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Extra Large Luxury 2-4 Person Glamping Pod - Home Living Luxury



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Extra Large Luxury 2-4 Person Glamping Pod - Home Living Luxury

You can customise our bespoke pods to suit your exact requirements. Whether it's a glamping pod, a home office, or any other manner of design, get in contact with us to discover how we can tailor this pod precisely to your needs.

Introducing our "Luxury 2-4 Person Glamping Pod," a standout addition to our premium range. Boasting generous dimensions of 5.9m x 3.2m, this versatile pod is a top choice among our clientele. It is designed to adapt to various configurations, making it a highly sought-after product. Whether you require sleeping quarters, washroom facilities, or a compact kitchenette, this pod can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Our Glamping Pod redefines the outdoor experience, seamlessly blending the comforts of home with the beauty of nature. It's not merely a traditional camping pod; it's the perfect fusion of sophistication and the great outdoors. After an exhilarating day of outdoor pursuits such as hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, or fishing, you can return to this cosy haven. Featuring a genuine mattress, essential amenities, and an intelligently designed layout, our Glamping Pod provides the ultimate retreat.



The unique design of this pod allows for diverse applications, whether you envision it as a luxurious hotel room, a weekend getaway, or a charming addition to your property. Regardless of the season, this pod ensures a comfortable and inviting environment, shielding you from the elements.

Step inside, and you'll discover a well-considered layout that comfortably accommodates 2-4 individuals. The space is thoughtfully divided to provide a private area for a toilet and shower. The entrance area welcomes you with a living space that includes seating, ideally suited for relaxation with a coffee table and pouffes. Additionally, a single bed can be easily converted into a bench, adding to the pod's versatility. Ample storage is available with a roomy closet and shelves, ensuring an organized living space. A designated area for a mini kitchen and a spacious double bed are provided for your convenience. The wardrobe occupies 0.39 square meters, the living space spans 12.34 square meters, and the shower room covers 3.04 square meters.

For those seeking year-round comfort, our insulated Glamping Pod is an exceptional choice. With external dimensions measuring 5.9 x 3.2 x 2.5 meters, it offers warmth in winter and a cool respite in summer while maintaining low power consumption. The pod is equipped with insulation in its floors, walls, and internal partitions, ensuring your comfort remains consistent, regardless of the season. This luxury outdoor glamping pod is an ideal addition to glamping and Airbnb sites, and its unique aesthetic appeal makes it a standout choice in the realm of outdoor accommodations.



What's Included in the Price?

Included in the price are all the essential elements to create a comfortable and versatile living space.


  1. Comprehensive insulation for all-around comfort (walls, floors, and panels).
  2. Interior wall dividing sleeping and living zones.
  3. Choice of exterior colour for body, trim, and roof.
  4. One double-glazed opening window in the back wall.
  5. Double doors with a lock and double glass windows.
  6. A 0.39 square meter closet or pantry area.
  7. Convenient shelves for organization.
  8. A designated space for a mini kitchen.
  9. A spacious living room with areas for one double bed and one single bed.
  10. A WC/shower room for added convenience.
  11. Furnishings included: one cabinet (1435 x 600), one cabinet (900 x 600), double bed frame, shelves above the double bed, a small dining table with wooden pouffes.
  12. Two opening windows in the front wall.
  13. Delivery is included in the price.


    Included in the Price
    Double Bed (1400 x 2000 mm)
    Cabinet (1435 x 600mm
    Cabinet (900mm x 600mm)
    Dining Table with Poofs
    Shelve Above the Double Bed (2000mm)


    Pod Full Glass Back Wall (optional extra)

    Introducing the "Pod Full Glass Back Wall," an optional enhancement that adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness to your pod. This feature includes 10mm tempered glass with a brown tint, providing a distinct aesthetic. It is an excellent choice for pods used as offices or adaptable spaces.

    The full glass back wall breaks traditional boundaries, offering a seamless connection between your pod's interior and the surrounding environment. Its modern design elevates the pod's appearance, creating a sophisticated space with a unique touch.

    For those considering this glass wall in a pod primarily designated for sleeping, our team can adjust the internal layout to accommodate your needs and add curtains for privacy. This versatility ensures the pod remains adaptable to various purposes.

    If you appreciate the elegance of this glass wall, we welcome you to reach out to discuss how we can tailor your pod to your preferences, creating a distinct and functional space.


    Our Pods

    But our pods are more than just glamping havens; they are versatile spaces suitable for garden offices or wellness retreats. Whether you dream of a serene spa or a tranquil masseuse's room, our pod design can transform your vision into reality.

    In addition to our remarkable pods, we offer an extensive range of amenities that cater to both glamping and fitness resorts. Our options extend to combining pods with inviting hot tubs and rejuvenating saunas. With our collection of commercial-grade glamping pods, hot tubs, saunas, and fitness facilities, we offer a world of possibilities for creating tailored combinations that precisely suit your needs. Explore our enticing mix-and-match deals, designed to save you significantly on both private and commercial projects.

    Your dream escape or dream commercial venture begins at Home Living Luxury.


    Design Layout

    Here we showcase three design layouts as examples to you, which have been completed for previous clients. These designs are alternative options to the layout of this pod.


    Layout 1: Luxury Glamping Pod

    This is undoubtedly one of our most popular pod configurations. This particular layout exhibits remarkable versatility, accommodating either a double bed, two single beds, a compact kitchen, or even a bathroom. Its adaptable design elevates the glamping experience, offering a unique blend of luxury and functionality. Whether you seek a romantic two-person retreat or a comprehensive family accommodation, this option is sure to captivate those in search of a distinctive and comfortable stay. This pod features literally everything needed for a glamping experience. This pod is your home, away from home...


    Estimated Price For a Similar Configuration: £12,995


    Layout 2: Romantic Couples Retreat

    In this arrangement, our pod transforms into a haven for couples seeking a romantic escape. The central double bed, open-plan lounge, and fully equipped bathroom at the back create a spacious and inviting environment. This layout emphasises open space, making it perfect for couples looking to unwind and spend quality time together. To enhance the romantic atmosphere, this pod includes outdoor cooking facilities and a hot tub, adding to the overall relaxation experience.


    Estimated Price For a Similar Configuration: £11,495


    Layout 3: Luxurious, Spacious Office Pod

    In this configuration, our pod is transformed into a top-of-the-line garden office, designed to offer a luxurious and functional workspace. Complete with a fully equipped washroom, it caters to those who seek a dedicated workspace that blurs the lines between working from home and working at the office. The pod boasts ample space and can comfortably accommodate up to four desks, making it an ideal choice for a collaborative office setting.

    This particular layout features our premium pod full glass back wall, adding a touch of elegance to the office environment. The glass wall not only provides a unique aesthetic but also enhances the overall workspace, allowing ample natural light to flood in and creating an inspiring atmosphere for productivity.


    Estimated Price For a Similar Configuration: £12,245


    The Design Process

    Achieving the ideal configuration for your glamping or office pod is a collaborative process between us and our valued clients. We've found that the most successful projects typically follow a simple yet effective method: start by ordering the pod with our expertly designed internal walls and layout. Then, you take the reins to add the specific amenities you desire.


    The method that works best for our clients is a collaborative approach where we work closely with you to create the ideal internal layout for your pod. Here's how it typically unfolds:

    1. Needs Discussion: Together with you, the client, we thoroughly discuss your requirements and vision for the pod.
    2. Design and 2D Drawings: Once we have a clear understanding of the project scope, we produce 2D drawings with dimensions. These drawings provide a clear visual representation of the pod's layout.
    3. Pod Production: Based on these 2D drawings and your preferences, we proceed to manufacture the entire structure, including internal walls. We also generate 3D renderings that precisely showcase how the finished pod will look.
    4. Kitting Out the Pod: Upon delivery of the pod, we leave the customization and addition of internal furnishings in your capable hands. This allows you to see the pod in person and make informed decisions about the appliances and furnishings you wish to add.
    5. Electrical and Plumbing: We ensure that the pod is designed to make the connection and configuration process straightforward. Your end electrician and plumber can easily handle these aspects.


    This collaborative method streamlines the process, m