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BBQ Smoker Smoky Beast XL - GrillSymbol

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BBQ Smoker Smoky Beast XL - GrillSymbol

Unleash the Flavor!

Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with the GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Smoky Beast XL. Crafted with a striking combination of reddish-brown Corten steel and stainless steel details, this smoker stands out from the competition with its impressive appearance.

But it's not just about looks—the Smoky Beast XL delivers exceptional taste that will melt hearts. Whether you prefer the rich smokiness of firewood or the convenience of grill briquettes, this two-stack BBQ smoker offers versatility and incredible flavor possibilities.

With its extra high capacity, the Smoky Beast XL is designed to provide the best taste experiences. Handmade with durable 3 mm Corten steel, this smoker can be heated using firewood or grill briquettes, giving you full control over your cooking process. Additionally, you can transform the smoker into a charcoal grill by utilizing the special charcoal tub installed under the grates.

Ideal for restaurants, catering service providers, and hobby chefs who need to cater for large gatherings, the Smoky Beast XL boasts a capacity several times larger than the biggest Kamado Ceramic Grills. Its two grates offer a total cooking area of 12,900 cm2 (1.29 m2), allowing you to cook up to 70 kg of meat at a time. Imagine serving over 200 servings of mouthwatering meat to your guests effortlessly!

Grilling Options in Smoky Beast Smokers
  1. BBQ Cooking: The Smoky Beast BBQ smoker allows you to cook using firewood or grill briquettes. You can even combine both methods for optimal results. Grill briquettes provide convenience, steady temperature control, and minimal soot production. However, they may not last for the entire cooking cycle, typically around 4 hours for BBQ ribs. During BBQ cooking, water is usually added to the water tub to enhance flavor and moisture.

  2. Grilling: For grilling, charcoal is used as the heat source. Simply place the charcoal directly on the charcoal tub beneath the cooking grates. Charcoal grilling is versatile and suitable for various dishes, including pizza. To enhance your grilling experience, we recommend purchasing a fire clay plate with the appropriate size and thickness, available in smoker sections of construction shops (not garden or grilling sections). A recommended size is 60303 cm.

  3. Hot Smoke: Experience the rich flavors of hot smoking with the Smoky Beast Smoker. This method involves using firewood, but at a lower temperature compared to BBQ cooking. No water is added to the water tub during hot smoking. You can enhance the smoky taste by adding wet wooden chips to the fireplace.

  4. Cold Smoke: The Smoky Beast Smoker also allows for cold smoking. To achieve this, a cold smoke generator needs to be placed in the cooking area, and temperature ranges must be carefully followed to avoid spoiling the raw material. Cold smoking is ideal for delicately infusing flavors into cured meats, fish, and cheeses.

  1. Durable Corten Steel Construction: Handmade with 3 mm Corten steel, this smoker ensures long-lasting durability, weather resistance, and a stunning reddish-brown color that darkens over time for a unique and rustic aesthetic.

  2. Versatile Cooking Options: Whether you prefer the intense smokiness of firewood or the convenience of grill briquettes, the Smoky Beast XL accommodates both, allowing you to tailor your cooking style to achieve the perfect flavors.

  3. Two-Stack Design for Even Heat Distribution: The dual-stack configuration ensures uniform heat distribution, resulting in consistently cooked and flavorful dishes, while the separable cooking space and fireplace make maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

  4. Charcoal Grill Conversion: Transform the smoker into a charcoal grill by utilizing the dedicated charcoal tub installed under the grates, expanding your cooking possibilities and accommodating different recipes.

  5. Ample Cooking Space: With two grates on different planes, totaling a vast cooking area of 12,900 cm2 (1.29 m2), this smoker can hold up to 70 kg of meat, making it ideal for large gatherings and events.

  6. Convenient Built-in Shelves: The smoker features built-in shelves that provide convenient space for keeping utensils, ingredients, and serving plates within reach, ensuring a smooth and organized cooking experience.

  7. Easy Mobility: Equipped with wheels featuring a 10 cm diameter, the Smoky Beast XL can be effortlessly moved on hard ground, allowing you to position it conveniently in your outdoor cooking area.

  8. Robust and Dependable: The unbreakable hinges, made of 5 mm stainless steel, guarantee years of reliable performance, ensuring that your smoker remains sturdy and functional even with frequent use.

  9. Efficient Temperature Control: The smoker's dampers, located on both stacks, enable precise regulation of the internal temperature, giving you full control over your cooking process and ensuring optimal results.

  10. Hassle-Free Maintenance: The smoker's water bath, with a special pipe for easy access, simplifies the addition of moisture without the need to open the smoker. Additionally, the grease drainage system directs excess grease into a dedicated drip bucket, making cleanup effortless.

  11. Accurate Temperature Monitoring: An external thermometer with a scale of 0-300°C provides real-time temperature readings, allowing you to monitor and adjust cooking temperatures with precision.

  12. Thoughtful Fireplace Design: The spacious fireplace with a 48 cm depth and a cast iron grate ensures efficient heat distribution, while the 20×20 cm cooktop on the front allows for convenient heating of mop-sauces.

  13. Enhanced Heat Resistance: The double-walled door of the fireplace provides excellent heat insulation, maintaining consistent temperatures and reducing heat loss for improved cooking efficiency.

  14. Fine-Tuned Temperature Control: The door of the fireplace can be locked in two positions, allowing you to regulate the temperature precisely to achieve optimal cooking conditions for different recipes.

  15. Stable and Sturdy: Weighing 200 kg, the Smoky Beast XL is designed for stability and durability, ensuring a reliable and secure cooking environment for all your culinary endeavors.

Unleash your culinary prowess with the GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Smoky Beast XL. Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a passionate backyard chef, this smoker's exceptional capacity, superior craftsmanship, and impressive features will elevate your grilling and smoking adventures to new heights. Get ready to savor the unmatched flavors and create unforgettable moments with the Smoky Beast XL!

COR-TEN®steel  products can be held outside 365 days a year. No internal storage needed.

Specifications & Corten Steel Information


  • Material: 3 mm Corten steel.
  • Color: Reddish-brown (darkens over time).
  • Cooking area: 12,900 cm2 (1.29 m2) with two grates.
  • Capacity: Holds up to 70 kg of meat at a time.
  • Separable stacks for easy assembly and maintenance.
  • Coal baths: 2x included.
  • Grill briquette module: Included.
  • Built-in shelves: Included.
  • Wheel diameter: 10 cm.
  • Hinges: Unbreakable, made of 5 mm stainless steel.
  • Grate material: Stainless steel.
  • Water bath: Yes, with a special pipe.
  • Grease drainage: Yes, with a dedicated drip bucket.
  • Stack dampers: Yes, for precise temperature control.
  • External thermometer: Yes, on a scale of 0-300°C.
  • Fireplace depth: 48 cm, with a cast iron grate.
  • Cooktop: 20×20 cm on the fireplace.
  • Door: Double-walled, lockable in two positions.
  • Weight: 200 kg.

Corten Steel Information

COR-TEN® Steel products seasoning instructions

You received GrillSymbol or Petteri Wiimaa product and it does not look like on the picture? Do not worry, here we advise you how to treat COR-TEN® Steel to make it look like on the pictures.

What is COR-TEN® and SSAB Weathering steel?

COR-TEN® is high strength, structural steel with exceptional weathering resistance. The chemical composition of the steel allows for the creation of a layer of rust that coats a product  without altering the mechanical characteristics of the steel. This rust layer, not only protects steel products against the elements but also delivers a unique finish that stops most people in their tracks.  What’s more, it’s also more environmentally-friendly than traditional steel.

What to do?

As brand new, COR-TEN® looks  grey  as  hot-rolled traditional steel. The surface is originally reddish-brown (resembles the colour of rusting), which becomes darker within time

There are two options how to season the surface: normal rust process or quick process.

Normal process is simple: leave your COR-TEN® product outside, rain and humidity makes it rust. We have cleaned  surfaces by solvent- means the metal surface is ready to create rust. Depends on circumstances rust appears in 1-3 weeks.

Quick process  is to spray salt suspension on the metal surfaces. You have to repeat this 5-6 times. Suspension must be weak, about one teaspoon of salt per one litre of water.  Dissolve salt in warm water and spary. No other treatment needed, rain washes salt off.

When the Cor-Ten steel gets wet and the dries out, the rust layer becomes a little thicker, while the underlying solid steel becomes thinner.

COR-TEN® steel and stains: it does stain first year when it creates rust layer. When you put COR-TEN® steel product on a wooden terrace it stains the area below the product. When move the product you can clean this area with metal brush. When it comes to stone areas  some stones absorbe all stains and COR-TEN® steel may give brown color  to stones. After the first year COR-TEN® stains very little.

COR-TEN®steel  products can be held outside 365 days a year. No internal storage needed.

Assembly & Maintenance


Assembly and Use of the Smoky Beast BBQ-Smoker:


  • Remove all packaging from the smoker, both around and inside.
  • Install chimneys and the thermometer, securely fastening the bolts.
  • Place the drawers and ash grate in their designated positions.
  • Position the smoker on a solid and fireproof surface.
  • Add a 1-2 kg piece of fatty meat, such as bacon or steck, onto the cooking grate.
  • Ignite the fire in the fireplace (lower part of the smoker) and heat the smoker for approximately 1-2 hours, maintaining a temperature of around +120°C.
  • During the first run-in, use firewood like alder, fruit trees, or oak.
  • Keep the chimney dampers open to burn off any technical oils inside the smoker.
  • Allow the smoker to cool down after the procedure.
  • Note: It is essential not to cook with food on the first use. Burn an empty smoker as the meat used during the procedure is not edible, even for pets. Preliminary cooking is necessary to burn off technical oils and develop a protective layer of soot on the smoker walls. 

Different Tubs and Drawers and Their Purpose

  1. Water Tub: The lowest tub with a smooth bottom, used for adding water to the smoker during BBQ cooking. It is removed for cleaning approximately 1-2 times a year or when charcoal ash accumulates. The water tub can be filled using a garden hose, watering can, or any container with a spout. Excess water flows out of the smoker through the overflow and into a bucket.

  2. Grease Tub: Trapeze-shaped tub with a smooth middle bottom, positioned above the water tub and below the cooking grates. It collects grease during BBQ cooking, allowing it to flow into a bucket. Clean the grease tub as needed, ensuring the overflow pipe is not blocked.

  3. Charcoal Drawer: Low perforated W-shaped profile drawer placed inside the water tub. Specifically used when grilling with charcoal (not for BBQ cooking). The grease tub should be moved when using the charcoal drawer.

  4. Grill Briquette Tub: The smallest tub with high edges, installed in the fireplace. Fill half of the tub with grill briquettes (e.g., Weber briquettes) and light them. Place the tub in the fireplace through the door, leaving the door and chimney dampers open initially to allow the briquettes to smolder.


  • Cleaning the Interior: Use a brush to clean the cooking grates, removing any burnt particles. Before cleaning, empty the oil and water tubs by pouring out the collected liquid (grease, water). Rinse the tubs with water. It is not recommended to use any detergent for cleaning the interior parts of the smoker.


Proper maintenance and cleaning of the tubs and drawers ensure optimal performance and longevity of your smoker.

Cooking Troubleshooting & Safety

Cooking Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Guide for Smoky Beast BBQ-Smoker

To ensure optimal performance and avoid common issues with the Smoky Beast BBQ-Smoker, it's important to understand potential faults and their causes.

The following troubleshooting guide provides practical solutions for managing common problems such as lack of traction, excessive soot, black smoke, dry food, lack of smoke flavor, and tough meat.

By following these recommendations, you can enhance your smoking experience and achieve delicious results.


GrillSymbol products prioritize safety above all else. Each PRO-series product undergoes rigorous testing and conforms to the CE directive 2009/142/EC, as evidenced by the CE marking with the number combination CE1336-10. The thorough conformity assessment has been conducted by the reputable Inspecta Group, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

To mitigate the risk of accidental burns, all PRO-series products have been meticulously designed. The windshield side panel is constructed in a way that it does not heat up during operation, providing an additional layer of safety and protection.

The following safety tests have been successfully conducted on our products:

  1. Temperature Test: During operation, the temperature of the windshield side panel remains within a safe range, not exceeding +60°C above the ambient temperature. This means that even on a typical northern summer day with an outside temperature of -20°C, the maximum temperature of the side panel would only reach +80°C. The "Triple Windshield" feature of PRO-series products ensures that accidental burns are effectively prevented.

  2. Stability Test: The legs and framework of the fire pit have been engineered to provide exceptional stability. Even when the fire pit is fully loaded with food, it remains firm and steady, without any wobbling or shaking on its legs.

  3. Lighting Test: The innovative "Click and Cook" feature offers a convenient and safe method of lighting the gas supply. With a simple push of the switch (standard equipment on all PRO-series products, except for the 460 models), you can effortlessly ignite the gas, ensuring a hassle-free and secure experience.

At GrillSymbol, your safety is our utmost priority. Our commitment to thorough testing and compliance guarantees that you can enjoy our products with peace of mind. For more information on our safety standards and certifications, please visit Inspecta Group's website at

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At Home Living Luxury, we take great pride in partnering exclusively with brands that prioritise quality in their products. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional standards allows us to offer a robust warranty policy with confidence, knowing that the products we offer consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

However, we understand the importance of having a comprehensive policy in place, this Warranty Policy only covers GrillSymbol Products, please check specific product pages for more tailored information.

  • The product and its parts come with a 24-month warranty covering production and material defects.
  • The warranty is valid only when accompanied by the original purchase document.
  • Exclusions from Warranty Coverage: The warranty does not cover instructions for use, maintenance, cleaning of the product, restoration of appearance, or defects caused by non-compliance with the user manual.
  • Wear and Tear: The warranty also does not cover normal wear and tear or the repair of defects resulting from it. Minor issues unrelated to the intended purpose and use of the product, such as scratches, are not covered.
  • Defects: In the event of a defect occurring within the warranty period, please contact Home Living Luxury.


To ensure warranty coverage, it is important to retain the original purchase document. For any inquiries or issues related to warranty claims, please reach out to Home Living Luxury.

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  2. Condition of Returned Goods: Customers may try on or test the item to assess its suitability, ensuring minimal impact on the item and its packaging. Please note that try-on should resemble usage typical of a retail sales setting before purchase. For example, the item should not be used for frying on a pan or igniting a fire with a BBQ cooker. Returned goods must be in their original packaging, with the original label, and in the same condition as at the time of delivery. If the Goods were delivered disassembled, they must also be returned disassembled, using the same packaging as provided upon delivery. If feasible, the package should be opened without damaging it, with any protective layers or objects removed.

  3. Compensation for Diminished Value: If the original package is damaged, the Goods are used beyond what is reasonable during the trial period, or the returned Goods are not in the same condition as new, Home Living Luxury reserves the right to deduct compensation equivalent to the diminished value from the refundable amount. The compensation amount will always be determined based on the extent of the possible diminished value, and customers will be promptly notified of the compensation sum. Please note that customers are responsible for bearing the cost of returns.

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  5. Extreme weather conditions: Additionally, we cannot provide refunds for damages caused by extreme weather. This can include damage by; Wind, Hail, Lightening, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, etc.


It is important for customers to carefully review and comply with this returns policy to ensure a smooth return process and to avoid any deduction from the refundable amount.

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BBQ Smoker Smoky Beast XL - GrillSymbol


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GrillSymbol: A Century of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Step into the world of GrillSymbol, a renowned grill and fire pit manufacturer with an illustrious history that dates back to 1925. Born out of the passion and skill of Johannes Moisar, a talented smith who opened a small ironmongery in Tallinn, GrillSymbol has become a symbol of excellence in the industry.

However, the company's journey has not been without challenges. With the Soviet annexation of Estonia in 1940, GrillSymbol was nationalized, and the rich experience and quality products were lost to the public. It took 57 long years for the Estonian Republic to be restored, allowing entrepreneurship to flourish once again.

Determined to revive their family traditions and maintain historical continuity, the Suurväli brothers, Ivar and Laur, breathed new life into GrillSymbol. In 1997, Symbol OÜ was founded, marking the beginning of a new era for the company. The first pans rolled off the production line, larger than their 1925 counterparts but crafted with the same high-quality materials. Generations of experience have shown that a thick-bottomed iron pan can last up to a remarkable 100 years.

As a family business, GrillSymbol takes pride in its heritage. The fifth generation, brimming with fresh ideas, is now contributing to the company's success, while production continues at the Tallinn plant. In 2025, GrillSymbol will celebrate an incredible milestone: 100 years of crafting exceptional products with unwavering dedication and craftsmanship.

Unleashing Unrivaled Flavors with the Coveted Q-series Smokers and Captivating Fire Pit Collection

GrillSymbol: Redefining Outdoor Cooking and Ambiance

Since their early days, GrillSymbol has been a trailblazer in the grill and fire pit industry. The introduction of their highly acclaimed "PRO" line of pans marked a turning point for the company. These pans quickly gained a reputation for their exceptional durability, unmatched safety features, and effortless maintenance. GrillSymbol's commitment to providing top-quality products was evident in every aspect of the "PRO" line's design and construction. Meticulously crafted using the finest materials and with meticulous attention to detail, these pans exemplified GrillSymbol's unwavering dedication to meeting the highest standards of culinary excellence. Whether used by professional chefs in bustling kitchens or by cooking enthusiasts in their home kitchens, the "PRO" pans became a symbol of culinary prowess and reliability.

Driven by their passion for innovation and a desire to cater to a wider audience, GrillSymbol expanded their product range in the following years. Venturing into the realm of BBQ smokers, the company embarked on a collaborative journey with esteemed experts in the field. This collaboration proved to be a game-changer, leading to the creation of the highly coveted Q-series Smokers. These smokers quickly became a favorite among BBQ enthusiasts and professionals alike, thanks to their exceptional ability to infuse meats with tantalizing flavors. The Q-series Smokers were meticulously engineered to deliver optimal heat distribution and precise temperature control, ensuring consistently exceptional results. From slow-cooked tender ribs to mouthwatering briskets, the Q-series Smokers allowed grillers to unlock a whole new level of culinary mastery.

In 2017, GrillSymbol reignited their passion for creating enchanting outdoor experiences with the revival of their fire pit collection. Utilizing resilient Cor-Ten steel, GrillSymbol crafted fire pits that not only captivated the eye but also withstood the test of time and nature's elements. Each fire pit was a work of art, meticulously designed and adorned with captivating mythological symbols, blending form and function seamlessly. The fire pit collection expanded over the years to include 14 diverse models, each boasting its own unique charm and character. From intricate designs inspired by ancient legends to sleek and modern styles, GrillSymbol's fire pits became the centerpiece of outdoor spaces, creating an inviting ambiance and providing warmth during cozy gatherings.

With their commitment to innovation and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of their customers, GrillSymbol continues to push the boundaries of grill and fire pit manufacturing. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering passion for their craft have solidified their position as a leader in the industry. As GrillSymbol looks towards the future, they remain committed to surprising their customers with new and exciting products that embody tomorrow's trends today.