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Canadian Spa Co Clean Water Pump - For Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

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Canadian Spa Co Clean Water Pump - For Hot Tubs + Swim Spas

Works with all Hot Tubs and Swim Spas
Hot Tub Submersible Clean Water Pump with Hose: Your Convenient Water Management Solution
Introducing the Hot Tub Submersible Clean Water Pump – a lightweight, portable, and powerful accessory designed to enhance your convenience and water management tasks. This versatile pump is your go-to solution for a wide range of applications, from emptying hot tubs to filling water tanks, and everything in between.
How and Why is this Pump Useful:
  1. Effortless Hot Tub Maintenance: The Submersible Clean Water Pump offers a hassle-free solution for draining and cleaning your hot tub or swim spa. Keep your relaxation haven in impeccable condition by effortlessly removing water, ensuring a hygienic and inviting experience every time.
  2. Quick Water Level Adjustment: Easily manage the water level in your hot tub or swim spa with the pump's efficient performance. Achieve the optimal water depth for a comfortable and enjoyable soak, all with minimal effort.
  3. Timely Water Changes: Ensure the water in your hot tub or swim spa remains fresh and rejuvenating by swiftly draining and refilling. Regular water changes are simplified, promoting a clean and inviting environment for your relaxation sessions.
  4. Preventative Maintenance: Use the pump to conduct routine maintenance tasks, such as draining water to access and clean hard-to-reach areas. Prevent potential issues and prolong the life of your hot tub or swim spa by keeping it well-maintained.
  5. Emergency Water Removal: In the event of unexpected water overflow or excessive rainwater accumulation, the pump acts as your first line of defence. Swiftly remove excess water to prevent any damage to your hot tub or swim spa, ensuring your investment stays protected.   


Key Features and Benefits:
  1. Convenient and Time-Saving: With its automatic float switch and powerful performance, the Submersible Clean Water Pump saves you time and energy. Enjoy more moments of relaxation and less time dealing with manual draining and maintenance.

  2. Designed for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas: Tailored specifically for hot tubs and swim spas, the pump's features and capabilities align perfectly with your aquatic sanctuary's needs.

  3. Automatic Float Switch: The pump is equipped with an automatic float switch that intelligently turns off the pump once the water reaches a defined level. This feature ensures efficient and hassle-free operation, saving you time and effort.

  4. Multi-Purpose Functionality: This compact pump is a true multitasker. Whether you need to empty your hot tub, fill water tanks, wash cars, water gardens, or even pump water from wells, this pump has you covered.
  5. Complete Package: The pump comes complete with a 2.5cm (1”) diameter hose, eliminating the need for separate hose purchase. You can get started with your water management tasks right away.
  6. Versatile Compatibility: Designed to handle various water sources, the pump is suitable for rainwater, fresh water, mains water, swimming pool water, and chlorinated hot tub water.

    How to Use Your Hot Tub Submersible Clean Water Pump:

    Using the Hot Tub Submersible Clean Water Pump is straightforward and hassle-free. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make the most of this convenient accessory:

    1. Prepare the Pump and Hose: Ensure that the pump and hose are clean and free from any debris or obstructions. Check the condition of the power cord and plug to ensure they are in good working order.
    2. Select a Suitable Location: Choose a location for the pump where it can be submerged safely in the water source (e.g., hot tub, water tank, pool). Ensure that the pump's automatic float switch will not be obstructed during operation.
    3. Submerge the Pump: Gently lower the pump into the water until it is fully submerged. Make sure the pump is stable and secure. Ensure that the pump's float switch is not touching any surfaces or objects that could interfere with its function.
    4. Connect the Hose: Attach the provided hose to the pump's outlet connection. Make sure the connection is secure to prevent leaks. If needed, secure the other end of the hose to the desired discharge location (e.g., drainage area, water tank).
    5. Power Up the Pump: Plug the pump's power cord into a standard 13A socket. Ensure the socket is properly grounded and safe to use. Turn on the pump using the power switch or button, if applicable.
    6. Monitor the Pump: Once the pump is turned on, it will start pumping water from the source to the discharge location through the hose. Keep an eye on the pump's operation and the water level in the source. The automatic float switch will turn off the pump once the water reaches the defined level.
    7. Turn Off and Disconnect: When the pump has completed its task or the water level is sufficiently lowered, turn off the pump using the power switch or button. Unplug the pump from the socket. Carefully remove the pump from the water, ensuring the power cord and plug remain dry.
    8. Maintenance and Storage: After use, disconnect the hose and clean both the pump and hose to remove any debris or residue. Store the pump and hose in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. 


    Technical Specifications:
    1. Rated Voltage: 230V/50Hz
    2. Rated Power: 400W
    3. Protection Type: IPX8 (Waterproof)
    4. Max. Supply Height: 7m
    5. Max. Flow Rate: 7500 L/Hr (Liters per Hour)
    6. Max. Submersion Depth: 5m
    7. Max. Temperature of Liquid: 45ºC
    8. Pipe Connection: 1" G1", 1-¹/4" G1-¹/2"
    9. Maximum Grain Size: 5mm


    Follow the care instructions provided in the product manual to ensure the longevity of the pump.
    Remember that the Hot Tub Submersible Clean Water Pump is designed for specific uses and is not suitable for pumping hazardous substances, abrasive materials, or for continuous industrial use. By following these instructions and guidelines, you can efficiently manage water-related tasks with ease using your new submersible pump.


    Note: This pump is not suitable for commercial or industrial use, pumping abrasive materials (e.g. sand), or handling substances that are hazardous to health. Its intuitive design and practical features make it an indispensable tool for managing water efficiently and conveniently in various everyday scenarios.


    Please watch the video below for our comprehensive Canadian Spa Co Clean Water Pump and Wintering Your Spa Demonstration:



      Shipping | Installation | Pre-delivery Guide 

      Shipping & Installation

      Delivery Options: Bringing Your Canadian Spa Hot Tub Home

      At Home Living Luxury, we are dedicated to making your hot tub buying experience seamless and enjoyable. After selecting your dream Canadian Spa hot tub and ensuring your property has the necessary access, you have several delivery options to choose from, each tailored to your needs.



      Bronze Package - Curbside Delivery (Free):

      Our standard delivery option is included with every spa purchase. Your hot tub will be delivered to the end of your driveway on the scheduled delivery date. This option is ideal if you have the tools or assistance to handle the final positioning and installation of the spa yourself. Please note that you'll need to provide help with unloading, and this option may also be suitable when a crane is required. Here’s what you can expect:


      Estimated Delivery Time: 3-5 working days


      Arrival and Placement: Your Canadian Spa hot tub will be carefully placed standing up on a pallet in your driveway. This ensures a secure and stable arrival.

      Ideal for DIY Enthusiasts: If you possess the tools and expertise or have the assistance to manage the final positioning and installation of the spa, this option is tailored to your needs.

      Crane Requirements: The Bronze Package is also suitable when a crane is essential for a seamless installation, ensuring your spa finds its rightful place with minimal hassle.


      Weight Considerations:

      1. Please be aware that the weight of these spas can range between 250kg (550 lbs) to 480kg (1060 lbs). Ensure you have the necessary assistance to safely transport the spa from your driveway to its desired location in your backyard.


      Electrical Installation:

      1. Electrical Requirements: If your spa requires an electrical installation, we recommend having a licensed electrician run the necessary 230-volt power line to the spa installation site.
      2. Professional Installation: It's important to note that this power line must be permanently connected (hard-wired) to the mains supply. Avoid using extension cords or plug-in type connections, as these may compromise the safety and functionality of your spa.
      3. Cable Length and Gland: Leave approximately 5 meters of cable at the spa's installation site, along with the appropriate cable gland, to ensure proper electrical connection.
      4. Qualified Electrician: To ensure compliance with safety standards and warranty requirements, all electrical wiring must be performed by a qualified, licensed electrician.

      Getting Ready to Relax:

      1. Filling Your Spa: Once your spa is in its designated location and the electrical aspects are addressed, you can start filling it up with water using a garden hose.
      2. Owner's Manual: For more detailed information, consult your Canadian Spa Company Owner's Manual. This valuable resource will guide you through essential steps for maintenance, operation, and care.
      3. Final Steps: As the water level reaches the topmost jet, you're just moments away from enjoying your Canadian Spa hot tub. Go ahead and plug in your spa to begin experiencing the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

      For further insights and tips, we invite you to explore our comprehensive Canadian Spa Pre-Delivery Guide. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our dedicated team is here to help. Welcome to a world of luxury and wellness with Canadian Spa Company and Home Living Luxury!


      Silver Package - Delivered to Your Garden:

      For those embarking on a building project or simply preferring a more leisurely installation process, the Silver Package is a great choice. We'll deliver your hot tub from our warehouse and place it in your garden. While this option doesn't include commissioning or unwrapping, it offers the convenience of having the spa in its designated location without the need for immediate connection.

      Estimated Delivery Time: 3-5 working days


      RRP: £499.99


      Delivery with Ease:

      1. Effortless Delivery: Your chosen Canadian Spa hot tub will be dispatched from our warehouse and meticulously transported to your residence.
      2. Garden Placement: Our team will carefully position the spa in your garden, ensuring it's placed in your desired location with precision.
      3. Convenient Unpacking: While unwrapping and commissioning are not included in this package, the spa's strategic placement saves you the immediate need for connection, offering flexibility and convenience.

      Embrace the Wait in Style:

      1. Building Projects and Beyond: Whether you're in the midst of a building project or simply prefer a more relaxed installation process, the Silver Package accommodates your timeline with grace.
      2. Delayed Connection: Enjoy the luxury of having your spa delivered and positioned, allowing you to take your time before commissioning and unwrapping.


      Gold Package - Upgraded Back Garden Installation:

      Maximise your relaxation time by opting for our Gold Package. Let our expert installation team handle every aspect of setting up your hot tub. The Gold Package from Canadian Spa Company offers a premium level of service that removes all hassle and ensures a seamless experience when purchasing and installing your hot tub.


      Here are the benefits of the Gold Package and how it makes the entire process easier for you:


      1. Complete Installation and Commissioning: With the Gold Package, you don't have to worry about setting up your hot tub on your own. Our professional installation team will handle the entire process, from moving the spa into position to aligning it according to your preference. This means you can sit back and relax while we take care of all the technical aspects.

      2. Guidance and Orientation: Our installation experts will provide you with detailed guidance on how the spa works, including how to use the controls, adjust settings, and maintain the spa for optimal performance. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of your new hot tub and can start enjoying it right away.
      3. Accessories and Assembly: The Gold Package includes the assembly and installation of any purchased accessories, such as cover lifters, steps, or other add-ons. This means you won't have to spend time figuring out how to install these items yourself – we'll take care of it for you.
      4. Disposal of Packaging: We take care of disposing of all excess packaging materials that come with the spa, including plastic, straps, cardboard, and pallet wrap. This eliminates the need for you to deal with clutter and waste disposal after your hot tub is installed.
      5. Efficient Timeframe: While the Silver and Bronze Packages have a standard delivery timeframe, the Gold Package provides you with a more precise installation date. This means you can plan your schedule accordingly and have your hot tub ready to use sooner.
      6. Professional Expertise: With the Gold Package, you benefit from the expertise of our trained professionals who have extensive experience in installing and setting up hot tubs. This expertise ensures that your hot tub is installed correctly and functions optimally.

      Our Gold Package comes with a FREE Deluxe Chemical Kit which has a retail value of £100!


      1. Alkalinity Booster
      2. Chlorine Granules
      3. Foam Free
      4. pH Down
      5. pH Up
      6. Spa Clear
      7. Spa Shock
      8. Stain and Scale Control
      9. Test Strips


      Estimated Delivery Time: Approximately 2 weeks after purchase

      RRP: £749.99


      In summary, the Gold Package offers a comprehensive and worry-free solution for purchasing and installing your hot tub. By choosing this package, you can relax and enjoy your new hot tub without the stress of dealing with installation, assembly, and setup. Our dedicated team will handle everything for you, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish.


      Things to note for all hot tub delivery and installation options:

      1. Delivery times mentioned above are approximate and subject to change based on demand and location.
      2. For remote locations, such as the Scottish Highlands, the Basic Curbside Delivery may be the sole option available.
      3. It's important to have a flat, level, solid base prepared before delivery. Electrical installation is not included.
      4. To ensure your warranty remains effective, professional installation by a licensed electrician is required.


      With Home Living Luxury and Canadian Spa, your hot tub delivery is designed to cater to your preferences and convenience. Dive into the world of relaxation and luxury with confidence, knowing that our delivery options are here to enhance your hot tub experience.


      Pre-Delivery Guide

      Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Hot Tub

      Congratulations on your decision to bring the luxury of a hot tub into your home! To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, it's important to carefully choose the location for your hot tub.



      Here's a simple guide to help you make the right decisions:


      1. Consider Your View: Take a moment to think about the view from your house to the spa and from the spa itself. Aim for a spot that offers a pleasant and relaxing view. Also, make sure there's easy access from your house to the hot tub area.
      2. Drainage Direction: To protect your spa's equipment, choose a location where water naturally drains away from the spa. Avoid placing the spa in a low area that could potentially flood during heavy rain.
      3. Deck Installation: If you're planning to install the hot tub within a deck, ensure that the entire spa base sits directly on the prepared base. The lip of the spa shell should not bear any weight. This ensures stability and longevity.
      4. Electrical Safety: Keep your hot tub away from overhead wires and other electrical appliances. Safety is a priority, so make sure there's enough clearance to avoid any hazards. Also, remember that the minimum clearance for accessing the spa's panel for servicing is 1 metre.
      5. Access Considerations: For easy delivery and installation, check the size of your spa to ensure it fits through your property's gate or access points. The spa is typically transported on its side on a trolley, so you'll need an opening at least the size of the spa plus an extra 40cm height for the trolley and a minimum of 5cm clearance on each side. If you encounter obstacles like steps, fences, or walls, feel free to contact us for advice.
      6. Special Circumstances: In some cases, you might need to use a crane to lift the spa over obstacles or challenging spaces. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and specialist assistance.
      7. Planning Permission: Usually, planning permission isn't required for your hot tub installation. However, it's always a good idea to consult your local planning office before making your purchase, just to be sure.
      8. Pre-delivery Preparation: Your chosen spa site should be a flat and level surface that fully supports the bottom of the spa. The weight of a full spa ranges from 900kg to 1,400kg, so a solid support is crucial. While a reinforced concrete slab is ideal, a properly fitted existing patio works too. Whether you're placing your spa on the ground or a deck, make sure the base is at least the same size as the spa's footprint.
      9. Electrical Requirements: Your hot tub requires a dedicated RCD protected circuit with a rotary isolator switch. It's essential to have a qualified electrician handle this aspect of the installation to ensure safety. Plug and play models can be connected directly to a an external waterproof 13Amp socket (IP66 - BS 1363).

      Remember, creating the perfect space for your hot tub enhances your overall experience. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you enjoy your new Canadian Spa hot tub to the fullest!


      Please check our store wide Shipping Policy for more information.


      Warranty & Returns


      At Home Living Luxury, we are dedicated to partnering exclusively with brands which prioritise exceptional quality in their products. We take great pride in offering our customers a robust warranty policy that reflects our commitment to excellence.



      Click here to Register Your Canadian Spa Co Hot Tub / Swim Spa Warranty


      Please note that this Warranty Policy specifically covers our Canadian Spa Co products. For more tailored warranty information, we recommend referring to the specific product pages. Our goal is to provide you with the utmost confidence and assurance in your purchase, knowing that our products consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

      Structural Warranty:

      We guarantee the structural integrity of the spa shell against water loss due to structural failure for a period of ten (10) years from the original purchase date. If there is a defect in the structure as determined by our team, we will either repair or replace the defective structure at no cost to you.

      Surface Warranty:

      We ensure that the acrylic finish of the spa is free from defects in material and workmanship, including blistering, cracking, or delamination, for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. If any issues arise within this time frame, we will repair or replace the defective spa shell at our discretion, without any charges.

      Vinyl Warranty (Portable / Inflatable):

      For our portable and inflatable spas, we offer a one (1) year warranty on the vinyl finish, protecting against defects such as blistering, cracking, or delamination. If the vinyl is found to be defective within this period, we will either repair or replace the defective spa liner/bladder without any cost to you.

      Plumbing Warranty:

      We ensure that the plumbing of the spa will remain leak-free for a period of two (2) years for acrylic spas and one (1) year for portable spas, starting from the date of your purchase.

      Equipment Warranty:

      We provide a two (2) year warranty for the equipment pack (pump, heater, and control system) for acrylic spas and a one (1) year warranty for portable spas, starting from the date of your purchase.

      Scope of Warranty:

      This warranty is valid only for the original retail purchaser and ends upon transfer of ownership. Please note that light bulbs, light lens covers, filters, and any dealer-installed accessories are not covered by this warranty. Costs related to installation, removal, or shipping of the spa are not included. If spa removal or replacement is necessary, any associated costs such as landscaping, decking, fencing, or providing access to the spa will be the responsibility of the purchaser. This warranty applies to spas in single-family, residential installations, and becomes void if the spa is used in a commercial setting.

      Terms, Conditions, and Limitations:

      This warranty does not cover any defect or damage resulting from installation, alteration, or repair by individuals not employed by Canadian Spa Co, or authorised service technicians. The warranty becomes void if the spa has been misused, abused, improperly altered, repaired by unauthorised personnel, improperly installed, subjected to improper water chemistry, improper maintenance, acts of nature, or damage beyond our control. Misuse and abuse include any operation of the spa contrary to the guidelines provided in the Home Living Luxury manuals.

      Examples of misuse and abuse include, but are not limited to:

      • Allowing the spa to be uncovered while empty of water or covering the spa with non-approved plastic film.
      • Contacting the spa surface with unapproved cleaners or solvents.
      • Operating the spa at water temperatures outside the range of 2-40 degrees Celsius.
      • Using unapproved sanitizers that may cause damage to the spa surface.
      • Failure to provide an even base support for the spa.
      • Allowing the spa to freeze in below-freezing temperatures when not promptly installed.


      Warranty Service:

      In the event of a defect covered by this limited warranty, please notify Home Living Luxury. Our authorised Canadian Spa Co service technicians will address the issue according to the terms and conditions of this warranty. We recommend taking reasonable measures to prevent further damage to the spa. If your spa is located outside the nearest authorised service technician's area, reasonable travel charges may apply. Please note that this warranty covers parts only and does not include travel or on-site service charges unless a separate Service Contract has been purchased from Canadian Spa Co.


      Canadian Spa Co and its authorised service technicians are not liable for injuries, inconvenience, loss of use, chemical or water damage, transportation costs, consequential liabilities, or any other incidental or consequential costs or damages resulting from any deficiency or alleged deficiency of the spa. Under no circumstances shall Canadian Spa Co's liability exceed the amount paid for the product. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are valid.



      To ensure warranty coverage, it is important to retain the original purchase document.

      For any inquiries or issues related to warranty claims, please reach out to our support team at


      Please check our store wide Warranty Policy for more information.



      At Home Living Luxury, we have the utmost confidence in our products. We believe that once you receive your selected product(s), you will be captivated by their beauty and craftsmanship.

      However, we understand that circumstances may arise where you may not be entirely satisfied with your purchase. In such cases, we have developed a comprehensive Returns Policy specifically for our Canadian Spa Co ranges..

      1. Return Timeframe: Products may only be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date. It's important to initiate the return process promptly to ensure that your request falls within this timeframe.
      2. Confirmed RMA Number: To initiate a return, you must obtain a confirmed Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number from Home Living Luxury. This number is essential for processing your return and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed (you will receive this number upon purchase).
      1. Buyer's Responsibility for Return Cost: Please note that the cost of returning the item to Canadian Spa Co is the responsibility of the buyer. We recommend using a reliable and trackable shipping method to ensure that the item reaches us safely.
      1. Restocking Fee: In the event that the returned item is deemed unsellable as new, a restocking fee of 10% of the original cost of the item will apply. This fee helps cover the costs associated with inspecting, repackaging, and preparing the item for resale
      1. Refusal of Delivery: Items that were refused upon delivery will not be eligible for a refund. It's important to carefully inspect the item upon receipt and, if necessary, proceed with the appropriate return procedures.
      1. Exclusions: Please note that certain items are excluded from our return policy. Specifically, installed control packs, spas, pumps, and circuit boards are considered final sale items and cannot be returned. 


      This Returns Policy exclusively applies to our Canadian Spa Co ranges. For more detailed and tailored information regarding returns, we recommend referring to the specific product pages.

      It is important for customers to carefully review and comply with this returns policy to ensure a smooth return process and to avoid any deduction from the refundable amount.


      Please check our store wide Return and Refund Policy for more information.


      For any further assistance, you can contact Home Living Luxury at:

      Phone: +442034359402


      Canadian Spa Co Clean Water Pump - For Hot Tubs & Swim Spas


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