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OUTR Kamado Grill - Medium 40



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OUTR Kamado Grill - Medium 40

This versatile ceramic grill is designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights. 


Unlock a world of culinary possibilities with the OUTR Kamado Grill - Medium 40. Crafted with enamelled ceramic and steel, this grill offers exceptional heat retention and precise temperature control, allowing you to grill, smoke, bake, steam, and slow cook with ease.

The Kamado grill's unique ceramic construction creates a heat radiation that keeps your food moist and tender. Say goodbye to dry meats and fish! With its outstanding insulation properties, the Kamado maintains a constant temperature, ensuring consistent and delicious results every time.


1. Grill grate: The included grill grate provides a convenient cooking surface for grilling all your favorite foods to perfection.

2. Thermometer in °C and °F: The built-in thermometer allows you to monitor the cooking temperature accurately, ensuring precise and consistent results every time.

3. Available in 3 colors: Choose from the elegant green, refreshing mint, or stylish grey options to match your outdoor aesthetic.

4. Made of enamelled ceramic and steel: Crafted with high-quality enamelled ceramic and sturdy steel, this Kamado grill offers durability and excellent heat retention for optimal cooking performance.
5. Heat deflector: Perfect for slow cooking, this ceramic plate ensures indirect grilling, resulting in tender and succulent meats.

    Brochure & Instructions


    For a detailed overview of the OUTR Kamado Grill - Medium 40 and to address any inquiries or concerns, check this user brochure, which offers valuable information to further assist you in utilizing the product effectively.



    Operating Instructions:
    1. Before the first use, burn-in the Kamado by gently heating it up to 100-150°C for approximately 1 hour. Repeat this process three times.
    2. Regularly lubricate the upper daisy wheel (upper air control) with vegetable oil.
    3. Start the fire by placing firelighters on the charcoal plate and adding charcoal on top.
    4. Do not use liquid kindling products; avoid gasoline, turpentine, benzene, alcohol, or any other flammable liquids.
    5. Use the appropriate amount of charcoal to avoid damaging the Kamado. Five centimeters of charcoal is typically sufficient.
    6. Allow the fire to burn until all fuel is used up and the fire extinguishes naturally.
    7. After the first use, check and tighten all fasteners. The metal ring connecting the lid to the base may become loose due to expansion when heated.
    8. Your Kamado grill is now ready for use. Remember to only use it outdoors.


    Safety Instructions for Extinguishing the Fire:
    • Stop the fuel supply and close all openings and the lid to allow the fire to extinguish naturally.
    • Do not use water to extinguish the charcoal as it may damage the ceramic Kamado.


    Storage Instructions:
    • When not in use and left outside, allow the Kamado to cool down completely and cover it with suitable rain protection.
    • Block both wheel clamps to prevent movement.
    • For optimal protection, store the Kamado grill under cover.
    • During winter, store the Kamado in a frost-free indoor space.


    • The Kamado is self-cleaning when heated to 260°C for 30 minutes, burning away residues and dirt. Although not mandatory, it helps maintain cleanliness.
    • Do not use water or any liquid cleaning products to clean the inside of the Kamado, as the porous walls may rupture. Brush away carbon deposits with the provided tool for future use.
    • Use a non-abrasive detergent to clean the grills and grates once the appliance has cooled down completely. Note that the grill is not dishwasher safe.
    • For external cleaning, wait until the Kamado has cooled down completely, then use a damp cloth with mild detergent.




    Dimensions: H 54 x W 49 x D 48 cm
    Fuel: Charcoal
    Material: Ceramics
    Wheels: No
    Ashpan: No
    Weight: 30 kg
    Temperature range: 110°-370°
    Guarantee: 2 years


    Elevate your outdoor cooking game with the OUTR Kamado Grill - Medium 40. Experience the superior flavor and versatility this ceramic grill brings to your backyard gatherings.


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        OUTR Kamado Grill - Medium 40


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