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4 Person Traditional Outdoor Sauna Pod with Changing Room - Home Living Luxury

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4 Person Traditional Outdoor Sauna Pod with Changing Room - Home Living Luxury

Individually handcrafted to suit your unique tastes and preferences...

The Sauna Pod offers a charming addition to gardens with its soft edges, presenting a distinctive alternative to traditional sauna cabins or barrels. Its unique design enhances the aesthetics of any outdoor space, seamlessly complementing Glamping Pods for a cohesive and cosy camping experience.

Divided into two zones – a relaxing room and a sauna room – the Sauna Pod provides a dedicated space for unwinding after bathing. In the relaxing room, guests can cool down, store belongings, and change attire, adding convenience to the sauna experience.

Crafted from Nordic spruce, sourced from Scandinavia, the Sauna Pod exudes a welcoming warmth with its light, golden-white softwood. Each board possesses its own distinct character and history, resulting in a truly natural and one-of-a-kind product. For the sauna benches, deciduous wood such as black alder or aspen is used to prevent staining from resin pockets under high sauna temperatures.

Measuring 595 x 2024 mm, the sitting sauna bench comfortably accommodates two users for full reclining, while the low sauna bench boasts a width of 275 mm and a height of 250 mm.

With wall thickness at 38 mm and solid wood flooring at 28 mm, the Sauna Pod offers durability and stability. The roof, covered with bitumen shingles in black, red, or green, adds a finishing touch to the sauna's aesthetic.

Standing at 2.6 m in overall height, including the roof, the Sauna POD provides a choice between a wood-fired furnace or an electric heater, catering to your preferred heating method for a truly personalized sauna experience.


The "Sauna Pod" Collection

In addition to this singular room model, we also offer a similar, small sauna pod model, without the changing room. 

To view this model, click here.


To view the full specifications and technical information, view our tab called "Specifications | Foundations | Installation | Electrical" whereby we delve into the four aforementioned topics in greater detail.


Key Features   

  1. Premium Grade Spruce Wood: The walls and flooring of the luxury barrel sauna are meticulously crafted from premium Norwegian spruce wood. This exquisite wood not only lends natural beauty to the interior but is also carefully selected for its remarkable durability and the appealing grain patterns.
    1. Abundant Natural Light: The sauna features two vertical windows on the back wall, each measuring 209 x 654 mm, allowing for ample natural light and ventilation.
      1. The large windows are crafted using premium-grade 8mm tempered glass. This tempered glass is chosen for its exceptional strength and safety characteristics. It is specially treated to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stresses, making it a perfect choice for the demanding environment of a sauna.
    2. Exterior Painting: The sauna pod is professionally spray-painted in your chosen colour, providing a high-quality preservative finish that enhances durability and aesthetics. See the painting dossier below for colour swatches.
    3. Luxurious Deciduous Wood Benches and Spacious Design: Inside the sauna pod, you'll discover meticulously crafted benches and backrests fashioned from premium deciduous wood. This carefully chosen hardwood, sourced from trees like black alder or aspen, boasts aesthetically pleasing and alluring grain patterns, elevating the luxury and sophistication of your sauna experience.
      1. The sauna benches span the entire width of the sauna, offering ample space for individuals to fully recline, allowing you to stretch out and make the most of your sauna session.
      2. Additionally, we provide four headrests for you and your guests. These headrests are designed to enhance your comfort and relaxation, ensuring that you can fully unwind and savour the soothing warmth of the "Aurora" sauna. 
    4. Harvia Heater Selection and Essential Accessories: The "Aurora" sauna is designed to cater to your preferences, and this extends to your heating choices. You have the privilege of selecting from two exceptional heating options:
      1. The Premium "Harvia Vega 8kW" traditional electric heater, prized for its efficient performance in consistently delivering soothing heat, ensuring that your sauna sessions are not only comfortable but also incredibly convenient.
      2. The Harvia "M3" woodburning stove, which offers an authentic and atmospheric sauna experience. The crackling of wood and the delightful aroma of burning logs add a sensory dimension to your relaxation.
      3. Safety is of paramount importance within our saunas. Regardless of your heating choice, each option comes with a dedicated heater safety fence.
      4. To further enhance your sauna experience, we have included a bucket and ladle with your heater selection.
      5. In addition, we have incorporated an accurate thermometer and hydrometer. These instruments provide you with the means to monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that your sauna environment is perfectly attuned to your preferences.
      1. Premium Grade Roof Shingles: Our roofing solution is as exceptional as the sauna itself. The roof is expertly crafted with a 6-layer bitumen tile system, starting with a durable fiberglass base coated with a polymer-reinforced bitumen mix. This high-quality bitumen and aggregate blend ensures the utmost in strength and resistance. To protect against UV exposure and various weather conditions, the top layer is surfaced with mineral granules. These granules are meticulously treated at high temperatures using a thermal method, guaranteeing long-lasting colour durability. To ensure ease of installation, the bottom of the tiles is coated with an adhesive polymer-reinforced bitumen layer, safeguarded by a removable silicon membrane. Our roofing solution is not just about functionality; it's a testament to quality and longevity.
      2. Adjustable Ventilation: Customize the airflow within the sauna to your liking with our adjustable ventilation, creating the perfect atmosphere for your relaxation.
      3. Optional Luxury LED Lighting: Warm white LED downlighting is thoughtfully integrated beneath the benches and in the ceiling of the sauna room. This lighting creates a soothing and inviting atmosphere, enhancing your overall relaxation experience.


      Our Traditional Sauna Heaters

      When it comes to traditional saunas, the choice of heater is paramount. That's why we trust Harvia, the global leader in wood-burning sauna stoves and electric sauna heaters, to provide the heart of our saunas.

      With over seven decades of expertise, Harvia has set the gold standard for sauna heating solutions. We proudly feature Harvia heaters in our traditional saunas, ensuring that you experience sauna bliss at its finest.

      The Harvia Vega Series stands out with its ingenious design. The controls are strategically positioned at the top, offering effortless and ergonomic operation. Our Harvia heaters guarantee even heat distribution across every inch of your sauna, including those lower benches where you love to relax.


      Features of the Harvia Vega Series

      1. User-Friendly Integrated Control: Each Harvia Vega  model comes with an integrated control unit, simplifying the sauna heating process. With this user-friendly feature, you can effortlessly adjust settings to create your perfect sauna environment.
      2. Optimal Heat Distribution: Say goodbye to uneven heating. The wall-mounted design ensures that every corner of your sauna is enveloped in warmth.
      3. Durability and Aesthetics: The stainless steel shell not only guarantees durability but also adds a touch of modern sophistication to your sauna space.
      4. Natural Sauna Stones: Enhance your sauna experience with the addition of sauna stones. These stones boost heat and steam distribution, taking your relaxation to the next level.
      5. Finnish Craftsmanship: Crafted in Finland, these heaters embody Finnish excellence in design, engineering, and manufacturing.


      Harvia Vega Sauna Stones

      Sauna stones are the unsung heroes of the Finnish sauna tradition, and they play a pivotal role in elevating your Harvia sauna experience. Placed in a basket above the sauna's Harvia Vega stove, these rocks serve two primary functions that contribute to the unique and comforting atmosphere of your sauna:

      • Absorb and Retain Heat: Sauna stones are inherently thermally conductive, just like those used in our Harvia Vega heaters. This means they excel at absorbing and retaining heat. When placed inside the Harvia sauna, these stones absorb the heat generated by the Harvia Vega stove. As they slowly release this stored heat into the air, they help maintain a comfortably warm temperature in your sauna.
      • Produce Steam: To achieve their second function of producing steam, sauna stones, like those found in our Harvia Vega heaters, require contact with water. This is easily accomplished by ladling water onto the rocks periodically, and many Harvia sauna enthusiasts keep a bucket and ladle within their sauna for this purpose. When water is poured over the sauna stones in your Harvia Vega heater, it generates steam. It's important to note that this doesn't saturate the entire room with steam. Instead, it creates localised humidity, enhancing your sauna experience.


      Harvia Vega Steam Sauna

      The purpose of generating steam in our saunas with Harvia Vega heaters is not to envelop the entire room in steam but rather to amplify the sauna experience. The presence of steam encourages sweating and intensifies your body's perception of heat, making your Harvia sauna session more invigorating and effective.

      Just as sauna stones are integral to the Finnish sauna tradition, they are equally essential to your Harvia sauna experience. Their unique ability to absorb and retain heat, coupled with their role in producing localised  steam, creates the distinct and comforting atmosphere that Harvia sauna enthusiasts worldwide have come to love. So, the next time you step into your sauna and see those rocks atop the Harvia Vega stove, you'll have a deeper appreciation for the role they play in enhancing your sauna experience.

      In our traditional saunas, the steam effect is optional and can be easily achieved by pouring water, using the provided bucket and ladle, onto the sauna rocks. It's essential to keep in mind that the amount of steam produced is directly proportional to the amount of water you pour over the sauna rocks. This allows you to tailor your sauna experience to your preferences, ensuring that you enjoy the level of steam and humidity that suits you best.



      Installation Options

      Option 1: Pre-Assembled Sauna – Hassle-Free and Swift

      While it might sound a bit daunting, choosing a pre-assembled sauna is, in fact, the less hassle option. This ready-to-enjoy sauna can be within its new home within just one hour of arrival. The crane or hiab hire required for this can vary in cost, typically ranging from £200 to £1000. It's a seamless and efficient way to have your sauna up and running.


      Option 2: Flatpacked Sauna – Recommended with Care

      The flatpacked sauna presents an alternative for those seeking flexibility in terms of timing and delivery. When you choose this option, your sauna will be delivered in modular components, with comprehensive assembly instructions included. It is essential to note that this assembly is recommended to be undertaken by a qualified joiner to ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship.

      Assembly of the flatpacked sauna is a task that can typically be completed by two individuals in a single day, provided they are skilled in woodworking and sauna assembly. The detailed instructions provided will guide them through the process, ensuring that your sauna is assembled correctly.


      Our Opinion

      We highly recommend considering our pre-assembled sauna (Option 1). This choice not only minimises hassle but also simplifies the installation process, requiring only the final step of connecting the sauna by your electrician. This not only ensures convenience but also guarantees a trouble-free sauna experience.           



      Below, you'll find our detailed in-house painting documentation. In this dossier, we present an extensive range of colour options to choose from, along with insights into our meticulous painting process and the high-quality paint materials we use ensuring your pod stays in tip top quality for years to come.


      Sauna Brochure

      Welcome to our comprehensive outdoor traditional sauna brochure, where you will discover an array of sauna options to suit your unique preferences. Our saunas are not just places to relax and rejuvenate; they are a blank canvas for your imagination. With high levels of customisability, you can configure your sauna to include additional features such as extra seating, advanced heating systems, lighting options, or any other personal touch you desire. We're here to turn your sauna vision into a reality.



      If you see your dream sauna in this catalogue and we do not have it displayed on the website, reach out to us and we will be able to work a miracle!.. 



      Specifications | Foundations | Installation | Electrical


      People 4
      Shape Rectangle
      External Dimensions 4000mm x 2400mm x 2585 (L x W x H)
      • Sauna room
      • Changing room
      Sauna Room Area 4.7 m2
      Timber Spruce / Thermowood
      Floor Thickness 28mm
      Wall Thickness 38mm
      Roof Thickness 38mm
      Interior tented glass door 698 x 1855 (L x H) 
      Window Size 209mm x 654 (L x H)
      Warranty 2 years 



      A crucial part of achieving longevity and getting the most out of your sauna is establishing a solid foundation. An inadequate foundation can lead to structural issues, potentially causing cracks in the sauna. Uneven placement of the sauna may alter its geometric shape, resulting in twisting of doors and windows, as well as the formation of gaps. In this section, we'll delve into the essential considerations for the base and access to the sides of your pod, guiding you through the process of creating the perfect foundation for your outdoor space.


      Access for Installation & Maintenance

      For seamless installation and maintenance of our saunas, access to all four sides is essential. We recommend allowing approximately 300mm (about 12 inches) of clearance around each side of the sauna. However, allowing more space should never be overlooked.

      In instances where the sauna is positioned in a tight corner or a confined space, it's important to consider the potential challenges this may pose for future sauna maintenance. Restricted access can hinder routine visual inspections, which are typically recommended every six months. This regular check-up is crucial to identify and address any issues promptly, preventing them from escalating into more significant problems. Therefore, when placing the sauna in a snug location, please be mindful of the potential maintenance difficulties it may entail.



      The sauna's foundation is the bedrock upon which your outdoor relaxation retreat will stand. To maintain the sauna's structural integrity and prevent warping over time, it's imperative that all of our saunas are fitted on a level and sturdy surface. We do not recommend installing any of our saunas on uneven ground, grass, or generally unsuitable surfaces. Instead, we advocate for the ideal base, which includes options such as concrete, tarmac, patio stones, or even a structurally sound patio decking.

      To ensure proper weight distribution and stability, it is crucial that the full, complete base is in contact with the ground. 

      It's crucial to avoid any substantial depressions or gullies on the base surface. A depression of more than 3/4 of an inch (20mm) at any point across the base can lead to undesirable consequences, such as the sauna's floor being pushed down or bowed up in the middle. This not only poses structural issues but may also hinder you or your clients enjoyment of the sauna.


      An inadequate base for any sauna can result in gaps forming. Gaps may develop in the sauna's doors or walls. These gaps can have several consequences, including:

      1. Reduced Insulation: Gaps in the structure compromise the quality of the "air gap" insulation of the sauna, making it less energy-efficient and potentially leading to temperature fluctuations inside.
      2. Pest Intrusion: Openings can allow pests to enter the sauna, which could create hygiene and maintenance issues.
      3. Water Ingress: Gaps may permit water to seep into the sauna, potentially causing damage to the interior and its contents.
      4. Aesthetic Deterioration: Uneven gaps can mar the sauna's appearance and affect its overall aesthetics.

      It's essential to ensure that the sauna is placed on a level and appropriate foundation to prevent these issues.



      If our recommendations for building / choosing a suitable base are not adhered to, the warranty of the sauna will be nulled!


      How to Verify Your Sauna Base

      Checking the solidity and levelness of your sauna base is crucial to ensure a flawless installation and prolonged usage. You can follow these simple steps to confirm its suitability:

      • Use a level, a straight piece of material, alongside a spirit level to check for any rocking or depressions exceeding 3/4 of an inch (20mm).
      • For added peace of mind, consider consulting a local builder or landscaper to confirm that the surface is level, ensuring a solid foundation for your outdoor sauna.


      Get Our Opinion

      If you have any doubts or questions about the surface where your sauna will be installed, please reach out to us. We are dedicated to providing you with peace of mind and expert assistance throughout the process.

      To facilitate a comprehensive assessment of your sauna base, we invite you to share images via email to Please include the following details in your email, which will help us evaluate your situation accurately and efficiently:


      1. Images: Attach 3-5 images of your preferred pod base. This visual information is crucial for our assessment.
      2. Additional Information: If there are any specific details or noteworthy aspects related to your base, please provide them in the email. This may include any unusual features or conditions.
      3. Contact Number: Include your preferred contact number, allowing us to reach out to you promptly.
      4. Sauna Type/Model: Kindly, mention the sauna type, model and size you are interested in. This will help us tailor our guidance to your specific needs.



      We offer you the flexibility to choose how your sauna is delivered. Either delivered pre-assembled, or delivered flatpacked. The price of this sauna includes the sauna being delivered pre-assembled. This is generally easier as the only process left is to crane it into position. Alternatively, if you wish to have the sauna delivered in modular components, we can do this also.


      Order Timeline

      Once your order is confirmed, our artisans begin crafting your pod, typically taking 15-20 business days. Following this, we allocate 5 additional days for secure delivery. We aim for a total delivery timeframe of 20-25 days, although this may extend to 30 days under certain circumstances, such as customisation or weather-related delays. Our commitment to communication ensures you stay informed throughout the process.


      On the Day of Delivery

      Once your sauna arrives, the process of unloading and positioning them is a straightforward one. The next step involves using a hiab/crane to lift the pod from the delivery lorry and precisely place it at your chosen location. While we do not directly provide the crane service, we stand ready to assist you with guidance and detailed instructions to ensure a seamless installation. Your sauna will be in its new home in no time.


      Step-by-Step Guide for the Day of Delivery:

        1. Confirm Delivery Date: Ensure you have confirmed the delivery date with us in advance.
        2. Arrival of the Lorry: The delivery lorry will arrive at the specified location on the agreed-upon date and time.
        3. Offloading Equipment: A hiab/crane, which you've arranged separately, will need to be available at the site. It's essential to ensure the crane is properly set up and ready for operation.
        4. Sauna Inspection: Prior to any lifting, visually inspect the sauna for any signs of external damage or issues.
        5. Crane Setup: The hiab/crane operator will set up the crane in a position suitable for lifting the sauna safely. Ensure that the crane operator is experienced and follows all safety protocols.
        6. Lifting the sauna: The crane will gently lift the sauna from the delivery lorry. This process requires precision and care to avoid any damage.
        7. Positioning: As the sauna is lifted, the crane operator will position it accurately at the designated location. Communicate with the operator to ensure it's placed exactly where you want it.
        8. Safety Precautions: Maintain a safe distance from the lifting operation, following all safety guidelines. Be cautious not to stand beneath the suspended sauna.
        9. Sauna Placement: Once the sauna is in position, assess its placement to ensure it aligns with your intended setup. Make any necessary adjustments at this point.
        10. Final Inspection: Perform a final visual inspection of the sauna to confirm that it has been positioned correctly and hasn't sustained any damage during the installation process.
        11. Sign-off: If everything is in order, you can sign off on the delivery, indicating that the sauna has been successfully placed at your location.
        12. Crane Removal: Once the sauna is securely in place, the crane can be disassembled and removed from the site.
        13. Enjoy Your Sauna: With the installation complete, you're now ready to enjoy your sauna for a variety of purposes, whether it's a cosy retreat, office space, or any other imaginative use.



      Electrical Guide for Your Sauna

      Before embarking on your sauna installation journey, it's crucial to understand that this sauna model is not a 13amp plug and play unit. Instead, it requires a dedicated hardwired electrical supply. Please take note of this important distinction as you prepare for the electrical setup of your sauna. The following guide will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure a safe and efficient electrical connection.


      Power Supply

      Your sauna model requires a 8kW electrical supply to function optimally. This electrical setup must be hardwired, providing a dedicated power source for your sauna. This connection will be made into a rotary isolator, which is a crucial component in the electrical setup of your sauna.

      The rotary isolator serves as a safety switch and allows you to control the power supply to your sauna. It's an essential part of creating a secure and efficient electrical system for your sauna experience.

      For expert guidance on wiring the rotary isolator from your fuse board and connecting it to your sauna's power supply, we recommend consulting with your local qualified electrician. They have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a safe and reliable electrical setup for your sauna.


      Rotary Isolator Placement

      Position the rotary isolator within 1-2 meters of the sauna, ensuring convenient access for electrical connection. Thus ensuring the cable length is sufficient for connection.


      Booking an Electrician

      Due to high demand for electricians, it's advisable to book their services in advance. This proactive approach helps streamline the installation process.


      Choosing Your Timing

      Depending on your preference, electrical work can be completed either before or after the physical sauna installation. If scheduled before installation, our team can connect the sauna to the rotary isolator, assuming it has been fitted by the electrician. Alternatively, if electrical work is planned after installation, the electrician can handle the connection without requiring their presence during sauna installation. The electrician does not need to be present on the day of installation.



      Qualified Electrical Installation

      Your safety is paramount when it comes to enjoying your Home Living Luxury sauna to the fullest. If you do not have a rotary isolator installed on your property (as pictured above), you will need to have one installed. To guarantee a secure and efficient electrical setup, it's imperative to entrust this task to a qualified electrician who is well-versed in adhering to BS 7671 regulations. This guide outlines the essential knowledge to make your sauna experience both enjoyable and secure.


      • Qualified Electrician: All electrical connections for your new sauna must be carried out by a qualified electrician. The installation must conform to BS 7671 regulations to ensure your safety.
      • Residual Current Device (RCD): Your sauna must be supplied through a residual current device (RCD) with a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA. This additional safety measure helps protect against electric shock.