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Pulse Fitness Classic Line CrossClimb with 7" Tactile Key Console


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Pulse Fitness Classic Line CrossClimb with 7" Tactile Key Console

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The Pulse Fitness CrossClimb - Independent Seated Stepper is an advanced fitness machine that combines the benefits of a seated stepper and a climber. With its innovative design, users can engage in a full-body workout while seated, making it ideal for individuals looking for a low-impact exercise option. By simulating the motion of climbing stairs or hills, this machine effectively targets key muscle groups in the lower body, including the quads, glutes, and calves, providing an efficient cardiovascular workout.

One of the main functions of the CrossClimb is to offer users a versatile and customizable workout experience. With adjustable resistance levels, users can easily tailor the intensity of their workouts to suit their fitness level and goals. Whether users are aiming to improve endurance, burn calories, or strengthen and tone their lower body muscles, the Pulse Fitness CrossClimb provides a comprehensive solution. Additionally, the seated design of the machine ensures stability and support during workouts, making it suitable for individuals of varying fitness levels and abilities. Overall, the Pulse Fitness CrossClimb - Independent Seated Stepper offers a convenient and effective way to achieve a challenging and rewarding workout experience.


Key Features  

7" Tactile Key Console (Cirrus V4)

Provides an interactive interface for users to navigate through various settings, programs, and workout metrics by touching the screen directly. The tactile keys offer physical buttons alongside the touchscreen, allowing users to access essential functions quickly and providing tactile feedback for enhanced usability.

Moreover, smartcard compatibility enables a personalized and convenient workout experience, as users can easily access their profiles and preferences using their smartcards without the need for manual input or adjustments. Overall, a 7" Tactile Key with smartcard compatibility offers a versatile and user-friendly interface for fitness equipment, combining touchscreen technology with tactile keys and smartcard functionality to enhance the user experience.


How to Perform

  1. Adjust the seat for comfort and align with the pedals.
  2. Secure your feet on the pedals and grip the handlebars.
  3. Start the machine and step in a controlled motion.
  4. Engage leg muscles to push the pedals down.
  5. Maintain upright posture and engage core.
  6. Increase resistance gradually for challenge.
  7. Step steadily for desired duration.



  • 183 x 144 x 110 cm (L x H x W)

Net Weight:

  • 180kg / 397 lbs.

Maximum User Weight:

  • 160kg / 353 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions:

  • 116.8 x 160 x 76.2 cm (L x H x W)


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    Explore the Pulse Fitness Range - Brochure

    Installation, Maintenance, Safety and Parts Manual

    Console User Manual


    Machine Characteristics

    Drive System


    • Equipped with an internal self-tensioning poly V belt for smooth and efficient operation.


    •  Offers a wide range of resistance levels from 30 to 450W, providing users with versatile intensity options.


    • Eddy Brake


    Product Features

    Quick Control

    •  Handlebar-mounted resistance adjustments allow users to easily and swiftly modify resistance levels during workouts.

    40 Resistance Levels

    • With 40 resistance levels available, users can tailor their workouts to their desired intensity level.

    Anti Slip Pedals

    • Ensures stability and safety during workouts with pedals designed to prevent slipping.

    Twin Removable Storage Buckets / Cup Holders

    • Provides convenient storage space for personal items such as mobile phones, keys, and water bottles.

    Integrated Device Storage Tray

    • Offers a dedicated tray for storing devices, keeping them accessible yet secure during workouts.

    Front Wheels

    • Facilitates easy mobility, allowing for convenient relocation of the equipment as needed.



    Frame Build

    • All products from Pulse Fitness boast a robust steel construction engineered to deliver exceptional structural stability, ensuring steadfast support throughout rigorous workouts.

    Frame Protection

    • Following welding, our frames undergo a meticulous anti-corrosion treatment. They are grit blasted, zinc pre-treated for enduring durability, and heat-cured to withstand the elements. Electrostatic epoxy powder coating guarantees maximum adhesion, resulting in a resilient, easy-to-clean finish that ensures reliability and longevity.



    Smooth Operation

    • Our products are renowned for their smooth operation, attributed to precision-engineered transmission systems and weight stack tower assemblies, reducing friction and maintenance costs.

    Hand-Grip Assembly

    • Ergonomically positioned hand-grips promote a neutral wrist position for a comfortable and safe workout. Crafted from a slip-resistant rubber compound and complemented by machined stainless steel end-caps for durability.


    • Durable injection-moulded thermoplastic housings protect internal components against dust and sweat while ensuring easy maintenance.



    Upholstery Construction

    • Long-lasting, easy-to-clean upholstered support pads and rollers ensure high resistance to abrasion, ageing, and stains, providing a comfortable workout experience.



    Moulded Plastic Foot Pads

    • Designed to protect polished floors while enhancing safety, supplied as standard with ABS plastic foot pads.


    Console & Software Specifications


    Display & Controls

    Tactile Key Screen:

    • 17.8 / 7″ Integrated High Contrast Capacitive Multi-Touch Colour Display:
    • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
    • 512×300 Resolution

    Gesture Interaction (cm/”):

    • Yes – 38.1cm / 15″


    • Touchscreen (& tactile controls – with raised iconography on the product)

    User ID

    Active RFID reader

    • Yes


    • Yes

    Via NFC Tag

    • Yes



    LAN (Ethernet)

    • Yes


    • Yes - IEEE802.11b/g/n+ac (2.4 GHz & 5GHz)


    • Yes - 4.2 with NFC

    USB 2.0

    • Service Port – For software updates


    Site Support

    TRAKK Professional (NFC) Connectivity

    • Optional – Yes


    Supplementary Features & Utilities

    Console O/S

    • Android 9.01


    Technical Specifications

    Power requirements

    • UK/EU – 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz
    • US – 110-120V, 60Hz




    • The console is surrounded by an injection-moulded casing, these are are durable, high impact thermoplastic housings, which seal internal components, protecting the vital parts against dust and sweat, and are easy to wipe clean.




    Workout Programmes

    • Quick Start
    • Programmable Sets and Reps Count-Up


    • Rep Goal, Sets & Reps (Preset and Custom)




    • Metric / Imperial


    • Total Sets Count


    • Total Reps Count


    • Total kg / lbs. Lifted Count


    • Minutes, Seconds

    Avg. Range

    • %

    Avg. Tempo

    • Slow, Good, Fast


    Equipment Content

    How to Set-Up & Use equipment

    • Yes – How to Set-Up the Equipment instructional videos and How to Use the Equipment instructional videos


    • Yes

    Training Guidance

    • Next exercise, Training programme

    Automatic Workout Tracking

    • Yes


    Supplementary Features and Utilities

    Languages available

    • English (UK), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish & Welsh

    One-button Start

    • Yes

    Pause Function

    • Yes

    Live QR-Codes

    • Optional – Yes


    Admin / General Setup


    Adjust Default Language, Date & Time, Region, 24/12-hour Clock, Configuration

    Default user

    Adjust Default Sex, Weight, Age & Metric/Imperial, Configuration


    Adjust Default Brightness, Configuration




    • Configure, Ping test


    • Configure

    Service & Firmware

    • Automatic Software Updates
    • Manual OS Updates


    Workout Setup


    Adjust Default Rep Goal – 3 Sets x 10 Reps, 3 Sets x 12 Reps, 4 Sets x 10 Reps, 4 Sets x 12 Reps, Configuration

    Quick Start

    Adjust Default Exercise type (Sets goal/Reps goal) Goal – sets/reps, Configuration


    Gym Schedules

    Create New Schedule

    • Yes

    Schedule Type

    • Schedule Name, Start Time – am, End Time – am, Duration – mins
    • Days Active
    • Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun

    Schedule Setup

    • Sleep (Enable/disable – Reboot on wake)
    • Guest Disable (Adjust Default Start time – am, End time – am, Configuration)


    Gym Management


    • NFC user login (Enabled/disabled)
    • Asset management (Enabled/disabled)

    NFC user login

    • Show login page (Enabled/disabled)
    • Guest Account (Enabled/disabled)
    • Doctors note lockout (Enabled/disabled)

    Asset management

    • Screen advertising (Enabled/disabled)

    Custom branding

    • Club Logo (Enabled/disabled – Add Logo, Site Name, Configuration)
    • text_tap ( Enabled/disabled)


    Manual Screensavers

    Screensaver Setup

    • Default Type (png/gif, mp4, tb)
    • Show after (disabled, min/hour)
    • Slide duration (sec/min)
    • Add Images, Add Videos


    Classic Line vs Club Line vs Premium Line

    Classic Line vs Club Line vs Premium Line


    A captivating workout encounter is key for home owners and commercial gyms alike. Both with a focus on retaining interest, enjoyment and most importantly, progression over time. Pulse Fitness machines offer a diverse array of features, catering to a wide spectrum of preferences within the console range. Whether your focus is on premium entertainment or comprehensive exercise guidance, there's a suitable combination available to suit the needs of your club.


    Comparison of Pulse Fitness Console Ranges

    Pulse Fitness offers three distinct console ranges to cater to varying preferences and requirements: Classic Line, Club Line, and Premium Line.

    The Classic Line boasts simplicity and functionality, featuring consoles such as the 7" Cardio Console, ideal for members seeking a straightforward workout experience.

    Moving up to the Club Line, clients can enjoy enhanced features like the 10" Cardio Console, which offers digital TV, E-Scape virtual workouts, and a diverse program lineup for added engagement.

    For the ultimate in premium functionality, the Premium Line introduces state-of-the-art consoles like the 10.1" Strength Console and the 18.5" Cardio Console. These consoles are Android-based and TRAKK-ready, providing access to premium quality TV, streaming, app, and web services, as well as personalised exercise guidance, tempo coaching, and real-time connectivity.

    Additionally, all machines across the Classic, Club, and Premium lines can be seamlessly integrated with Pulse Fitness TRAKK, ensuring a comprehensive and connected fitness experience for members.


    Choosing the Right Range

    Selecting the ideal console range for your club depends on various factors, including member preferences, budget, and the overall gym environment. For clubs aiming to provide a straightforward and accessible workout experience, the Classic Line consoles, such as the 7" Cardio Console, offer simplicity and ease of use.

    Clubs looking to elevate member engagement and offer a diverse range of programs may opt for consoles from the Club Line, like the 10" Cardio Console, which provides additional features like virtual workouts and enhanced program options.

    For clubs focused on delivering a premium experience with cutting-edge technology and personalised guidance, consoles from the Premium Line, such as the 10.1" Strength Console and the 18.5" Cardio Console, offer advanced functionalities like exercise videos, tempo coaching, and premium-quality entertainment options.

    By assessing the unique needs and preferences of your members, you can choose the Pulse Fitness console range that best aligns with your club's objectives and enhances the overall member experience, all while ensuring seamless integration with Pulse Fitness TRAKK for enhanced connectivity and tracking capabilities.


    Screen Technology

    Premium Cardio Console (18.5" - Premium Line)

    Boasting an expansive 18.5" display, our premium cardio console, belonging to the Premium Line, offers an immersive workout experience. Android-based and TRAKK-ready, this console ensures seamless connectivity and access to high-quality TV, streaming, app, and web services. With the option to customise branding and content, clubs can create a truly engaging in-club atmosphere that resonates with members.

    Download PDF


    Strength Console (10.1" - Premium Line)

    Elevate your strength training regimen with our latest strength console, part of the Premium Line. Featuring a 10.1" touchscreen display, this Android-based and TRAKK-ready console provides a connected workout experience. Offering exercise videos, personal maximum range guidance, tempo coaching, and more, this console empowers users to achieve their fitness goals efficiently. Custom branding and real-time connectivity further enhance the workout experience.

    Download PDF


    Cardio Console (10.1" - Club Line)

    Designed to enhance cardiovascular workouts, our 10.1" cardio console, belonging to the Club Line, delivers premium entertainment and connectivity. Android-based and TRAKK-ready, this console ensures members are immersed in high-quality TV, streaming, app, and web services. Customisable branding options allow clubs to create a captivating in-club experience that keeps members engaged and motivated.

    Download PDF


    Cardio Console (10" - Classic Line)

    For a simple yet effective workout experience, our 10" cardio console, part of the Classic Line, offers essential features in a user-friendly design. Featuring digital TV, E-Scape virtual workouts, and a full lineup of programs, this console caters to a diverse range of fitness needs. With QR-Code enabled TRAKK Essential compatibility, inclusivity is ensured, making it an ideal choice for various users.

    Download PDF


    Basic Cardio Console (7" - Classic Line)

    Ideal for members seeking a quick and intuitive workout session, our basic cardio console, belonging to the Classic Line, offers simplicity and ease of use. Featuring a 7" colour display and QR-Code enabled TRAKK Essential compatibility, this console provides access to a full lineup of programs in a user-friendly format.

    Download PDF


    Pulse Fitness Trakk 

    Pulse Fitness Trakk

    What is Pulse Fitness Trakk - Triple Your Member Retention Potential

    TRAKK revolutionises the fitness experience by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology into gym equipment, enabling users to monitor and enhance their workouts like never before.

    TRAKK empowers both gym members and trainers alike. With its intuitive interface, real-time guidance, and seamless data syncing capabilities, TRAKK sets a new standard for fitness technology, making it easier than ever for individuals to achieve their fitness goals and for fitness facilities to elevate their member experience.



    TRAKK Professional Plus

    Unlock the full potential of your gym members' experience with TRAKK Professional Plus – our premier software solution. With TRAKK wristband and console technology integrated into Pulse Fitness premium equipment, users effortlessly monitor their workout progress and seamlessly sync data to their mobile devices.


    TRAKK Professional Lite

    TRAKK Professional Lite offers users a simplified approach to tracking workouts using QR code labels strategically placed on Pulse Fitness strength equipment. These codes are effortlessly scanned using the TRAKK mobile app. Moreover, this version incorporates advanced console technology on cardio equipment to monitor completed exercises efficiently.


    Streamline Member Access

    Members can now log in, select their training plan, and kick-start their workout on any connected Pulse Fitness equipment within the gym. Bid farewell to long queues at kiosks or waiting times to begin exercising.


    Inspire Members, Empower Trainers

    Automatic equipment setup, real-time guidance, and on-screen coaching inspire members to reach their fitness goals. Meanwhile, comprehensive data capture equips trainers to conduct insightful workout reviews. Seamlessly manage member interactions on the gym floor or send targeted email communications based on individual activity to enhance engagement and retention. TRAKK's intuitive traffic light system simplifies member management.


    Verify Progress

    Utilise connected, segmental, multi-frequency body composition analysis to validate progress and ensure training stays on course. Powered by Tanita, TRAKK offers insights into changes in body composition over time, enhancing the effectiveness of workout reviews and promoting additional spending opportunities.


    Join the TRAKK Open Platform

    In addition to seamless integration with leading front-of-house systems, TRAKK's open API empowers developers to incorporate third-party apps and services tailored to individual club needs, unlocking a realm of possibilities.


    Seamless Class Bookings

    Access your fitness journey conveniently through the exclusive TRAKK App. It's the simplest and fastest method to reserve your fitness classes anytime, anywhere.


    Track Workouts on the Go

    With TRAKK, members can effortlessly track their workouts both inside and outside the gym. Log activities, set goals, and more to stay on top of your fitness regimen.


    Trakk Professional Lite vs Trakk Professional Plus

    TRAKK Professional Plus represents the top-tier software solution, offering a comprehensive array of advanced features aimed at enhancing member engagement and gym management. It includes functionalities such as full equipment setup automation, real-time guidance and coaching during workouts, detailed data capture for insightful member reviews, and personalised communication tools to improve member retention.

    On the other hand, TRAKK Professional Lite provides a simplified version of the TRAKK software, catering to users who may not require all the advanced features of the Professional Plus version. While it still enables users to track their workouts using QR code labels and offers enhanced console technology on cardio equipment, it may lack some of the more advanced functionalities present in the Professional Plus version.

    In summary, TRAKK Professional Plus offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features for a fully connected fitness experience, while TRAKK Professional Lite provides a more streamlined solution with essential tracking capabilities.


    TRAKK Asset Management

    Interested in tracking equipment usage or changing screensavers effortlessly? TRAKK Asset Manager empowers you to take charge of your equipment, ensuring maximum value. Access manuals, maintenance plans, and rotate equipment effortlessly to maintain its optimal condition.


    Tailored to Your Club, Your Brand

    Promote your brand and showcase club products and services with customised equipment. Update screensaver images remotely and centrally, reaching your audience with ease.


    Streamlined and User-Friendly

    With a clean and intuitive dashboard, staff can efficiently monitor active and idle equipment, as well as any reported errors. Utilise equipment heat maps and mileage data to facilitate rotation, and easily download user and maintenance guides.


    Book a Demo

    Book a demo today to explore first-hand how TRAKK seamlessly integrates into your commercial or home gym setup. With versatile applications tailored for both individual home owners and bustling commercial settings, TRAKK delivers premium progress tracking capabilities unlike anything seen before.

    This is for those who are serious about fitness – just like us.


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    • Any loss, damages, costs, or expenses incurred due to unreasonable acts or defaults by the customer or others.
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    Any claims for repairs undertaken by any third party unless expressly agreed upon by Home Living Luxury in writing.



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    Pulse Fitness Classic Line CrossClimb with 7" Tactile Key Console

    £5,247.99 Regular price £6,297.59

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