. This integration allows you to effortlessly control temperature settings and modes using the spa side keypad.

                  Now, let's compare SV Series Interfaced Heat Pumps with generic non-interfaced heat pumps:

                   Feature SV Series Heat Pump Other Heat Pumps
                  Automatic Heating and Cooling SV Series heat pumps offer automatic regulation of water temperature within a wide range of 10°C to 40°C. In contrast, standard spa controllers only support heating and lack cooling capabilities.
                  Correctly Sequenced Start-Up and Shutdown SV Series controls ensure that all heat pump functions and components are switched on and off in the correct sequence, enhancing reliability and lifespan. Generic controllers often cut power abruptly, causing potential damage due to improper component sequencing.
                  Easy Temperature Adjustment With SV Series, adjusting the set temperature is a breeze using the spa-side keypad. Generic heat pumps lack communication with spa controllers and have no cooling ability, necessitating settings adjustments directly on the pump.
                  SV Element Boost SV Series offers a user-adjustable option to activate the SV electric element alongside the heat pump for rapid heat recovery. This feature is ideal when refilling the spa or needing a quick temperature boost. Generic controllers typically disconnect internal heaters when a heat pump is installed, requiring potentially unapproved wiring to connect the two.
                  Integrated PowerSMART (explained below) SV Series heat pumps benefit from SV spa control's robust energy-saving features, including programmable off-peak heating/filtration, dynamic thermal tuning, away, and weekend operating modes. Generic setups lack communication between the spa controller and the heat pump, missing out on these energy-saving capabilities.



                  Integrated PowerSMART Features

                  Discover the advanced features integrated into the SV Series Powersmart Heat Pump, designed to optimise energy efficiency and convenience for your spa:

                  Dynamic Thermal Tuning

                  The SV Series heat pump dynamically adjusts its operation to match the specific thermal needs of your spa. It continually monitors water temperature and environmental conditions, optimising its performance for maximum efficiency. This not only ensures that your spa remains at the desired temperature but also minimises energy consumption.


                  Away & Weekend Operating Modes

                  These modes offer flexibility to align your spa's heating with your lifestyle. When you're away from home or during weekends when spa usage is more frequent, the heat pump adapts its schedule accordingly. It ensures your spa is ready for relaxation when you are while maintaining energy savings during periods of lower use.


                  Programmable Off-Peak Heating

                  This feature allows you to take advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours. By programming your heat pump to operate during these times, you can substantially reduce your energy costs, maximising savings without compromising your spa experience.



                  The Undeniable Fact: Savings with Statistics

                  When pondering whether it's wise to equip your spa with a heat pump, the resounding answer is unequivocally...YES! The rationale behind this statement is crystal clear. The remarkable savings achieved through a substantial reduction in electricity costs for heating your spa will swiftly offset your initial investment. In essence, the heat pump practically pays for itself. Without one, you're essentially footing the bill for a heat pump you'll never receive from your electricity provider.


                  It's not just a claim; it's a proven fact backed by numbers. Installing the SV Series Powersmart Heat Pump is a fiscally smart decision:

                  • With an impressive Coefficient of Performance (COP) ranging from 5.1 to 5.5, this heat pump delivers over five times more heat output than it consumes in electricity.
                  • Compared to standard electric spa heaters, it uses around 75% less energy, translating to significant electricity bill savings.
                  • When pitted against natural gas heaters, the SV Series heat pump outperforms, using 55% less energy.
                  • Over time, the electricity savings are substantial, covering the initial investment, effectively making the heat pump FREE.
                  • Without a heat pump, you're essentially overpaying your electricity provider by up to 75% for heating your spa. This added expense goes towards a benefit you'll never receive, making the installation of the SV Series Powersmart Heat Pump a financially savvy choice that quickly pays for itself.



                  Anything Else?

                  Remote Control WiFi Connectivity Upgrade: Your Hot Tub, Your Schedule

                  The integration of remote WiFi connectivity with the air source heat pump is a technological marvel that optimises your hot tub experience. When paired together, these two features ensure that your hot tub is always prepared to provide the perfect soak.

                  Here's how it works: Through your smartphone or tablet, you can remotely activate the air source heat pump, which efficiently regulates the hot tub's temperature. Whether you want to heat the water to your preferred therapeutic level or maintain it at a cosy temperature for an impromptu dip, it's all at your fingertips.

                  Plus, the smart control panel communicates with the heat pump, ensuring seamless coordination. This means that by the time you decide to enjoy your hot tub, the water temperature is precisely where you want it, making for a truly hassle-free and relaxing experience.


                  Corrosion Resistance for Lasting Appeal

                  Our heat pumps come encased in a 100% rust-proof plastic enclosure boasting superior UV resistance and a modern design aesthetic. This ensures that your heat pump remains not only functional but also visually pleasing in your garden over time. To enhance corrosion resistance, we employ Titanium for the heat exchanger coil and PVC for the exchange tank. This construction shields against the corrosive effects of common spa and pool chemicals, including lithium, bromine, ozone, iodine, salt, chlorine, and baquacil.

                  Operational Excellence in All Seasons

                  The Powersmart heat pump range operates seamlessly throughout every season, including the most challenging conditions. Our pumps are equipped with automatic defrost protection, enabling them to function efficiently even in low ambient temperatures (less than 5°C). When environmental temperatures drop significantly, and the air becomes humid and cold, our heat pumps activate automatic defrost control to maintain peak performance.




                   Power SN-HP-55P SN-Hp-90P SN-Hp-120P
                  Input Voltage 220 - 240V AC 220 - 240V AC 220 - 240V AC
                  Hertz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
                  Phase  Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase
                  Power Input 1.1 kW 1.65 kW 2.2 kW
                  Current 5.3 Amp 7.8 Amp 10.8 Amp


                  Heating & Cooling Output
                   Output SN-HP-55P SN-Hp-90P SN-Hp-120P
                  Heating Capacity (A24°C / W27°C *) 5.6 kW 8.6 kW 12.0 kW
                  COP (A24°C / W27°C *) 5.1 5.2
                  Cooling Capacity (A24°C / W27°C *) 4.0 kW
                  6.0 kW
                  8.4 kW
                  EER (A24°C / W27°C *) 3.5



                  The 'Heating & Cooling Output' is explained in greater detail above, under the subheading "Hot Tub to Cold Plunge Tub: Explained".


                   Components SN-HP-55P SN-Hp-90P SN-Hp-120P
                  Compressor Style
                  Rotary Rotary
                  Compressor Brand
                  Heat Exchange
                  Titanium / PVC
                  Titanium / PVC
                  Titanium / PVC
                  Defrost Element


                   Mechanical SN-HP-55P SN-Hp-90P SN-Hp-120P
                  Water Connection
                  40mm PVC
                  40mm PVC 40mm PVC
                  Operating Temperature Range
                  0°C - 40°C 0°C - 40°C
                  0°C - 40°C
                  Fan Direction
                  Fan Rotate Speed - RPM
                  Noise - dB(A)
                  Water Flow Volume - m3/hr 2.2 3 4
                  Net Unit Size (L x W x H) (mm) 960 x 320 x 650 960 x 320 x 615 980 x 312 x 615
                  Carton Size (I x W x H) (mm) 1045 x 455 x 650 1045 x 455 x 650 1165 x 430 x 625
                  Net / Gross Weight (kg) 45 / 52
                  53 / 72  62 / 72



                  SpaNet Info Brochure 

                  To learn more, we invite you to explore the brochure below, where you'll find in-depth information covering all the material discussed above. It's your gateway to discovering the extraordinary world of SpaNet and how it can elevate your spa and hot tub experience.



                  Hot Tub & Cold Plunge Tub: Health Benefits

                  Hot Tub & Cold Plunge Tub: Health Benefits

                  Read Time:
                  Skimming: 1 Minute | Full Read: 4 Minutes

                  Unlocking Wellness: The Healing Power of Hydrotherapy and Cold Plunge Therapy

                  In an increasingly fast-paced world, finding moments of relaxation and rejuvenation is essential for maintaining both our physical and mental well-being. The hustle and bustle of daily life often leaves us yearning for a respite from stress and the perfect solution might be closer than you think. Enter the world of hydrotherapy, water submersion, and temperature manipulation - a realm where hot tubs and cold plunge tubs take centre stage. These remarkable tools harness the power of water and temperature to offer a multitude of health benefits. Let's delve even deeper into this therapeutic world, exploring its myriad features and how they can significantly enhance our lives.


                  Hydrotherapy: A Soothing Oasis for Body and Mind

                  The Science Behind Hydrotherapy

                  Hydrotherapy is a time-honoured practice rooted in the idea that water, with its unique properties, can have a profound impact on the human body. One of the key principles of hydrotherapy is the use of water's temperature, buoyancy, and pressure to stimulate healing responses within the body.


                  The Power of Temperature

                  The temperature of the water plays a crucial role in hydrotherapy. In hot tub therapy, warm water immersion serves as a natural muscle relaxant. As the body soaks in the soothing warmth, tense muscles begin to release, promoting relaxation and stress reduction. The increased blood flow generated by the warmth also contributes to improved circulation, potentially alleviating conditions like high blood pressure and improving overall cardiovascular health.

                  On the other end of the spectrum, cold plunge therapy involves immersing oneself in cold water, which can range from cool to icy temperatures. This sudden exposure to cold stimulates vasoconstriction, causing blood vessels to narrow. This, in turn, reduces inflammation and muscle soreness. Cold plunge therapy can also provide a burst of energy and mental alertness, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an invigorating start to their day.


                  Water Submersion: The Elixir of Physical Relief

                  Buoyancy and Support

                  Water's buoyant properties are a hallmark of hydrotherapy. When immersed in water, the buoyant force counteracts gravity, reducing the strain on joints and muscles. This buoyancy offers a unique form of support for individuals with conditions such as arthritis or chronic pain. It allows them to exercise and move more freely, promoting flexibility and mobility.

                  Hydro-Massage: Healing Jets and Targeted Relief

                  Hydrotherapy in hot tubs often incorporates the use of therapeutic jets. These jets can provide a customisation massage experience, targeting specific areas of the body. Whether it's soothing neck and shoulder combinations or lower back relief, hydro-massage jets can alleviate muscle tension and discomfort effectively. The rotation, pulsation, and direction of these jets can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and therapeutic needs.


                  The Therapeutic Temperature Dance

                  The Temperature Transition: From Hot to Cold

                  Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of hot and cold therapy, is the ability to transition between these temperature extremes. Our RotoSpa hot tubs are can be equipped with features that allow users to switch from warm water relaxation to cold plunge therapy with ease.

                  Imagine enjoying a serene soak in your hot tub, the warm water melting away stress and tension. Then, with a few simple adjustments, you transform your oasis into a refreshing cold plunge tub. This temperature transition is swift, typically taking only a matter of hours. It's a testament to the versatility of these modern hot tubs, offering a diverse range of experiences within a single unit.


                  Mental Well-Being: The Silent Healing Power

                  Stress Reduction and Improved Sleep

                  The benefits of hydrotherapy extend beyond the physical realm. Stress reduction is one of the most noticeable effects. Soaking in warm water helps relax tense muscles and alleviates stress, promoting a sense of calm and tranquillity. The warm water's soothing embrace can improve sleep quality, making it easier to transition into a more restful state. As stress melts away, the body can find the relaxation it needs to unwind fully.


                  Cold Immersion: Invigorating the Mind

                  Cold plunge therapy can awaken both the body and the mind. The shock of cold water followed by a warm soak creates a unique stress-relieving experience. This contrast therapy releases endorphins, providing a sense of exhilaration. The invigorating effects of cold immersion can increase mental alertness and improve focus, making it an excellent choice for those looking to jump-start their day with renewed energy.


                  The Chilling Effect of Hydrotherapy Jets:

                  When you set your plunge tub to a chilly 5 degrees, you're already in for a refreshing experience. But add in the hydrotherapy jets, and it takes on a whole new level of invigoration.


                  Hydrotherapy Jets and Circulation

                  The jets in your plunge tub aren't just there for show. They create a powerful flow of water that massages your body.

                  This vigorous movement stimulates your circulation. Your blood starts flowing faster, carrying away heat from your skin's surface.


                  The Brain's Perception

                  Now, here's where it gets fascinating. Your brain perceives temperature based on various factors, and one of them is the rate of heat transfer from your skin.
                  As the hydrotherapy jets increase circulation, they enhance the rate at which your body loses heat to the cold water.


                  Enhanced Cooling Sensation

                  So, even though the water might be a relatively moderate 5 degrees, your brain thinks it's even colder because of the rapid heat loss due to the jets.

                  This creates a heightened cooling sensation, making your plunge tub experience feel colder than it actually is.


                  Health Benefits

                  Beyond the psychological sensation, this combination of cold water and hydrotherapy has its benefits. It's excellent for muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and promoting overall well-being.

                  The rapid circulation induced by the jets can help with muscle relaxation and relieve tension.

                  In essence, your cold plunge tub with hydrotherapy jets isn't just about the numbers on the thermometer; it's about the holistic experience it offers. It's a thrilling adventure that not only refreshes your body but also invigorates your mind. So, embrace the chill, and let the hydrotherapy jets work their magic, even in the coldest of temperatures!


                  Health Benefits Summarised

                  Hot Tub Hydrotherapy 
                  1. Stress Reduction: It's no secret that stress is a silent health menace in our lives. Studies have shown that regular hot tub sessions can reduce stress by a whopping 70%. The warm water relaxes tense muscles, triggering the release of endorphins – nature's stress relievers. Add to this the invigorating effect of powerful jets massaging your body, and you have a potent stress-busting combination.
                  2. Improved Sleep Quality: Struggling with insomnia or restless nights? Hot tub therapy can be your natural remedy. Soaking in a hot tub raises your body temperature, and when you exit, your body rapidly cools down, signalling it's time to sleep. This transition leads to more restful and restorative slumber. The gentle caress of the jets on sore muscles contributes to a deeper, more peaceful sleep.
                  3. Muscle Relief: Athletes and those with muscle soreness can rejoice in the therapeutic benefits of hot tubs. The buoyancy of the water reduces pressure on your body, while the warmth promotes blood flow, delivering vital nutrients to tired muscles and aiding in recovery. The adjustable, powerful jets target specific muscle groups, providing a tailored massage experience.
                  4. Enhanced Circulation: The heat from hot tubs induces vasodilation, where blood vessels expand. This improved blood circulation contributes to better overall cardiovascular health, ensuring oxygen and nutrients are efficiently transported throughout your body. The rhythmic pulsations of the jets enhance this effect, stimulating circulation further.
                  5. Pain Management: For those dealing with chronic pain conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, hot tub therapy offers relief. The combination of buoyancy and heat eases joint strain, providing comfort and making pain management more manageable. The precision of the jets allows you to direct therapeutic massage to specific areas of discomfort.
                  6. Lower Blood Pressure: Regular hot tub sessions can lead to a reduction in blood pressure. The warm water relaxes blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely, ultimately lessening the strain on your heart. The added benefit of hydrotherapy jets contributing to relaxation aids in this process.
                  7. Enhanced Mental Well-being: Hot tub therapy isn't just about physical benefits. Immersing yourself in warm water induces relaxation, reduces anxiety, and can alleviate symptoms of depression. It's a sanctuary for your mental health. The combination of warm water and invigorating jets can lift your spirits and provide a sense of well-being.
                  8. Cardiovascular Conditioning: Surprisingly, while you soak in a hot tub, your heart rate slightly increases, akin to light exercise. This gentle conditioning contributes to improved cardiovascular health over time. The hydrotherapy jets provide resistance, further enhancing the cardiovascular workout effect.


                  These scientifically-backed benefits of hot tub therapy offer a comprehensive approach to relaxation and healing. The combination of warm water and powerful jets creates a synergistic effect that elevates the therapeutic potential of hot tubs. 


                  Cold Plunge Tub Hydrotherapy

                  Cold plunge therapy involves immersing your body in cold water, typically between 50-59°F (10-15°C). While it may initially seem intimidating, the rewards are well worth the initial shock. Cold plunge tubs offer a plethora of health benefits, supported by data and scientific findings:

                  1. Invigoration: Cold plunges serve as a natural adrenaline rush. The shock of cold water instantly awakens your senses, providing an immediate energy boost and heightened mental alertness. Imagine the added benefit of jets in a cold plunge tub, creating a dynamic massage that intensifies the invigorating experience.
                  2. Muscle Recovery: After strenuous physical activities, a cold plunge accelerates muscle recovery. The cold water reduces inflammation, alleviates muscle soreness, and helps you bounce back quickly. When combined with strategically placed jets, it's like a targeted therapy session for your muscles, promoting rapid rejuvenation.
                  3. Enhanced Circulation: Cold immersion triggers vasoconstriction – the narrowing of blood vessels, followed by vasodilation – their expansion when you exit the cold water. This process exercises your circulatory system, improving cardiovascular health. Jets in a cold plunge tub can amplify this effect, delivering a refreshing and revitalising sensation.
                  4. Stress Relief: The contrast between the cold water and your body's natural temperature releases endorphins, providing a natural stress-relief sensation. The addition of jets in a cold plunge tub enhances this effect, stimulating the production of 'feel-good' hormones.
                  5. Mental Resilience: Cold plunges build mental fortitude. Over time, you'll become more resilient to stress and discomfort. The jets in a cold plunge tub create a dynamic experience, making the process more manageable as you adapt to the cold.
                  6. Immune Boost: Cold immersion stimulates the production of white blood cells, bolstering your immune system. These cells play a crucial role in defending your body against infections and illnesses. The combination of cold water and invigorating jets can contribute to a robust immune response.
                  7. Mood Elevation: Cold plunge therapy has been linked to mood elevation and a reduction in symptoms of depression. The exhilarating sensation of cold water, coupled with the rhythmic massage of jets, can provide a natural mood boost.
                  8. Post-Workout Cool Down: Athletes often use cold plunge tubs as part of their post-workout routine. The cold water reduces muscle inflammation, helping prevent injuries and aiding in overall recovery. Jets in these tubs provide additional relief by targeting specific muscle groups.


                  Cold plunge tub therapy, with its invigorating cold water and potential for hydro-massage, offers a revitalising experience that awakens the body and sharpens the mind. It's a transformative journey into the realm of contrast therapy, where the shock of cold immersion releases endorphins, enhances mental alertness, and provides a unique stress-relieving experience.


                  Conclusion: A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

                  Hot and cold hydrotherapy offers a holistic approach to well-being. By harnessing the unique properties of water, adjusting temperatures, embracing the healing power of hydro-massage, individuals can experience a myriad of physical and mental health benefits. From stress reduction to improved sleep, enhanced circulation, targeted muscle relief, and sensory delights, hot tub and cold plunge therapy are powerful tools that provide a sanctuary for both body and mind. As we navigate the demands of modern life, these therapies offer moments of relaxation and healing that are truly transformative. 


                  Hot Tubs That Care: RotoSpa's Environmental Impact

                  Hot Tubs That Care: RotoSpa's Environmental Impact

                  Introducing RotoSpa: Hot Tubs That Care for the Environment
                  Read Time: 5 Minutes

                  RotoSpa, a trailblazer in the world of hot tubs, stands as a beacon of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Proudly situated in Birmingham, United Kingdom, they are the sole global manufacturer dedicated to crafting fully recyclable hot tubs. Notably, they are the only hot tub company in the UK to manufacture their products within the nation's borders, championing both local industry and eco-conscious practices.


                  With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, RotoSpa employs innovative manufacturing techniques, utilising their unique dual-shot roto-moulded technology for superior thermal efficiency. Their 100% recyclable RotoTHERM insulation ensures exceptional thermal performance, reaching up to R12. Moreover, their hot tubs feature a one-piece dual-layer construction, making them not only incredibly robust and durable but also built to last a lifetime. In a world seeking greener alternatives, RotoSpa's hot tubs lead the way, boasting the lowest carbon footprint among all spa options. This journey towards sustainability, top-quality materials, and an ethically employed workforce underscores RotoSpa's mission to provide eco-friendly luxury, setting them apart as pioneers in the industry.


                  At Home Living Luxury, we are proud to partner with RotoSpa to offer these exceptional hot tubs. We share RotoSpa's commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing practices. Together, we aim to provide you with hot tubs that not only offer luxurious relaxation but also contribute positively to our planet.


                  Sustainability Report by Lyndon Rakowski: Hot Tubs and the Environmental Impact

                  Soaking in Sustainability: "Reducing the Environmental Impact of Hot Tubs"

                  19th June 2023

                  About the Author:

                  Lyndon Rakowski is an accomplished technical engineer and experienced leader in the manufacturing industry, with over 24 years of experience in diverse positions. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with OEMs to deliver a wide range of technical roto-moulded products across various industry sectors, demonstrating his extensive expertise in product design, tooling design/manufacture, and production operations.


                  Lyndon holds an MBA from the University of Valencia, further strengthening his business acumen. He is passionate about British manufacturing and committed to ethical practices, earning him a respected reputation. For more information about Lyndon, connect with him on LinkedIn.


                  Hot tubs have gained popularity worldwide, leading to increased production, waste disposal, and environmental risks. Hence, Using environmentally friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices are essential. RotoSpa, a prominent hot tub manufacturer based in the United Kingdom with over 19 years of manufacturing experience, has recognised the importance of sustainable manufacturing practices, embraced the initiative, and minimised the negative environmental impacts by choosing to use recyclable polyethylene for manufacturing their hot tubs.


                  This report by Lyndon Rakowski focuses on the comparison of materials used in hot tub production, including Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Acrylic (AA), Glass-Reinforced Plastics (GRP), Polyurethane Foam (PU), Polyethylene (PE), and Wood (WD). The aim is to raise awareness, promote sustainable choices, accelerate the transition to greener manufacturing practices, and educate consumers on alternative products and their environmental impact. The comparison of materials used in hot tub production will focus on environmental impact, available recycling options, and associated costs, and the ease of recycling.

                  Environmental Impact of Materials

                  Various manufacturers in the hot tub industry utilise different materials, including ABS, AA, GRP, PU, PE, and (WD). Each material has a unique environmental impact. PE and (WD) offer sustainable alternatives that help reduce the adverse environmental effects when manufacturing hot tubs compared to less sustainable options like ABS, AA, GRP, and PU. By comparing the environmental impact of different production materials, industries can quickly identify methods to reduce waste, cost, and energy consumption while significantly reducing the adverse effects on the environment and ecosystems.

                  Polyethylene and Wood as Sustainable Alternatives

                  PE is a versatile, durable, and cost-effective material that can be recycled into various products, promoting responsible resource use. It decomposes more quickly, making it a safer and more environmentally friendly option. PE has several benefits, including reducing energy consumption during manufacturing, minimising waste from production processes, and improving durability, resulting in a lifetime guarantee for RotoSpa hot tub main bodies.


                  RotoSpa leads the industry in sustainable hot tub manufacturing. Using the roto-moulding process, we produce the main seating area and cabinet in a single PE moulding. In this moulding, we achieve a twin-layer of PE composite, with the front layer providing aesthetic appeal and durability and the second layer providing insulation with our unique R15+ thermally efficient foam, which also adds significant additional strength. Roto-moulded hot tubs are also considerably lighter than acrylic and wooden hot tubs.


                  Wood is also a renewable natural material to consider, providing a different sustainable option for hot tub manufacturing, having a renewable and natural aesthetically appealing characteristic. However, it can be labour-intensive and costly to manufacture products. In addition, the sustainability of using wood in hot tub manufacturing relies heavily on responsible sourcing, proper treatment, maintenance, and consideration of the overall environmental impact throughout the product’s life-cycle.

                  Assessed Comparison of Plastic Production Materials

                  Most manufacturers of hot tubs currently use less sustainable materials such as ABS, AA, GRP, and PU. These are laminated together in stages to create the composite structure typically found in the “acrylic hot tub” main seating area and for its insulation. This process takes longer and covers multiple manufacturing processes using more energy; It is also labour-intensive.


                  When complete, the ABS, AA, GRP, and PU composite seating area must be attached to a separate framework to create the supporting structure in which the acrylic main body sits and for fitting side panels to form the cabinet. This framework often made from untreated wood, so it is prone to quick degradation, although it can last longer when treated. Sometimes the framework can be made of fabricated steel; these are heavy and have a negative environmental impact. This manufacturing method makes acrylic hot tubs costly to manufacture, less environmentally friendly and extremely heavy. They are also less durable and have a lower UV resistance, resulting in a shorter life span.


                  PE is a plastic used in countless industries due to its versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It can be recycled relatively quickly, allowing for the production of new products, hence promoting responsible resource use and working towards a circular economy (closed loop). Recycling PE into pellets requires less energy than other plastic materials, making the material less environmentally harmful. Moreover, when controlled recycling processes are in place open loop recycling of PE can take place, enabling the material to be repurposed to create other long-life products such as outdoor furniture, storage containers, and water pipes, or in the case of RotoSpa, it is used to manufacture our insulating R15+ foam.

                  Environmental Impact and Degradation of Plastic Materials

                  ABS can take hundreds of years to decompose fully, whilst AA, GRP, and PU can take thousands of years to decompose in landfills. These materials can release harmful chemicals into the environment as they decompose, posing significant threats to the environment and wildlife. PU foam also takes thousands of years to break down in landfills and emits highly toxic gases when subjected to incineration.


                  In contrast, PE is easily recyclable and quickly, reducing the build-up of PE waste in landfills. PE is also unlikely to release hazardous chemicals to the surrounding environment, making it a safer and healthier option for both users and the environment. The lifespan of PE varies depending on various factors, including the intensity and duration of UV exposure and heat exposure. But it is far better than acrylic hot tubs. RotoSpa products have maximum UV stability resulting in a product built to last a lifetime and withstand any environment. But when disposal is required, it can easily be repurposed, reducing the negative environmental impact.

                  Cost and Difficulty of Recycling

                  Recycling is a critical aspect of minimising the environmental effects of hot tub production. However, recycling programs for materials such as ABS, AA, GRP, and PU are often limited and expensive, making them less cost-effective. PE is a highly-recyclable material, which can reduce wastage to a much greater extent while remaining highly cost-effective. Recycling PE through mechanical processes requires less energy and produces fewer harmful emissions than other materials.


                  Also, recycled PE can create new products, making this plastic a versatile and sustainable alternative to using virgin materials in products that don’t require high specification technical requirements. Recycling PE offers many benefits over other materials used in hot tub production, including increased cost-effectiveness, lower energy consumption, and less harmful environmental impacts by reducing waste and decreasing energy consumption in manufacturing processes.


                  Costs can vary for different materials too. ABS, AA, GRP, and PU may need chemical recycling and stripping back into their component elements ready for recycling, which is hazardous, costly, and challenging. PE recycling is easily accessible, with well-established recycling programs and facilities worldwide, so much cheaper. Wood is a natural material and offers the advantage of being easily recyclable, repurposed or composted without complex processes, but this needs to follow ethically managed procedures to gain maximum environmental benefit.


                  The environmental issue is affecting us all, and we must do more. In this case, there is a clear path to doing more and helping the environment. Currently, manufacturers in the hot tub industry can adopt more sustainable practices by using materials like PE and (WD). PE provides a long-lasting, durable, and recyclable option that reduces waste and energy consumption throughout the product life cycle. And as a renewable material, wood offers an environmentally friendly alternative.


                  PE and (WD) recycling programs are widely available, making them innovative and accessible choices. However, it is essential that the sourcing of wood is from sustainable and properly managed forests. In contrast, unfortunately, less sustainable materials such as ABS, AA, GRP, and PU have drawbacks and are either non-recyclable, challenging to recycle, costly to manufacture, or a combination of all these. Proper disposal of non-recyclable materials is another crucial factor that needs to be addressed by manufacturers in reducing the environmental impact they cause. These materials require careful handling and do not recycle easily in a composite state. It is also a complex and costly process.


                  We must all embrace sustainable practices and prioritise environmentally friendly production, recycling, and disposal methods. By understanding more about sustainable manufacturing and being more selective in purchasing products will result in consumers contributing to a safer and healthier environment for future generations.


                  We want this report to create positive environmental thinking for individuals and industries. If we can influence or convince the switch to sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing, recycling, disposal, and purchasing practices, it has served its purpose.


                  The success of future sustainable practices is in our hands but dependent on commitment. We can create a brighter future for future generations, but we must act now!

                  Lyndon Rakowski


                  This report is Home Living Luxury's adaptation of the original sustainability report authored by Lyndon Rakowski. We have tailored and condensed the content to specifically highlight the eco-friendly features and benefits of RotoSpa's hot tubs.

                  For the full report and in-depth details, please refer to the original document authored by Lyndon Rakowski, which is shown below.



                  Commercial Heating Solutions

                  Commercial Heating Solutions

                  Read Time: 4 Minutes

                  The hot tub market has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, attracting both high-end domestic users and the leisure industry. However, a pressing concern for many users is the slow heat-up times and high energy costs associated with traditional hot tubs. This tab addresses these issues and introduces a more efficient heating solution, as utilised in RotoSpa's hot tubs, proudly offered by Home Living Luxury.

                  In our previous section, we explored how air source heat pumps can significantly reduce running costs by up to 75%. Now, let's take a closer look at an alternative method of efficiently heating commercial RotoSpa hot tubs in a commercial environment: The Bowman Heat Exchanger



                  The Bowman heat exchanger is not included with standard purchases.

                  Please contact us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.


                  Heating Issues

                  Historically, most hot tubs have used electric heaters with an output of around 3 kW. While they are widely used, these heaters have limitations:


                  • Slow Heat-Up Times: A typical 3 kW electric heater can take up to 24 hours to heat a hot tub from cold, making it impractical for many users.
                  • Increased Energy Costs: Electric heating can lead to significantly higher electricity bills, with domestic users reporting additional costs of £500.00 or more per annum.
                  • Environmental Impact: Electric heating has a higher carbon dioxide factor compared to gas, making it less environmentally friendly.

                  The Efficient Heating Solution by Home Living Luxury and RotoSpa

                  Home Living Luxury, in partnership with RotoSpa, introduces an efficient heating solution that not only heats hot tubs faster but also reduces energy costs.

                  How Does the System Work?

                  The system operates with two separate water circuits: the heating circuit and the spa water circuit, ingeniously incorporated into RotoSpa hot tubs.

                  • Heating Circuit: Heated water from an external boiler is pumped to the heat exchanger, where it flows through the unit in a counter-flow direction to the hot tub water, providing efficient heat transfer. After transferring its heat load to the pool water, it returns to the boiler for re-heating in a continuous cycle.
                  • Pool Water Circuit: The Bowman heat exchanger once integrated, can become an integral part of RotoSpa's design. This is installed downstream of the Spa Control Unit and Spa Circulation Pump. The pool water temperature is monitored by the SCU, linked to the external boiler to control heating requirements.


                  Installation and Requirements

                  To benefit from this efficient heating solution, installation and requirements are as follows:

                  • External Boiler: The system requires an external boiler as the heat source. This boiler is not integrated into the hot tub itself but serves as the primary heat generator.
                  • Bowman Heat Exchanger: The Bowman heat exchanger, responsible for efficient heat transfer between the external boiler and the hot tub water, is an essential component.
                  • Separate Water Circuits: The system maintains two separate water circuits - the heating circuit and the spa water circuit - ensuring the boiler water and hot tub water are always kept separate, preventing contamination.
                  • Schematic Illustration: The installation typically includes a 'bypass' pipework arrangement to maintain optimum water flow velocity and pool water changeover times.

                  Costs and Savings Comparison

                  Now, let's delve into the details of how the Bowman heat exchanger reduces costs in the long term compared to other hot tub heaters, specifically focusing on traditional electric heating methods:

                  Traditional Electric Heating:

                  Electric Heater Installation: Traditional electric heaters for hot tubs typically cost between £500 to £800 for installation. These heaters are commonly used but come with certain drawbacks.

                  Annual Electricity Costs: Domestic users relying on traditional electric heaters may incur substantial additional electricity costs of £500 or more per annum. This is primarily due to the slow heating process and the relatively high energy consumption of electric heaters.



                  Benefits of Bowman Heat Exchanger and Cost Savings:

                  The Bowman heat exchanger, in conjunction with an external boiler, presents several advantages that lead to significant cost savings in the long run:

                  • Efficient Heating: The Bowman heat exchanger provides highly efficient heat transfer. It allows the hot tub water to gain heat rapidly from the external boiler, significantly reducing the time required to heat the hot tub to the desired temperature. This efficiency results in lower energy consumption.
                  • Lower Operational Costs: While there is an initial investment for the external boiler and the integration of the Bowman heat exchanger, the ongoing operational costs are generally lower. This is primarily because the external boiler typically uses gas, which is more cost-effective compared to electricity. The reduced energy consumption leads to lower annual operational costs, particularly for hot tub users who use their facilities frequently.
                  • Reduced Environmental Impact: In addition to cost savings, the Bowman heat exchanger and an external boiler contribute to a greener environment. Gas, the primary energy source for external boilers, typically has a lower carbon footprint compared to electricity. This means that hot tub owners can enjoy the benefits of a more eco-friendly heating solution while saving on energy costs.
                  • External Boiler Initial Investment: While the initial installation cost of the external boiler and heat exchanger may be higher than a traditional electric heater, it's a one-time investment.




                  The efficient heating solution is recommended for both domestic and commercial clients, particularly for those who use their hot tubs frequently or operate multiple hot tubs. Here's why:

                  Domestic Clients:

                  Domestic users can enjoy the benefits of faster heating and reduced energy costs. While the initial investment may be slightly higher, the long-term savings and convenience make it an attractive option.

                  Commercial Clients:

                  Commercial operators, such as holiday parks or lodges with multiple hot tubs, can significantly benefit from this system. Faster hot tub heating reduces guest change-over times, enhancing operational efficiency. Moreover, the cost savings on energy bills can have a substantial positive impact on business profitability.


                  Closing Remarks

                  The Bowman Heat Exchanger can be a great addition to all avid hot tub users. This applies to all clients, whether domestic or commercial, seeking a more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way to heat their hot tubs. While the initial investment may vary, the long-term savings and advantages make it a valuable addition to any hot tub setup.

                  Explore this efficient heating solution with Home Living Luxury and RotoSpa to enjoy faster hot tub heating and reduced energy costs. Contact us for more information on installation and specific requirements.



                  RotoSpa Owners Manual

                  RotoSpa Owners Manual

                  Your Ultimate Hot Tub Owners Manual: Making Every Soak a Breeze

                  Congratulations on becoming a proud owner of a RotoSpa hot tub! This owners manual is your go-to resource for unlocking the full potential of your hot tub experience. We understand that you're not just investing in a hot tub; you're investing in relaxation, wellness, and moments of pure serenity.

                  This manual is here to guide you through the nitty-gritty details, from setup and maintenance to understanding your hot tub's powerful features like jets and filtration systems. We've got you covered on everything, from delivery and installation to electrical setup. Let's embark on this journey together!

                  Personalised Guidance from RotoSpa Experts

                  With our RotoSpa range, at Home Living Luxury, you're not just getting a top-of-the-line hot tub; you're also gaining a dedicated support team. Upon your purchase, our friendly technicians over at RotoSpa will personally walk you through every aspect of your hot tub. They'll ensure that you're completely informed and confident in using your new RotoSpa hot tub.

                  Think of this owners manual as your trusty companion. It's here to reinforce what you've learned during your personal demonstration and to provide additional information when needed. If any questions arise in the future, or if you simply want to explore more features and maintenance tips, refer back to this manual.

                  Our team is always just a phone call or email away, ready to assist you. Whether it's a minor query or you need more in-depth guidance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to ensure that your RotoSpa hot tub experience remains a source of relaxation and delight, now and for years to come. So, sit back, relax, and let your RotoSpa hot tub be your oasis of comfort, knowing that we're here to support your journey every step of the way.


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