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The "Serenity" Luxury 5 Person Traditional Sauna with Changing Room - Home Living Luxury

SKU: DS24X4301

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The "Serenity" Luxury 5 Person Traditional Barrel Sauna - Home Living Luxury

Individually handcrafted to suit your unique tastes and preferences...

Handcrafted from premium Nordic spruce, this outdoor sauna is not only visually stunning but also designed for optimal comfort. Featuring a half-glass window on the front wall, users can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, whether it's a serene lake or majestic mountains.

With a thoughtfully designed layout, including different diameters for enhanced sitting and standing comfort, this new model sauna offers a space-saving yet luxurious sauna experience.

Carefully balancing budget and functionality, this sauna boasts exquisite craftsmanship both inside and out, with upgraded features such as a new sauna room backrest model and redesigned sitting room benches.

Experience serenity and relaxation like never before in the "Serenity" Luxury Sauna.